True Colors - Recap

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The Atom and his student, Bumblebee, shrink down to microscopic size and enter the body of Blue Beetle. They try to remove the scarab from within but it generates antibodies to attack them. Bumblebee tries to hold them back but there are too many and the heroes are forced to withdraw. The antibodies repair the scarab while Dr. Cross removes Atom and Bumblebee just in time. Meanwhile, the scarab tells Jaime that it couldn't allow itself to be removed. The Atom warns Jaime that the scarab can't be removed without killing him.

G. Gordon Godfrey continues to speak out against the Justice League on his news show, calling on his viewers to rise up against the rogue heroes. He then praises The Reach, lauding their efforts to work with LexCorp to increase food production. LexCorp is allowing public tours of their new farms. At Bludhaven, Nightwing assembles Alpha Squad to investigate one of the farms. Robin will lead the term and Blue Beetle will accompany them. Impulse and Arsenal also go with the team, and Arsenal suggests that they meet on Watchtower rather than a warehouse. Nightwing reminds him that only League and senior Young Justice are allowed.

The four heroes go undercover to a farm in Smallville and check out one of the hydroponic farms. When Jonathan Kent points out that they could put the Smallville farms out of business, tour guide Sharon Vance ensures him that The Reach will share their technology with everyone. Sharon assures them that there been no genetic tampering with the food. The heroes take samples of the food while Impulse eats an apple. Robin asks about some tubes and Sharon says that it contains nutrients. As the tour group moves on, the undercover team slips away.

Sportsmaster meets with the Light Council and demand reparations for the death of Artemis, who died at Aqualad's hands. Luthor offers him money but Sportsmaster says that he can't take a payoff without ruining his reputation. He wants to kill Aqualad in return for the death of his daughter, but Black Manata and Vandal Savage both refuse. When Sportsmaster attacks Black Manta instead, the Light's new enforcer, Deathstroke, stops him. Savage admits that they hired Sportsmaste's replacement already and Sportsmaster blasts a hole in the wall and escapes in a helicopter piloted by his other daughter, Cheshire. He points out that now that he's honored the protocols, he's free to kill Black Manta and seal his reputation.

That night, Sharon leaves the hydroponic farm and the four heroes slip out of the bathroom where they've been hiding. They disable the key security cameras, bypass the guards, and make their way to where The Reach scientists are putting a new alien additive into the food. Robin secretly takes a sample and the group heads for the door. As they prepare to slip out quietly, Arsenal tells them to wait. The explosives he planted go off and Arsenal tells the others that he doesn't plan to let Luthor and his allies poison the world.

Luthor gets word of the explosion and spots the heroes on the monitors. He tells his assistant Mercy to sit back and watch.

Impulse clears out the guards while Robin complains that Arsenal went off-mission. Black Beetle arrives and attacks them, overpowering Impulse and Robin. Arsenal opens fire with a laser and Blue Beetle hits his counterpart but his weapons are useless. When Robin wonders why his weapons aren't working, Blue Beetle explains that only his scarab has enough power, and he can't give it control for fear it will take over entirely and fulfill the prophecy.

Black Manta returns to his sub with Vandal and checks on his comatose son. He vows revenge and Vandal assures him that the opportunity will come. For now he's borrowed Psimon to go through Aqualad's mind and make him whole... learning everything there is to know from his mind.

Blue Beetle realizes that Black Beetle is toying with them. Robin blasts a hole in the wall and Impulse vibrates through it, while Arsenal provides cover fire. As they run through the cornfield, Black Beetle lands in front of them along with another armored Beetle in green. However, it attacks Black Beetle instead. Impulse says that he has no idea what Green Beetle is from the history books. They realize that Green Beetle is a Martian. The heroes reenter the fight but Black Beetle heals the damage to his armor in seconds. Green Beetle has Blue Beetle fire his weapon on a particularly frequency and combines his own fire with it. The overlapping wavelengths disrupt Black Beetle's scarab, knocking the villain out. Green Beetle says to run and telekinetically flies the group away.

Alpha Team goes to Smallville and Jonathan Kent lets them use the barn to check out the new Green Beetle rather than risk headquarters security. Nightwing arrives and Green Beetle introduces himself as B'ars O'ohm of Mars. He claims that he's an archaeologist who found a Reach scarab. It attached itself to him and he learned that The Reach sends out scarabs to take control to natives, who then function as undercover operatives to aid their conquest. Blue Beetle's scarab malfunctioned, while Green Beetle's could take control of his alien physiology. B'ars took control of the scarab and then learned of Earth from Martian Manhunter. Nightwing thanks him for his help and Robin gives his mentor the sample. Meanwhile, B'ars telepathically reads Jaime's fear and tells him that there is another way to remove the scarab without killing him.

At the hydroponic farm, Luthor and Savage review the damage and discover that the power drink section was untouched and undiscovered. The drink is being distributed worldwide and contains everything The Reach needs it to need. The villains anticipated that the heroes would get the sample as intended, and Luthor suggests they form a team of their own from among The Reach's experimental subjects.