Satisfaction - Recap

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At the Royal Memorial Hospital in Star City, Red Arrow and Oliver Queen explain to the newly recovered Roy Harper what has happened since he went missing. He wants to know why he's missing an arm and there is a clone of himself, and tells them that he was investigating a LexCorp subsidiary. Oliver tells him that Luthor and the Light abducted him and used his DNA to perfect the human cloning process. Roy realizes that Red Arrow is a clone, programmed with his skills and memories, and then led Green Arrow to him. He's unhappy that Oliver abandoned his search for him and yells at him to get out. Once his mentor leaves, Roy asks Red Arrow for some time alone to process everything.

As Red Arrow finds Oliver, he admits that having him as a mentor is a curse. The clone assures him that he doesn't feel that way and neither did Artemis, and Roy doesn't really feel that way either. They go back to see Roy only to discover that he's slipped out the window.

At Mount Justice, Mal Duncan tells Superboy and Nightwing that Aquaman is out searching for the rogue Aqualad. Nightwing slips away while Mal tells Superboy that the others are down in the grotto where the memorial to deceased members is held. Bart, Jaime, Gar, and Tim Drake are are gathered and Jaime complains that Bart is stealing his food. Bart wonders why they don't have huge memorials at the Hall of Justice and Jaime tells him that the League members don't want to advertise their fallen. He's unhappy that he never got the chance to meet his mentor and Bart admits that he feels the same way and suggests they hang.

In Gotham City, Wally and Artemis' mother Paula visit the grave of Artemis. He's unable to tell her that Artemis is actually alive and working undercover. On a nearby hillside, Paula's daughter Jade and ex-husband Crusher Crock watch as well. Jade has her daughter Lian and wishes she had taken better care of her sister, and vows to take vengeance on Aqualad. Crusher agrees but only because he considers it a matter of professional pride that a villain killed his child without okaying it with him first. He vows to take down Black Manta and leaves Aqualad to Jade.

Roy goes to a hidden weapons arsenal and finds his old Speedy costume. Meanwhile, Red Arrow and Oliver arrive and the security system announces that Red Arrow is already inside. They get in and Speedy leaves via the teleport tube, leading an explosive behind to destroy the portal and cover his tracks. When Red Arrow checks the computer, he discovers that Speedy is heading for Metropolis and they realize that he's going to get revenge on Luthor.

At Lex Corp in Metropolis, Luthor is going over his paperwork and discovers that Speedy has left his bed. He's unaware that Speedy is across the street, preparing to fire a missile launcher. The hero fires and the missile hits Luthor's office and explodes.

In Ivy Town, Wendy Harris catches up to Superboy at the university in his civilian identity of Connor Kent. She asks about his birthday and he avoids discussing the fact that he hasn't aged since he's a clone. They talk about how Megan threw birthday parties for him and he liked them because he liked her, and Connor admits that Wendy is the only one who remembered his party this year.

In Dakota City, Megan worries that it's the first year that she hasn't been there for Connor. Zatanna is with her and says it isn't her job anymore. They meet the other female team members to celebrate Raquel's bridal shower and Megan has a gift for her that she bought with Artemis before she "died." Raquel worries that they're celebrating despite their fallen comrade and the others assure her that Artemis would want it that way and they offer a toast. Meanwhile, Captain Cold is in the neighborhood preparing to rob a bank.

At LexCorp, Luthor emerges from behind his reinforced desk. His bodyguard Mercy wants to get him out but Luthor enters a hidden chamber and grabs a briefcase. He calls and tells his assistant Otis to dispatch of Speedy. A security team is soon atop the neighboring building but find no sign of Speedy. Meanwhile, Speedy blows up Luthor's car as he gets to it. Luthor is unimpressed as Speedy draws a gun on him and the Mercy cyborg fires on his attacker.

In Dakota City, an armored car pulls up to the bank and Captain Cold opens fire, blanketing the neighborhood in ice. The female Young Justice members take offense at the interruption and Captain Cold realizes that he's outnumbered and outmatched.

At LexCorp, Speedy takes evasive actions as the Mercy robot chases after him. He fires explosive bolts into the car behind her, temporarily stunning her, and Luthor calls out, complimenting Speedy that he is resourceful and intelligent. Mercy recovers and fires, and Speedy loses his crossbow pistol in the chaos. He avoids the cyborg and then starts up a SUV and drives it at her, continuing to use hit-and-run tactics to keep her off-guard. Speedy finally manages to lasso her weapon arm with detonation cord and blows it off, and then loops another coil around Luthor's arm. Luthor, undeterred, asks if he's ready to accept the consequences of his action as a squad of soldiers draw a bead on Speedy. Speedy assures Luthor that he'll pay the cost but the billionaire shoves the briefcase to him and invites him to open it. When the hero does, he stares in surprise and Luthor asks if he wants revenge or satisfaction

Green Arrow and Red Arrow arrive and see Speedy emerge from the parking garage. He tells them that he's fine now and didn't kill Luthor. When they ask what's in the case, he tells them "satisfaction" and shows them the mechanical weapon-arm that Luthor gave him. Speedy vows that no one will ever capture him again and informs them that he's now going by the name Arsenal.