Earthlings - Recap

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On Rann, Miss Martian, Superboy, Beast Boy, and a local woman, Alanna, are being pursued through the jungle. Alanna is shot down and Superboy manages to catch her. One of three mech units blasts him down and then advances on him, opening fire and almost blasting him over a cliff. As he holds on for dear life, Superboy remembers that the mission wasn’t supposed to go this way.


The three Young Justice members teleport to Rann with Adam Strange. Sardath and his daughter Alanna arrive to greet them and it’s clear that Adam is interested in Alanna. Miss Martian telepathically links everyone so they can communicate, and sirens go off in the distance. Sardath leads them in, warning that it’s risky to harbor earthlings.

Inside, Sardath warns that the Rannian Science Command is xenophobic, limiting his research into interplanetary teleportation. He can’t report the theft of his technology then there would be dire repercussions. Superboy wonders how they know about the earthlings, and Alanna shows them a video of how the six mind controlled Justice League members attacked the planet Rimbor. Since then, the Kroloteans have posted criminal alerts for every member of the League, using their knowledge from the invasion of Earth. Adam points out that the Kroloteans are the ones who stole the teleportation technology. Sardath is working on a teleportation shield that would surround Earth, preventing travel to other worlds. They have found the Krolotean base in the jungles of Rann, and Alanna volunteers to lead them while her father completes the teleportation shield. Superboy protests, insisting they’re not earthlings, but Sardath says that it’s safest if they disguise themselves while leaving the city.

After donning robes and Beast Boy transforming into a local animal, the team boards the monorail train. When science patrol officers check IDs, Adam distracts them by reciting poetry and then ducks into the sewers, while the monorail leaves without him. As they wait for the monorail to reach its destination, Miss Martian and Superboy remain silent. Beast Boy tries to remind them about their former relationship and the good times they had, but they ignore him and leave the monorail. The team heads through the jungle and Beast Boy tries to collect a flower as a souvenir. Alanna stops him and explains that it’s situated in a sand bog.

The team reaches the base: a huge complex. Miss Martian turns invisible and goes in, slipping past the Kroloteans. The base contains a huge teleporter mechanism, and Miss Martian telekinetically opens up the teleportation portal. The others sneak in and confirm there are six teleportation platforms. Superboy hands out small-target explosives to destroy them, and Miss Martian and Beast Boy plant them without being seen.

Before they can detonate the explosives, an incoming zeta beam activates and the teleportation portal is blocked. The team is trapped with the bombs and can only watch as the teleportation platforms activate and more Kroloteans arrive from the New Orleans base on Earth. The newcomers tell the other Kroloteans that they were attacked, while Miss Martian tells the team to get out through the front door when the bombs go off. As Beast Boy heads for the door, an explosion goes off nearby, stunning him momentarily. The team fights its way to the platform and the Krolotean leader unleashes their war machine mechs.

In the capital city, the science patrol search for Adam. One of them finds him, but he uses his hidden jetpack to escape.

As they head back to the capital city, Miss Martian admits that the Krolotean language is too complicated to translate telepathically without a great deal of effort. Superboy hears something behind them and spots the mechs approaching them.


As the mech advances on him, Superboy lets go and plummets to the ground with Alanna. They take refuge in a cave as the mech jumps down after them. They inform Miss Martian that they’re safe, and she confirms that she and Beast Boy lost the other mech. Miss Martian says that they should wait until the patrols move on, and then regroup with Sardath and Adam to figure out what to do with the base. Alanna asks Superboy if he and Miss Martian together were a long time. He admits that it was all his life and doesn’t want to talk about it with Alanna until she points out he’ll never see her again. Superboy explains that he’s a clone and Miss Martian saw more within him, but he realized that he doesn’t age externally. He eventually dumped Miss Martian, saying he didn’t have a choice.

As they wait, Miss Martian hugs Beast Boy, her adopted brother. They head back for the monorail once the mechs move on However, Beast Boy comes to a waterfall and suddenly pauses in shock. Miss Martian telepathically scans his mind and realizes that he’s reliving the moment when Queen Bee killed his mother at a waterfall. She manages to get through to him, saying that it isn’t safe. One of the mechs spots them and stuns them unconscious, and then places them inside itself. They report to base and tell the other Kroloteans to prepare for departure. The entire base, a mobile space platform, starts lifting off.

Superboy and Alanna realize that Miss Martian is unconscious and no longer translating.

Adam returns to Sardath’s lab and reach the same conclusion.

Superboy attacks one of the mechs and disables it while Alanna distracts the others. One of them follows her and she lures it into the sand bog and then tosses a rope to the pilot. Superboy attacks the remaining mech, ripping it apart and freeing his teammates. As he holds Miss Martian in his arms, she mutters his name. The overhead ship opens fire and Superboy leaves the unconscious Miss Martian in Alanna’s care while he and Beast Boy break into the ship.

Miss Martian wakes up and Alanna brings her up to speed. When the Krolotean mech pilots arrive, Miss Martian telekinetically grabs one and scans its mind, rendering it comatose as Alanna stares in shock.

Superboy and Beast Boy destroy the ships’ control functions and evacuate, and the team watches as the ship manages to escape via hyperspace. The remaining Kroloteans take their comatose comrade away and Superboy wonders what Miss Martian did. She tells him they can’t talk about it now because they have to get back to Earth and tell the others what she’s learned about the Justice League and the missing sixteen hours on Rimbor.