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Beneath - Recap

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In El Paso, a kid named Tye Longshadow to a bus stop. He then calls Jamie Reyes at home and says he’s had enough of Maurice pushing around. He’s leaving town for Houston but Jamie tells him to wait for him. Tye signs off, saying that he won’t make any promises, and someone grabs him from the shadows. Meanwhile, Jamie transforms into Blue Beetle and flies to the bus depot. The scarab disagrees with his intentions, saying that they have a greater purpose. Jamie arrives and transforms back to his civilian garb, but the clerk says that he just missed the bus to Houston.

Miss Martian, Bumblebee, Wonder Girl, and Batgirl fly the bioship into Qurac. They’re to sneak behind enemy lines and investigate recent boom tube teleports suggesting that the alien tech came from Apokolips via Qurac. Nightwing informs them that Psimon is still catatonic after his last encounter with Miss Martian. Since Queen Bee can control men’s minds, they’re sending an all-female squad in.

The next day, Jamie goes to Tye’s home and talks to his mother, Shelly. She doesn’t know where Tye is and Jamie explains that Tye threatened to run away to Houston. Shelly is seemingly unconcerned and says that Tye and her boyfriend Maurice had another fight. Jamie wonders what kind of disagreement, but Maurice Bodaway comes in before Shelly can answer. Jamie explains why he’s there, but Maurice points out that Jamie is ditching. Jamie says that he’s on a free period, and the scarab telepathically warns Jamie that Maurice is hostile. He accuses Maurice of attacking Tye and the scarab starts to manifest the armor. Jamie restrains it and Shelly ushers Jamie out, saying that Tye is probably with his grandfather, Holling.

In Bialya, the Alpha Team finds one location with heavy security. They split up to move in, and Wonder Girl is disappointed that they’re leaving her behind because she’s not stealthy enough for reconnaissance. She reluctantly agrees to stay behind and the others go in. Meanwhile, Wonder Girl notices an approaching truck containing several super-powered villains, including Icicle Jr., Mammoth, Shimmer, and Psimon. She can’t telepathically warn the others since Psimon might overhear, so Wonder Girl goes into the hanger where the others are located. Upon finding Miss Martian, they shut down the telepathic link and Miss Martian goes to warn Batgirl while Wonder Girl finds Bumblebee. Wonder Girl goes outside to find Bumblebee, but one of the supervillains, Devastation, spots her and brings her down.

Jamie goes to see Holling, who says that he hasn’t seen Tye in a few weeks. He tells Jamie that Tye comes from a line of Mescalero Apache chiefs and is on a journey to find his destiny. The scarab tells Jamie that Holling appears deluded and advises hostile interrogation, but Jamie ignores him and suggests that Maurice is responsible. Holling explains that Maurice was jealous of the role that Tye’s father held in the tribe, and that jealousy has carried over to Tye. However, he insists that Maurice plays no part in either Tye’s vision quest or Jamie’s. Jamie wonders what he means and Holling says that answers will come to Jamie and only then will he make peace with the one inside of him. The scarab tells Jamie to eliminate the old man, but Jamie quiets it down and makes a hasty exit.

Alarms go off at the hanger and the soldiers mobilize. Icicle Jr. comes over to check on Devastation, who says that Wonder Girl isn’t alone. When Icicle Jr. prepares to blast Wonder Girl, she throws Devastation off and flies off. Meanwhile, Bumblebee enters the air vents and finds Batgirl, who has found a larger underground chamber. They go down and find a huge cavern thousands of years old with an obelisk in the center, and men monitoring control panels around the perimeter. Batgirl scouts around and finds a cargo plane prepped for departure. Nearby are canisters holding dozens of teenagers. Psimon finds her and unleashes a mental blast, knocking her unconscious.

The villains secure Batgirl in one of the canisters over Icicle Jr.’s objections. He warns that Batgirl is a higher-profile victim than the runaways and strays that they’ve been abducting. However, Psimon is aware that Batman is off-planet and doesn’t care regardless. They prepare to take off in the cargo plane, unaware that Bumblebee is hiding and has overheard everything. She flies down the tunnel to the outside landing strip.

Jamie breaks into the tool shed at school where Maurice works as a janitor, suspecting that Tye is inside. Maurice catches him and Jamie resists the scarab insisting that they destroy Maurice with a plasma cannon. When Maurice prepares to “teach a lesson” to Jamie, Jamie accuses him of abducting Tye so that he can become chief. Maurice chuckles and explains that he’s only interested in jobs that pay, and Jamie gets past him and opens the shed. He discovers that Maurice has pirated DVDs and games, and Maurice tells him to forget it. He insists that he has no idea where Tye is, and the scarab confirms via voice analysis that Maurice is telling the truth. Jamie prepares to turn in Maurice, but admits that they still don’t know what happened to Tye.

Out in the desert, Wonder Girl worries to Miss Martian that she screwed up. Bumblebee arrives and brings them up to speed, and says that she has a plan.

The villains secure the cargo and finish refueling. Miss Martian sneaks in and duplicates Shimmer, and then telepathically stuns her. Bumblebee flies into the cargo plane and frees Batgirl, shocking her into waking up. They need her to fly the plane to safety since she’s the only one qualified to fly.

Miss Martian seals the hanger doors and Psimon realizes who she is. He telepathically notifies the others and engages Miss Martian in psychic battle, explaining that he only has to hold her attention while the others kill her. However, the plane starts up and Psimon sends the villains after it. Bumblebee tries to delay them while Icicle Jr. closes the hangar door and Devastation breaks into the cockpit. Wonder Girl rips the hangar doors off and then attacks Devastation. Bumblebee stuns Psimon and Miss Martian, freed, knocks out Icicle Jr.

Wonder Girl and Devastation fight and the heroine knocks the villain into Mammoth, throwing them both off the plane. Batgirl is preparing for liftoff when Mammoth throws a forklift into the plane’s wings. It goes out of control and plummets out the hangar doors and down the cliff. Wonder Girl and Miss Martian try to slow it down without success and then summon the bioship to grab the fuselage and pull it away just in time.

Later at Mount Justice, Nightwing confirms that Psimon telepathically convinced the doctors that he was there. Miss Martian confirmed via telepathically scanning Psimon that Queen Bee was acting as a middle man, providing abductees to an unknown partner. They were all kidnapped after the destruction of Malina Island, and they realize that they don’t know who the new Partner is. Nightwing assures the team that the mission was a success even if they don’t have all the answers.

In Bialya, Queen Bee worries that the loss of the cargo could have undermined their credibility... if they didn’t have a second shipment. Among their captives is Tye.