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Alpha Males - Recap

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In Northern India, Gotham City’s mayor Hamilton Hill is hunting tigers. He dismisses rumors of “devil beasts” and continues into the jungle. As he spots the tiger, he sees pylons emerge from the ground and stun it. Hill prepares to shoot anyway but a gorilla emerges from the woods and opens fire with a machine gun.

At Mount Justice, the League is repairing the base after the damage done by the invading androids. Young Justice wants answers about Red Android and his sibling. Aqualad talks to Batman privately about how Sportsmaster suggested there was a mole on the team, and Superboy listens in with his superhearing. He garbs Aqualad, furious that Aqualad didn’t tell them. The other team members arrive and complain that Aqualad held back information, but Batman interrupts them and says that rotating supervisors will manage Young Justice, starting with Captain Marvel. The Caped Crusader also tells them that the Justice League will deal with RedTornado, and he wants them to investigate the rumor of a “guerilla gorilla” in India. Robin objects and Batman informs him that he’s dead serious. He explains that it’s the latest in a series of incidents.

As the team boards the shuttle, Superboy tells the Sphere to stay back. Captain Marvel is eager to go, saying they’ll have a blast. When they arrive in Indian, Kid Flash and Robin ignore Aqualad’s orders to review mission parameters and go off on their own. Superboy tries to take Miss Martian with him to keep her safe, but she says that she doesn’t need him to go overprotective on her. She goes off with Artemis and Superboy complains that Aqualad didn’t stop them before going off on his own. That leaves Captain Marvel and Aqualad to pair up, unaware that a tiger is watching them from the shadows and animals are following the others.

Aqualad and Captain Marvel go to the clearing where the gorilla attacked Hamilton. Distracted, the team leader admits that he’s plagued by doubts about his decision to withhold information from his teammates. They hear something moving in brush and find themselves under attack by steroid-enhanced dinosaurs. One of them easily tosses Captain Marvel aside and the hero finds himself facing a tiger.

Oversized wolves attack Superboy while the pack leader, a white wolf, watches them. Vultures attack Kid Flash and Robin, while alligators attack Miss Martian and Artemis. The heroes realize that the animals have been given the Kobra venom steroid. Superboy beats off the pack and locks eyes with the alpha leader, which charges at him. Aqualad spots an electronic collar on one of the elephants and destroys it, and it wanders. He passes the information on to Captain Marvel, who makes short work of the others.

Aqualad discovers that the comms are jammed and realizes that Miss Martian didn’t establish a telepathic link. Captain Marvel points out that Aqualad let the team split up. When Aqualad objects, Captain Marvel explains that Batman takes command for the good of the League. Miss Martian telepathically contacts Aqualad and inform him that the other animals have collars, which are similar to the ones used on the prisoners at Belle Reve. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel spots the tiger with the control collar and goes after it. It stops and turns, luring Captain Marvel into a trap as pylons emerge from the ground and paralyze him. The gorilla, sporting a beret, drops out of the trees and beats his chest in triumph.

Aqualad has Miss Martian establish a telepathic link but everyone argues about Aqualad’s leadership. The only one busy is Superboy, who is still fighting the white wolf. Aqualad discovers that Captain Marvel has been taken away and the tiger was there, and then destroys the pylons. He tells the others that they must act as a team to save Captain Marvel. When Robin argues, Aqualad says that they can select a new leader after the mission is over, but until then he’s in command.

At a compound deep within the jungle, Captain Marvel wakes up and discovers that he’s strapped to a table. The tiger is nearby and the villain known as the Brain, a brain in a robotic casing, explains that he augmented the tiger’s brain. The Brain wants Captain Marvel conscious but paralyzed while it dissects the hero’s brain to learn the effects of his powers, and tells the gorilla, Monsieur Mallah, to prepare for surgery.

While Superboy deals with the tiger, the others find the compound. The pylons form a protective field and Artemis spots a shutoff switch. Aqualad shorts out the field with his powers, creating enough of a gap for Artemis to shoot and hit the switch. However, augmented baboons attack the team and the Brain tells Mallah to deal with the intruders while he continues the dissection.

Aqualad removes the collar from his opponent and tells the others to do the same. When Mallah comes out, Miss Martian tries to sneak by him invisibly but he smells her and knocks her to the ground. Kid Flash comes her aid but Mallah knocks her back.

As the Brain prepares to operate, the tiger attacks him and the villain electrocutes him. Miss Martian knocks Mallah through the wall and the rest of her teammates follow. The Brain activates more pylons, stunning them, but Miss Martian telekinetically grabs the control and shuts down the field. Superboy finally arrives with the white leader now under his domination, and it attacks Mallah and the Brain with the others. Aqualad frees Captain Marvel, who frees the tiger. Realizing that they’re outmatched, the Brain transforms into a new form and... turns off the lights. When they come back up, the villains have slipped away.

The team returns to the shuttle and frees the remaining animals from the collars. Captain Marvel talks to the tiger, promising that he’ll be back, and decides to call it Mr. Tawny. The white wolf wants to stay with Superboy, who apologizes to Miss Martian for his actions earlier. She tells him that on a mission, she’s a teammate not a girlfriend. Robin asks Aqualad why he kept the information secret, and the Atlantean tells the team that Sportsmaster was the source of the tip. He figured that the villain was trying to divide the team, but he had to consider that it might be true. Robin and the others understand and agree to keep Aqualad as leader. Captain Marvel leaves on his own and the others leave with the wolf.

Captain Marvel flies to his home in Fawcett City and tells his Uncle Dudley about his day and how much more fun he had with Young Justice. Dudley tells him to go to bed and says that he’s forgetting something. Captain Marvel smiles and says his magic word, “Shazam!”, and transforms into Billy Batson.