Salvage - Recap

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In Washington, a robber is fleeing the scene of his crime when someone trips him with a gas arrow and then knocks him out. The owner comes over and congratulates his hero... Red Arrow. Red Arrow takes the money and tells the owner that he doesn’t need a reward. From above, Green Arrow secretly watches and calls in to say that it’s worse than he thought.

At STAR Labs in Taos, scientists Adam Strange and Eduardo Dorado are ready to put the Zeta beam shield into place to keep the Kroloteans from beaming further units onto Earth. The Justice League monitors the operation from Watchtower as the satellites activate, generating the shield. Young Justice watches from Mount Justice as well, and Superboy points out that the shield won’t stop any spaceships. He confirms that Nightwing is taking the night off for personal business and look irritably at Lagoon Boy and Miss Martian planning their date. Superboy then grabs Blue Beetle and says that he needs him, and tells Mal that he’s taking the night off for personal business as well.

In Washington, Green Arrow, Nightwing, Black Canary, Kid Flash, and Jim Harper confront the Red Arrow clone. They point out that he’s taken the money and Red Arrow insists that he deserves it, and he needs it to continue the search for the real Roy Harper because the others have given up.

Superboy, Wolf, and Blue Beetle takes Sphere to Washington. The Blue Beetle’s scarab finally gets him to ask Superboy what they’re doing. Superboy explains that the bomb Aqualad used to destroy Malina Island may have come from Intergang, and he’s been keeping tabs on Whisper A’Daire, one of their operatives. She’s meeting with her boss, Bruno Mannheim, and they spot them in a truck heading for the Hall of Justice.

Black Canary tries to get through to Red Arrow, warning that he’s out of shape. She attacks him to prove it and he almost falls off the rooftop, and says that his body is nothing but a clone.

Bruno and Whisper arrive at the Hall of Justice and carry a case toward the building. Blue Beetle tries to scan it but his scarab says that it is “incompatible.” When Superboy wonders who his teammate is talking to, Blue Beetle explains that the scarab grafted to his spine gives him his powers, and it has an artificial intelligence. Superboy has him scan the Hall and confirm that it’s deserted.

Mannheim gets to the building and opens the case, revealing an Apokolips device. They move in but Mannheim activates the device, sending out waves of energy that stun Blue Beetle’s armor. Inside, the husks of the Appellaxian warriors that the Justice League defeated on their first adventure The husks merge into one unit.

Outside, Superboy and Wolf confront Mannheim and Whisper. Before the heroes can do anything, the merged Appellaxian golem breaks through the wall. Mannheim commands it to attack Superboy, while Sphere creates a device to neutralize Mannheim’s device. Blue Beetle recovers once the device is shut off, but when he attacks with a sonic blaster, the golem bounces the energy attack back, stunning him and Superboy. Mannheim figures the League will be there any second and he has the golem pick him and Whisper up and fly away with them.

Green Arrow asks Red Arrow to come back with them to Star City, saying that it’ll be like old times. The clone tells him that he’s thinking of the original, and Jim Harper tells him that he’s also a clone and knows what he’s going through. They figure that the Light didn’t keep the original Roy Harper alive, and suggests that Red Arrow honor him by living his own life.

Superboy and Blue Beetle fly after Mannheim and Superboy explained that the Appellaxian husks were the League’s first trophy. Sphere tracks the device and they fly toward the forest near Arlington. Meanwhile, Mannheim explains that his device taps into the residual psychic energy of the golem’s alien controllers, animating it. He plans to expand Intergang’s reach. Superboy arrives and has Sphere jam the device’s signal. The golem goes berserk, attacking Whisper and Mannheim and then lunging at Sphere. It knocks it out of the sky and easily repels the attacks of Superboy, Wolf, and Blue Beetle. Once they’re down, it spots a nearby nuclear power plant and walks toward it. The guards try to hold it off without success. Meanwhile, the Partner and Sportsmaster watch the attack. The Partner is content to let the power plant go into meltdown, but tells Sportsmaster to dispose of the others.

Superboy grabs Mannheim and Whisper, who warn that no one is controlling the golem. Blue Beetle locks them up and the heroes go after the golem and keep it away from the reactor. They manage to pin it down and Blue Beetle fires large clamps to pin it down so Sphere can try to take control of it. The golem knocks them all aside and frees itself, and the scarab suggests that it might be able to communicate with it.

Red Arrow wonders why Kid Flash is there, and he explains that just because he quit being a hero doesn’t mean that he’s abandoning his friends. Kid Flash and Nightwing point out that they never trained with the original Roy Harper, and Red Arrow is their friend whether he’s a clone or not. Unimpressed, Red Arrow tells them to write him off and deal with Aqualad if they need to salvage a soul.

Blue Beetle uses a sonic beam to try to establish communication with the golem. They discover that the creature is in pain from all the power of life. The golem wants to use the reactor to destroy itself and end the pain, and Superboy offers to help it. However, the Partner fires a sonic blast, disrupting the communication beam and shattering the golem. The guards thank Superboy for his help while Blue Beetle realizes that the creature was alive, and wonders who killed it. When they go back to get Mannheim and Whisper, they discover that the villains are alive but in comas.

Sportsmaster returns and reports to the Partner that he left Mannheim and Whisper as a warning to anyone who would interfere with the Light. The Partner says that it was better to destroy the golem then let it fall into enemy hands.

Later, Kid Flash returns to his home in Palo Alto where he’s staying with Artemis. He tells her what happened with Red Arrow and they kiss. Kid Flash worries that Red Arrow is alone and won’t let anyone in.

In Washington, Red Arrow goes to the abandoned apartment that he calls home and finds Cheshire waiting for him. She assures him that she’s there to help him clean up his act, but Red Arrow points out that she left him to return to crime. Cheshire insists that she’s still legally his wife and she let him because of his obsession with finding Roy. She tells him that they have a daughter, Lian Nguyen Harper, and he has to exercise Roy’s ghosts so he can take care of her. Cheshire explains that she called on her contacts and came up with one last chance to find Roy Harper.