Targets - Recap

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In Taipei, reporter Cat Grant does a news broadcast on the North/South Rhelasian peace summit and the fact that it has stalled. The two rules have agreed to bring in an independent arbitrator and everyone waits to find out who it is. Meanwhile, Red Arrow is posing as a security guard and calls Aqualad to get access to the Justice League databanks for the exact height of Cheshire, a League of Shadows assassin. Aqualad obliges and asks if Red Arrow needs backup, but the archer insists that he doesn’t need the junior Justice League.

Using the information, Red Arrow spots a woman working a news kiosk with the proper height. He removes his bow from his briefcase as the arbitrator arrives. As the car pulls up, Cheshire prepares to fire a rocket launcher. Red Arrow disarms her and the rocket shoots up into the air. As she goes for the arbitrator, Red Arrow tackles her as the rocket slams down nearby. As the guards capture Cheshire, the mystery arbitrator steps out of the car: Lex Luthor.

As Cheshire is taken away, Lex vouches for Red Arrow and has him released. Red Arrow warns that he knows exactly who Lex is, but Luthor insists that this time he’s on the side of the angels. Lex then enters the conference hall. The two sides accuse each other of hiring Cheshire while the reporters look on. Cat reports that troops are massing on the borders of the two countries and Lex is the only hope for peace. Meanwhile, Red Arrow asks Lex why they should trust him, and the CEO says that his company is founded for peaceful purposes. The archer knows that Lex is selling arms to both sides, but Luthor says that he can make more money uniting the two countries. Red Arrow warns that the League of Shadows won’t stop until the contract is fulfilled, but then wonders if Lex was really the target and who hired the League. Lex offers to hire Red Arrow to find out. When the archer refuses, Lex is satisfied that he’ll be getting his services for free and meets with the delegates.

At Mount Justice, Superboy is working on his motorbike as the sphere from Biyala rolls up to him. Miss Martian and Aqualad arrive with J’onn and Red Tornado to wish Superboy and Miss Martian well on their first day at school. When they note that Superboy needs a name, J’onn suggests Kent to go with Superboy’s chosen first name of Conner. Much to Miss Martian’s satisfaction, Superboy removes his Superboy shirt and turns it inside out to conceal his heroic identity.

In Taipei, Red Arrow goes to the police station to find out who hired Cheshire. She claims that she doesn’t know who hired the assassination and Red Arrow demands to know who the real target is. She tells him that the plan is to eliminate both and asks where Young Justice is. When Red Arrow says that he’s out of their league, Cheshire flirts with him briefly, but then ducks as Sportsmaster blasts a hole in the wall. As Red Arrow is knocked back, Cheshire goes out the hole. The archer goes to the roof and spots the two villains heading for a helicopter. He goes after them on a line and Cheshire severs it, and Red Arrow gets to the helicopter just as it lifts off. He snags it with an arrow line and lets it lift him up, but Cheshire cuts the line. Red Arrow manages to break his fall with a quick-drying foam arrow and then tracks the helicopters using the tracker in the arrowhead.

At a secret League location, Cheshire and Sportsmaster argue briefly. The head of the League, Ra’s Al Ghul, emerges from the shadows and tells them to put aside their differences. As Red Arrow watches from the wall to the compound, Ra’s complains that successful negotiations will eliminate his client base. He then points out Red Arrow to his two assassins. They attack and shatter his bow, cornering him.

At Happy Harbor High School, Superboy and Miss Martian arrive. Superboy notices that a skater is wearing a hero t-shirt and grabs him, but realizes that most of the students are wearing similar shirts. Once of the students, Mal Duncan, tries to pick a fight but the teacher, Mr. Carr, breaks it up. The skater, Marvin, introduces himself and his friend, Wendy, and explains that they were the new students last year. Wendy suggests that Miss Martian join the cheerleading squad and invites her to the tryouts. Miss Martian gladly accepts, while Marvin admits that he’s impressed that Superboy would face down Mal.

Red Arrow dives into the waters surrounding the compound, avoiding Sportsmaster’s exploding javelins. The villain throws another javelin into the water and assumes that Red Arrow is dead, but Cheshire isn’t so sure. Downriver, Red Arrow comes up for air and calls Young Justice, admitting he might be in over his head. He then goes to see Lex in his guest quarters and tries to warn him. When Luthor says that he and Ra’s are competitors, Red Arrow considers letting them fight it out. However, Lex points out that peace is at stake and figures they can use the League’s belief that Red Arrow is dead to surprise them. Red Arrow says that he has a better surprise.

At Happy Harbor, the students watch Cat Grant’s news broadcast about the summit. Mr. Carr asks them what they know about the two countries and Superboy relates everything he knows. When he wonders why they’re fighting, Miss Martian telepathically explains that the situation is the same on Mars where one class treats another one as inferiors.

As Red Arrow stands guard, Lex tries to settle the differences between the two sides. He invites them to participate in the Rhelasian Tea Ceremony. Aqualad is in the crowd in civilian clothing and spots Cheshire in disguise as she brings in the cart with the tea. When he confronts her, she shoves the cart at him and it explodes. Aqualad uses all of the water in the room to telekinetically create a shield and shelter the delegates from the blast. Sportsmaster arrives by helicopter with a squad of assassins. Red Arrow goes after Cheshire while Aqualad takes on Sportsmaster.

After school is over, Miss Martian auditions for the cheerleading squad. Wendy distracts her while the other girls dump a tub of water on her as an initiation prank. Superboy, watching from the stands, mistakes what they’re up to and Miss Martian manages to telepathically tell him to stop. As he trips and falls down the bleachers, Miss Martian realizes that she’s made the cheerleading squad. They wonder if Superboy is her boyfriend. Afterward, Superboy carries Miss Martian’s books for her.

As Sportsmaster spars with Aqualad, the villain reveals that he knows all about Young Justice and claims he has an inside source. Red Arrow fires at the ceiling, activating the fire sprinklers. Aqualad creates a giant water serpent and sweeps the assassins back, but Cheshire disrupts it with a smoke grenade. One assassin gets through to Lex, who orders his assistant Mercy to dispose of him. She reveals that she’s an android and fires an arm-cannon, taking out the killer. The two delegates thank Lex for saving their lives, much to Red Arrow’s disgust. They quickly sign a treaty and Lex gets all the credit.

Aqualad assures his friend that peace is what matters, and with the successful resolution of the conference the League’s contract is over. Red Arrow overheard what Sportsmaster said and asks Aqualad if he believes that there is a mole in Young Justice. Aqualad promises to investigate but refuses to tell the others and causing the group to unravel over baseless suspicions. As Red Arrow turns to go, Aqualad asks why he called him instead of Green Arrow or the Justice League. The archer admits that the team has earned his respect and says that if Young Justice needs him, he’ll be there.

Later, Lex meets with Ra’s and they toast the success of their plan to reunite the two countries and bring them under the economic influence of LexCorp... and the Light.