Coldhearted - Recap

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Wally West, Kid Flash, wakes up to his birthday in November at his home in Central City. He’s thrilled to see that it’s snowing out, and he goes down to breakfast where his mother has made him a huge birthday meal. Mr. West promises to take him to get his license, and Wally boasts that he knows that his friends are preparing to throw him a surprise party at Mount Justice. When they turn on the news, Wally’s aunt, Iris Allen-West, wishes him a happy birthday on the news and then starts reading off school closures.

Overhead, one of several giant flying fortresses continues to release more snow and ice into the atmosphere.

Kid Flash arrives at Mount Justice via the teleport tubes just in time, as the system goes off line due to the weather. Everyone yells “Surprise!” and he makes a wish while looking appealing at Miss Martian to fulfill his wish. Unaware of Earth customs and Kid Flash’s feelings toward her, she gives him a brotherly kiss on the forehead while a disgusted Artemis looks on. As they eat cake, Robin approaches Zatanna and assures their newest member that she’ll soon get used to being there. When Kid Flash still tries to get Miss Martian to kiss him, Artemis finally tells him that the Martian heroine is dating Superboy.

Batman contacts Young Justice and tells them that they have an emergency Five flying fortresses are causing the ice storm that has paralyzed the country. He hands out the assignments and informs the heroes that they will be working with the Justice League for the first time. Kid Flash is happy to hear that he’ll be part of the epic team up, until Batman tells him that he needs to transplant a donor heart from Boston to Seattle because all flights are grounded, the transport tubes are off-line, and a young girl is dying. The hero is disappointed to hear that he won’t be working with the League and questions the mission, but Batman says that it doesn’t matter who the girl is.

Kid Flash speeds to Boston, dodging traffic jams, and arrives at the hospital. The doctor tells him not to excessively jog the heart and gives him a PDA set to show how long Kid Flash has. He warns the hero that the heart is only viable for four hours and Kid Flash takes off. As he heads across the country, passing Chicago, Kid Flash watches on the PDA as Aqualad and Robin team up with batman, Aquaman, and Flash to destroy one of the automated ice fortresses.

Police across the country clear the road for Kid Flash. In South Dakota, Vandal Savage attacks the local officers and prepares an ambush. Kid Flash arrives and sees the villain, who admits that he was hoping to fight his nemesis the Flash, but he’ll settle for killing the Flash’s sidekick instead.

In South Dakota, Vandal Savage attacks one of the police teams set to pass Kid Flash on. As he takes them down, Kid Flash arrives and sees the villain, and launches an attack. Vandal explains that he was hoping to fight the Flash, but will settle for killing his sidekick instead.

Superboy, Black Canary, and Red Tornado take out another ice fortress.

Kid Flash fights Vandal to a standstill, but realizes that he’s wasting valuable time when he needs to get the heart to Seattle. As he speeds off, Vandal checks his watch in satisfaction. Meanwhile, Kid Flash realizes that he’s lost 15 minutes and starts to run out of food and calories to maintain his superspeed.

Artemis, Miss Martian, and Zatanna team up with Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter to destroy the third ice fortress.

Kid Flash gets to the hospital but the doctor who greets tells him that the patient died 12 minutes ago, even though Kid Flash has 20 minutes to spare. Kid Flash realizes that the delay cost the girl her life, unaware that the doctor is secretly smiling in triumphant as he takes the heart, saying that another patient may be able to use it. Once he leaves, the real doctors come out and tell Kid Flash that Queen Perdita of Vlatava that she’s running out of time for the heart. Realizing that he’s been tricked, Kid Flash goes after the thief and down to the parking garage. As he grabs the delivery case, the fake doctor’s men open fire from ambush. The thief reveals that he is Count Vertigo and uses his power device to nauseate Kid Flash. The hero realizes that with Queen Perdita out of the way, Vertigo can take the throne and rule his country. Vertigo explains that he has diplomatic immunity which allowed him to get out of prison after his last crime, and that he has called in several favors to get the other villains to create the ice storm as a distraction.

Vertigo draws a sword, a relic from his homeland, and moves in for the kill. Kid Flash slides the case across the floor, knocks Vertigo down, and attacks his henchman. He takes the heart back upstairs to the doctors and they rush it to the operation room, while Kid Flash collapses in exhaustion.

At home, Wally’s parents wait for their son to return for his birthday dinner. They watch the news and see a broadcast announcing that Queen Perdita died on the operating table.

The doctors get Kid Flash into a hospital bed, and Vertigo arrives to tell him that Queen Perdita is dead and that he is now the king. Since he is the king, he is untouchable and boasts that Perdita died without him even having to do anything. At that, Kid Flash pushes aside the adjoining curtain to reveal Perdita, alive and well. The queen has recorded Vertigo’s confession and tells him that as a traitor, he no longer has diplomatic immunity. When Vertigo draws his country’s sword to attack him, Kid Flash knocks him out with an IV stand. As the authorities take Vertigo away to Belle Reve, he congratulates Kid Flash on his stratagem but warns that he’ll be back. Perdita thanks Kid Flash for his help and asks him to keep the sword as a souvenir and a reward for his services.

Later, Vertigo endures the taunting of his fellow prisoners for his failed scheme. Batman and Flash meet with the warden, Dr. Hugo Strange, who tells them that the five cold villains who are the most likely suspects are all safe in their cells.

At Mount Justice, Wally puts a new souvenir with his other trophies: Perdita’s donor transport case. Robin congratulates him on saving a country, but Kid Flash says that the best present he could have gotten for his birthday was seeing a young girl smile.