Disordered - Recap

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At Mount Justice, the teenagers are still in shock after their virtual training scenario went haywire due to Miss Martian’s telepathic abilities. While the League members discuss the situation, Black Canary tries to counsel the teenagers. She first meets with Superboy, who angrily insists that he doesn’t need counseling, says that he doesn’t know what he feels, and storms off.

In Metropolis, five teenagers appear in a futuristic flying car, teleporting in via a wormhole. After adapting their translators to the local language, their leader, Vykin, scans Earth and locates their New Genisphere. They fly off, homing in on the signal.

As Superboy prepares to leave the base on his motorcycle, taking Wolf with him, Sphere rolls in front of him. He tells it to get out of his way, but it transforms into a flying motorcycle. Superboy takes it and flies off. When Batman discovers that he’s left and tries to call him, he realizes that Superboy has left his communicator behind.

Black Canary counsels Artemis, who insists that she doesn’t need a shrink because she was dead when the others were hit by Miss Martian’s telepathic influence. Black Canary suggests that there’s no shame in seeking help and that she’s still keeping secrets, an embarrassed Artemis asks her not to reveal that she’s not Green Arrow’s niece. Black Canary says that she should do it on her own, and then asks why Artemis is particularly concerned with making sure that Kid Flash doesn’t learn her secret.

The five teenagers intercept Superboy as he flies down the eastern seacoast. They demand that he return the New Genisphere and the other stolen technology. He has no idea what they’re talking about, and they explain that Sphere is their New Genisphere. When Vykin confirms that Superboy rescued Sphere from the real thieves, the strongman of the group declares that Superboy is a hero and invites him to join them in their quest to find it. They introduce themselves as the Forever People and trace the signal from the other stolen technology.

Aqualad confesses to Black Canary that he is no longer able to serve as leader because he sacrificed himself during the virtual simulation. However, when Black Canary asks him who thinks should replace him, Aqualad admits that none of the others are suitable and realizes that he can’t resign.

The Forever People introduces themselves as Vykin, Serifan, Dreamer, and Moonrider. The fifth member, the strongman, says his name translates as “Wolf” until he realizes that it’s the name of Superboy’s dog. He takes the name “Bear” instead.” They are New Gods from New Genesis, and have a living computer, Mother Box, which allows them to track their stolen technology. They home in on a rescue drill and discover the signal comes from a construction yard in Metropolis, near the Federal Reserve. Superboy realizes that the thieves plan to break in and steal the Reserve money, and advises caution. Vykin agrees that Superboy is most familiar with the area and that they should follow his advice.

Some of the robbers are standing guard when one man’s mother approaches him and says he should put on his jacket. The heroes take out the others while Dreamer drops her mental illusion. The teenagers descend into the tunnel and discover that the remaining robbers are preparing to break into the Reserve basement. The robbers are members of Intergang, led by Whisper and Bruno “Ugly” Mannheim. Vykin calls on them to surrender, but the villains open fire with advanced technology, trapping Vykin in an energy cage. Moonrider is caught in a sphere of dirt while a surprised Dreamer tells Superboy that the weapons aren’t from their world, but from their enemy world of Apokolips.

Kid Flash tells Black Canary that he isn’t suffering from any trauma and that he’s fine. She doesn’t believe it and points out how he reacted to Artemis’ death, and he tries to flirt with Black Canary instead. She refuses to be sidetracked and tells him that he’s in denial.

The others free Vykin, who orders the Forever People outside where they can maneuver. Once outside, Sphere attacks the villains, buying the Forever People time to join their energies, recite the mystic word “Taru,” and transform into one entity, Infinity-Man. The gigantic figure easily disposes of Intergang, teleporting their weapons away. Mannheim creates a teleportation wormhole, a Boom Tube, and escapes with his men. Whisper is left behind, and the Forever People revert to their individual selves. Dreamer explains that the five of them are able to merge together via the Source and become greater than the sum of its parts. Dreamer uses her powers to draw the image of Whisper’s sponsor out of her mind: Desaad of Apokolips, the planet’s chief torturer. She explains to Superboy that while their planet, New Genesis, belongs to the light, Apokolips is dedicated to the forces of darkness.

Robin admits to Black Canary that he hated how in the virtual simulation, he had to send his friends to their deaths. He asks her not to tell Batman that he no longer wishes to become ruthless and driven like his mentor and take his place.

Vykin use Mother Box to track the rest of the New Genesis technology to an abandoned warehouse. Superboy uses his super-senses to confirm that no one is inside. However, when the six heroes enter under an illusion of invisibility, Mannheim and his Intergang minions step out and reveal that their technology shielded them. Superboy and Wolf hold the villains back while the Forever People start to merge into infinity-Man again. However, Desaad reveals that he is one of the disguised Intergang thugs and gives a Father Box to Mannheim. Mannheim throws it at Infinity-Man, corrupting the gigantic figure into a minion of Desaad. Desaad orders Infinity-Man to kill Superboy and Wolf, and it knocks them outside. Sphere, seeing its “master” on the ground, seemingly runs away.

Miss Martian tells Black Canary that it was her fault for endangering her teammates and corrupting the virtual simulation. She unwittingly transforms into her human form, but insists that she will no longer use her telepathic abilities because she is unable to control them. Black Canary sympathizes, pointing out that she also couldn’t control her powers when they first manifested, but that each of them has to accept what they can do and use it to their best advantage. She suggests that Miss Martian train with her uncle to perfect her abilities.

Infinity-Man knocks out Wolf and grabs Superboy, crushing him. However, Sphere returns and transforms into a headpiece, and then attaches itself to Infinity-Man’s head. Superboy leaps onto it and uses the controls to direct Infinity-Man and attack Mannheim and the others. He quickly defeats Intergang, but Desaad escapes via a Boom Tube. As the villain leaves, he tosses an explosion back, blasting Infinity-Man apart into the Forever People and critically injuring Sphere. Vykin uses his Mother Box to repair it and says that they must take it back to New Genesis with them. However, Superboy refuses, admitting that he’s bonded with Sphere. The Forever People agree to let him keep it.

Back at Mount Justice, Batman examines Sphere and notes that its connection to the stolen technology bears further investigation. Meanwhile, Superboy meets with Black Canary again and finally admits that he felt no guilt at the deaths of his comrades. What he wanted to always learn was what it felt like to be Superman, and he experienced that in the virtual simulation. When Superboy wonders how he can get over the guilty of being happy, Black Canary tells him the first step is to admit his guilt.