The Fix - Recap

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In Black Manta's sub, Artemis in her undercover guise as Tigress is in her cabin and wondering how everything has gone wrong. She look at her real face in the mirror and wonders what she was thinking when she gave up her life with Wally. Black Manta calls to order her to Aqualad's quarters. When she arrives, Black Manta explains that he has brought Psimon in to restructure Aqualad's shattered mind and learning all of his secrets. Artemis realizes that Psimon will learn that both her and Aqualad are undercover agents for the Justice League. Psimon prepares to focus his mind and Black Manta tells Artemis to stay and guard them. The villain promises Artemis that he will take revenge on Miss Martian, who attacked his son.

At Taos, Miss Martian prepares to read Green Beetle's mind and confirm his intentions. She's reluctant to do so but Green Beetle assures her that it's okay. Meanwhile, Superboy worries that it may not be a good idea, but Nightwing says that it's their only option. Lagoon Boy assures Miss Martian that it will be okay and she begins. Green Beetle realizes that she's a White Martian and reluctant to probe deeper, and volunteers his thoughts so nothing unfortunate occurs. Once she's done, Miss Martian tells the others that Green Beetle is on their side.

Psimon finishes focusing and begins to scan Aqualad's mind, and Artemis secretly shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. He realizes that Artemis is responsible and telekinetically slams her around the room. Meanwhile, Black Manta sees what's going on in the monitor and goes to the cabin.

As he reads her mind, Psimon realizes who Artemis really is and that she's injected him with a drug that will put him in a coma for weeks. He passes out just as Black Manta arrives, and Artemis suggests that Miss Martian left a telepathic virus that will affect any telepath brought in to cure Aqualad. She suggests that Black Manta send her to bring Miss Martian in and cure Aqualad. He agrees but insists that she take Deathstroke along with her.

Green Beetle analyzes the energy drink that LexCorp and The Reach are distributing and explains that it will reduce the drinkers to placid sheep who can't resist the alien invasions. Nightwing admits that they already confirmed that and Green Beetle realizes that they've been testing him. He offers to negate the component that lets The Reach identify, harbor, and harvest the meta-gene, something that the team didn't know. However, he figures that they'll have to bide their time since the League's credibility is ruined. As the team leaves, Green Beetle says that he will assume a human identity and take up residence near Taos. Meanwhile, Lagoon Boy suggests to Miss Martian that they talk privately. She glances over at Superboy, who ignores her, and then says that they can talk at her uncle's apartment in Chicago. Impulse suggests to Blue Beetle that they go out on the town but Blue Beetle turns down his offer.

Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy take the teleporter to Chicago and Lagoon Boy immediately asks why she's been avoiding him and what's going on between her and Superboy. Before she can explain, Deathstroke and Artemis arrive. Deathstroke attacks them while Miss Martian establishes telepathic contact with Artemis, who says that she's there to kidnap her. Artemis says that they need to make the abduction look good without revealing anything to Lagoon Boy and Deathstroke.

Lagoon Boy calls for backup and Nightwing says that they'll be there in three minutes. Deathstroke complains that he won't have time to savor the battle and Lagoon transforms into his giant self. The assassin knocks him out with gas bombs and breaks his leg, and then punches him unconscious. Meanwhile, Artemis uses firebombs to weaken Miss Martian and Deathstroke puts an inhibitor collar on the Martian. They leave in a ship just as Superboy and Nightwing arrive.

Blue Beetle takes Green Beetle into Taos and explains that the scarab is controllable for now. He's worried that it could take full command of him and is willing to do anything to make sure he doesn't help The Reach. Green Beetle says that he can teach Blue Beetle meditation techniques, but also used his shapeshifting abilities to keep it from taking control. The Martian warns that he couldn't do the same for Blue Beetle without endangering his life, but Blue Beetle insists.

When Miss Martian wakes up, Black Manta greets her and tells her to repair the damage she did to Aqualad's mind. They plan to reinstate her telepathic ability, but Deathstroke is in a nearby sub monitoring the situation. If he senses anything wrong, he'll detonate the collar. They activate her telepathic abilities and Black Manta leaves. Artemis telepathically tells her to fix Aqualad, but Miss Martian admits that she doesn't know how to repair what she broke. She worries that she may make things worse and Artemis tells her to bring her in since Aqualad won't perceive her as a threat.

Miss Martian reluctantly begins and she and Artemis find themselves inside of Aqualad's underwater mindscape. When Artemis starts to drown, Miss Martian tells her that it's all mental unless they let the images affect them. Once she stabilizes, Artemis looks around and discovers that the mindscape is covered in the ruins of Atlantis. Aqualad's dead girlfriend Tula attacks them, knocking the two of them down.

At the hospital, Nightwing and Superboy restrain Lagoon Boy, who wants to find his girlfriend. He asks why Superboy isn't doing anything and accuses his teammate of abandoning Miss Martian to Artemis. Superboy insists that Lagoon Boy doesn't know his feelings, while Nightwing reluctantly explains that Aqualad is on an undercover mission and Artemis is undercover now. Lagoon Boy objects to being kept in the dark but Superboy accepts Nightwing's decision. Once they go outside, Superboy complains that Nightwing endangered them by keeping secrets, since Miss Martian telepathically attacked Aqualad without knowing the truth. Since Miss Martian doesn't know how to repair her undercover teammate's fractured mind, Black Manta may kill all of them.

Tula continues her attack on Miss Martian, and Artemis pulls her teammate away. Miss Martian continues to blame herself, leaving her vulnerable to the attack, and Artemis tells Tula that they're there to help Aqualad. The mental projection ignores her and continues her assault on Miss Martian, and Artemis swims into the ruins. She finds a faceless Aqualad seated in a temple, muttering in Atlantean that Aqualad is no longer there. Artemis tries to get through to him while the temple cracks apart around them. As Aqualad is pulled into a vortex, Artemis insists that they're to help and they have to work together.

Miss Martian goes down as Tula continues her attack, saying that she deserves to die. However, Artemis arrives with Aqualad, his face restored, and tells Miss Martian that she has to make amends. Miss Martian apologizes to Aqualad, who says that it's hopeless, but the heroine says that they can work together. Slowly the mindscape puts itself back together…

Black Manta interrupts Artemis, saying that she's been there for six hours. Miss Martian warns that it could take weeks, maybe months, to fix the damage. Aqualad calls to his father, who admits that Miss Martian is making progress. He tells her that she'll live as long as she does and then calls Artemis outside. Black Manta tells her to kill Miss Martian once she finishes with Aqualad.

Impulse finds Blue Beetle on the street and finds Green Beetle inserting his body into Jaime's scarab. Blue Beetle informs Impulse that Green Beetle has succeeded and the scarab is totally cut off.