Humanity - Recap

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In Teton County, T.O. Morrow is working on Red Tornado, who has returned with his two Red android companions. He finally departs, leaving the android disassembled on a table.

At Mount Justice, Captain Marvel is providing the injured Kid Flash with juice while Black Canary trains the others. Zatara arrives by teleporter and brings his daughter Zatanna with him. Robin is eager to make her acquaintance and introduce the others. They wonder if she’ll be joining the team but Zatara says that they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves. The team telepathically discusses how Red Tornado betrayed them and finally ask Black Canary what the League is doing about him. She says that the League is handling the matter and that Young Justice isn’t supposed to pursue the matter. Zatara asks them to give Zatanna a tour of the cave while Captain Marvel walks Wolf.

Once the team is on their own, they tell Zatanna that they plan to hunt down Red Tornado. She promises not to tell as long as they take her with them.

As Captain Marvel plays with Wolf, Black Canary notices that Young Justice has taken the bioship out. She contacts them and Miss Martian says that they’re going to show Zatanna the local town. Robin figures that they need to pursue an illogical idea since Batman would have covered all of the logical ones. Everyone turns to Kid Flash.

Morrow and his assistant work on the Red androids and download Red Tornado’s memory banks. The scientist talks about how he built his own superhero to infiltrate the Justice Society. First he built Red Torpedo, but the programming was crude and he never fit in. Next Morrow created Firebrand, but was destroyed in the line of duty. Finally he built Red Tornado, letting him know that he was an android. However, the heroic programming led Red Tornado to betray his creator.

Young Justice goes to Belle Reve and gets permission to interrogate Professor Ivo. They figure that since Ivo and Morrow are rivals, and Ivo wonders why he should help them. Miss Martian tries to read his mind but he has taken precautions. However, he has no protection against magic and Zatanna forces him to reveal that Morrow has a lab at Yellowstone.

Morrow finishes downloading Red Tornado’s memories and then places them into his newest creation: Red Volcano. The scientist plans to send it to destroy the League directly and activates it by remote. The first thing that Red Volcano does is destroy the control and rip the arms off of “Morrow” who is also an android.

As the team flies to Yellowstone, Aqualad orders a communication blackout so the League can’t contact them once they find out that they’ve interrogated Ivo. While Zatanna explains the limits of her magical powers, Superboy insists that they destroy Red Tornado as soon as they find him. Aqualad points out that their mentor deserves a chance to explain himself, and that he may very well have been a victim of reprogramming. He notes that Red Tornado deserves a chance to prove that he’s more than just a weapon, reminding Superboy of how the clone was created with a similar purpose.

Red Volcano informs his brothers and sister that he has all of their memories as well as those of the android Morrow. He plans to carry out Morrow’s plan to unleash a volcano beneath Yellowstone in three stages, wipe out most of the world’s population, and create an army of Red androids to conquer the remainder. Ivo calls from Belle Reve to warn Morrow that Young Justice is on their way, and Red Volcano uses a voice synthesizer to convince Ivo that he’s Morrow.

The team arrives at Yellowstone and prepare to locate Morrow’s base. Aqualad suggests that Zatanna stay behind but she insists on coming with them, summoning her own costume. They head into the woods, unaware that Red Volcano has monitored their approach. The villainous android tells Red Tornado to prove his loyalty by destroying his former protégés. The android flies out and attacks the team, smashing them down with tornado forces. They try to get through to them but Red Tornado quickly defeats all of them, choking Zatanna unconscious before she can speak her spells.

Red Volcano arrives and reveals that he’s known all along that Red Tornado is no traitor, since he has access to his downloaded memories. The villain reveals the secret message in the sand that Red Tornado wrote to Young Justice to play dead and then attacks them. Red Tornado flies away, seemingly betraying them again, while Red Volcano warns that he knows everything that Red Tornado knows about his protégés’ strengths and weaknesses. However, Zatanna is able to catch him by surprise since she never trained with Red Tornado. Despite that, Red Volcano manages to trigger the first stage of the volcano’s detonation.

Red Tornado flies back to Morrow’s lab and appeals to Red Torpedo and Red Inferno to help him defeat their brother. When they wonder why they should help humanity when they are not human, Red Tornado tells them that no matter their origins, they have always been heroes.

As Red Volcano sets off the volcano’s second stage, the team try to hit him from every side at once. Zatanna creates multiple images of Kid Flash to distract the villain, and water from a geyser smashes into Red Volcano. It’s Red Torpedo, who joins forces with Red Inferno to smash Red Volcano back into the lava. The two androids grab their brother, while Red Tornado lands in the lava and unleashes a wave of it over the others. Red Torpedo and Inferno sacrifice their “lives” to hold their brother within the lava, destroying him. Red Tornado sinks into the lava up to his hips, and Superboy pulls him out just in time. Kid Flash warns that the volcano will still erupt, covering the planet in a cloud of ash. Working together, the others vent the pressure and Red Torpedo flies up into the air to channel the ash out of the atmosphere and into space.

Later, Young Justice take Red Tornado to Morrow’s lab and repair him. They thank him for what he did, but Red Tornado insists that it was his brother and sister who were the true heroes. The android explains that he pretended to betray them to keep them from harm and to find Morrow’s location. They wonder why he volunteered to be their original mentor and Red Tornado explains that he was the logical choice because he has no other existence other than as a hero. Young Justice realizes that he sought them out because he wanted to learn more about humanity and emotions, a view he wouldn’t obtain with the adult Justice League. Red Tornado admits that they may be right, and that he has come to care about them all, but says that he has one thing to take care of first. He tracks down Morrow, in reality a withered old man on life support, and promises to take care of his “father” for as long as it takes... because it’s the human thing to do.

As the team flies back to Mount Justice, Zatanna assures Robin that she hopes to stay with the team. Meanwhile, Zatara has found out what happened and vows never to let his daughter join Young Justice, and Captain Marvel wonders when the teens will be back so they can play.