Insecurity - Recap

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In Star City, the villainous Black Spider is swinging through the streets and goes to an apartment. He snags a reporter, Mr. Jones, and dangles him above the street, warning that no one likes a crusader. Black Spider drops Jones, but Green Arrow fires an adhesive foam arrow beneath him to break his fall. Jones’ daughter looks up and sees Green Arrow and Artemis on a nearby rooftop, attacking Black Spider.

At Belle Reve, Sportsmaster breaks into the prison, counting on Warden Hugo Strange to shut down the security systems. They go down right on cue.

In Star City, Black Spider takes the fight to the heroes, knocking Green Arrow down. Artemis maintains fire, driving him back.

Sportsmaster makes his way to the cells and releases one specific prisoner.

Artemis freezes Black Spider’s webline, bringing him down.

At Belle Reve’s ICU unit, Hugo Strange escorts Professor Ivo to see T.O. Morrow, who is in a coma. Ivo gloats over his competitor’s unconscious body.

Green Arrow and Artemis go to the city’s teleporter and Artemis leaves after Green Arrow says they’ll go crimefighting again next week. Once she departs for her hometown, Red Arrow steps out of the shadows and asks what his mentor wanted. Before Green Arrow can answer, they get a report of a crime in progress and leave to take care of it.

Sportsmaster poses as a deliveryman removing toxic waste. Once he’s clear of the prison, the villain releases Professor Ivo from hiding. At the prison, Hugo Strange shuts down the Ivo robot.

In Star City, Green Arrow and Red Arrow take down grocery store robbers. Green Arrow informs Red Arrow that by year’s end, he’ll be in the Justice League. However, he suggests that he set a good example by joining Young Justice first.

Artemis meets her mother, Paula, and talks about what she accomplished. Paula is relieved that her daughter has taken to crimefighting, and admits that Batman and Green Arrow talked to her first before recruiting Artemis to join Young Justice. Her mother admits that she lost one daughter while she was in prison serving time as the Huntress, and that she begged them to let Artemis join. When Artemis hears that, she assumes that she was a pity case and storms off to her bedroom.

In New Orleans, Sportsmaster and Ivo meet with Klarion, Monsieur Mallah, and the Brain. Klarion objects, expecting Morrow, but Ivo says that he’s better and the boy sorcerer agrees to use him, while Sportsmaster informs them that Ivo’s equipment is en route.

Artemis is out on the fire escape, worrying about how she may have been brought in out of pity, not because of her skills. Insisting she’s the best, she teleports to Mount Justice and Green Arrow and her teammates inform her that Red Arrow has decided to join Young Justice. Green Arrow then informs them that Sportsmaster was spotted in New Orleans and the team is to find out what he’s up to. Superboy isn’t necessary and Miss Martian volunteers to take the night off with him. Artemis insists on being in, pointing out that she has the most experience flying the bio-ship other than Miss Martian.

As they fly to New Orleans, Kid Flash explains that he’s jazzed about Red Arrow because they go back, but assures Artemis that she has nothing to prove. She accepts the compliment with good grace, smiling. Meanwhile, Aqualad talks privately to Red Arrow, who says that there’s a mole on the team and Artemis is the primary suspect.

At Mount Justice, Superboy, Zatanna, and Miss Martian ask Red Tornado if he has any missions for them, and he suggest that they amuse themselves before going up to his apartment. Zatanna wonders what he does in his apartment when he’s an robot with no need to eat or sleep.

Sportsmaster leaves a diner and heads into the swamps by boat. Red Arrow follows the villain, irritably warning Artemis to remain far back. Sportsmaster finally gets off at a dock and Red Arrow goes in, while Artemis waits in the bio-ship. She finally gets impatient and moves in on her own, only to find her sister Jade, aka Cheshire, waiting for her. They fight, arrows versus swords, and Cheshire suggests that Artemis use her pointed arrowheads. When Artemis points out that Cheshire is working for a villain, she insists that she doesn’t have a choice. However, she refuses to reveal why. Red Arrow arrives and momentarily pins her to a tree with a net arrow. Artemis flirts with him, mentioning his name and letting Sportsmaster know via her hidden radio that the heroes are on to them. He then picks up a briefcase tossed from a passing train.

Cheshire frees herself and attacks both heroes, but Red Arrow realizes that Sportsmaster is making his escape. After knocking him down, Cheshire removes her mask and kisses him, and Kid Flash arrives and knocks her away. Red Arrow tells Artemis to fire a tracer arrow onto Sportsmaster’s boat. When she admits that it’s out of range for her, he fires his own arrow and hits the target. Red Arrow then goes after him, while Cheshire taunts Artemis about how he was willing to make a shot she wouldn’t even try.

Sportsmaster knocks Red Arrow off of his jet ski, removes the tracking bug, and drops mini-depth charges into the water to deter Aqualad. They contact Artemis and Kid Flash, but Cheshire has already slipped away from them. However, Artemis managed to put traces on the villainess’ sword before she escapes. As the others arrive, Artemis fires a tracking arrow at the passing train. Kid Flash says that they threw the fight as planned so they could track Sportsmaster, Aqualad points out that Artemis should have stayed aboard the bio-ship, but she insists that she made the right call and Cheshire could have hacked their radios. She gives the tracker to Red Arrow and goes back to the bioship, ignoring Kid Flash’s objections. However, she doesn’t tell her teammates that she has a second tracker.

Once Red Tornado leaves on a mission, Zatanna, Superboy, and Miss Martian go up to his apartment. They discover a Christmas tree filled with decorations and a body covered on a bed.

In New Orleans, Sportsmaster goes to the warehouse and gives Ivo the case containing the Atlantean echinoderm. Blending science and magic, Ivo and Klarion imbue it with energy. Meanwhile Artemis breaks into the warehouse but discovers that Cheshire steps out of the shadows and says that she found the tracer. She points out that Red Arrow put a tracker on Artemis’ quiver because he doesn’t trust her, and shows Artemis security camera footage revealing Sportsmaster preparing to kill Red Arrow from ambush. Thinking quickly, Artemis fires an explosive arrow, knocking Red Arrow back from the outside door and alerting him. Red Arrow calls in the others and fights off the villains with Artemis.

The three teens discover that Red Tornado has an android body on the bed. He arrives and they ask what is going on. Red Tornado explains that while he is a robot, the android body will let him download his consciousness into it and walk among other humans and learn what they’re like. Zatanna casts a spell to put pants on the android, while the others admit that they were bored rather than trying to be disrespectful.

Kid Flash and Aqualad arrive and help take on the villains, while Artemis continues onto the warehouse. She tells Ivo to surrender, but Klarion casts a spell teleporting himself and his allies away, leaving ice statues of themselves.

Back at Mount Justice, Aqualad points out that they have learned nothing. Red Arrow suggests that Artemis betrayed them, but he points out that the real Ivo is back in Belle Reve. Kid Flash takes Artemis’ side, but Red Arrow explains that Artemis ditched the tracer they put on Cheshire and used her own to track her single-handedly. Artemis has no answer for Kid Flash, who realizes that she’s insecure and selfish. He walks away and Red Arrow asks Artemis how she’ll betray them the next time. Aqualad tells them to drop it while he reports to Batman, but Red Arrow warns Artemis that it isn’t over.

When Artemis returns home, she enters her bedroom and finds Sportsmaster waiting for her. He figures the team blamed her and wonders if Young Justice will keep her around now that Red Arrow has joined the team. Sportsmaster tells her that she can’t find who she is and it’s time to switch sides.