Runaways - Recap

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At STAR Labs in Taos, Virgil trains with his electrical powers until he finally demands a break. Dr. Wilcox gives Virgil and the others take a break and overheard Ed Dorado arguing with his father, scientist Eduardo Dorado Sr. Eduardo Sr. thinks that his son developed teleportation powers because of his own work with Zeta Beam technology, but Ed demands a cure. His father blames him, saying that none of it would have happened if Ed hadn't run away from home to find him. Ed walks out and his four friends invite him to lunch. As they go, Tye Longshadow complains that he can't take much more of the place and Virgil says that they're busting out that night.

Later, the doctors oversee the delivery of the spare Amazo parts salvaged from the Hall of Justice. Meanwhile, Wilcox finishes his testing and dismisses them for the night. Newt refuses to leave, worried that his powers could run out of control, and insists that STAR Labs is just trying to keep the world safe from them. The others disagree and leave with their friend Sam, who only speaks Japanese. Newt sets off the alarm and the building goes into lockdown. Virgil suggests that Ed can teleport them out, but he points out he can only teleport himself. Tye can grow but he doesn't know how to activate his ability.

The guards arrive and Ed teleports behind them while Sam converts into a blast of wind. Virgil knocks out the leader, Burton Thompson, and wonders what to do next, and his powers overload the building's power, unlocking the doors so they can get out.

In El Paso, Nightwing calls Jaime and asks him to convince Tye and the others to stay at STAR Labs. Jaime reluctantly agrees and flies off into the night to find them.

The runaways go to the bus depot and Virgil calls his family. Tye objects but he figures that he's good with his family and called to have them wire money so they can get a bus to his hometown of Dakota City. The others want a cure but Virgil is fine with having his powers. While they talk, Sam goes to the door and notices Wilcox, Burton, and the security guards outside. When Virgil goes to wake up Tye, he keeps sleeping but manifests a huge glowing astral form with Tye in the center, and it grows through the ceiling,

As Wilcox wonders what to do, Blue Beetle arrives and tells the security team to stay calm. Tye smashes him down and then picks up his three friends and walks off across the city. Blue Beetle recovers, tells Wilcox and his men to go back to the lab, and says that he'll handle it.

In the forest, Tye puts his friends down and drops his giant astral form. He wakes up and realizes that his power has manifested again. Blue Beetle touches down and assures them he's there to help them. When he says that they need to go back to STAR, Tye says that he doesn't understand. Jaime drops his mask and shows his friend who he really is. Jaime explains about the scarab and says that he knows what they're going through. The runaways don't want to go back to be lab rats, and Jaime agrees to take them to Green Beetle so he can help them like he helped Jaime. They reluctantly go with him.

At STAR, Eduardo complains to Wilcox about letting his son and the others escape. Wilcox insists that Blue Beetle can handle the situation. Something suddenly bursts through the wall, knocking the two scientists down. They look up and discover that Red Volcano is attacking the installation. He destroys the teleport tube and then grabs Wilcox and demands to know where he can find Amazo.

Nightwing calls Jaime and tells him that Red Volcano is attacking STAR. Jaime lies and says that he's still looking for the runaways, and Nightwing warns him that he's the only one in position to stop the android. Once he cuts off, Jaime tells the others to stay out of sight while he deals with the situation. Once he flies off, Ed worries that his father is in trouble. Virgil understands and says that he'll go with him back to STAR. Tye reluctantly agrees to help them and Sam gives them the thumbs up.

When the four teens arrive at STAR, Red Volcano throws Blue Beetle out of the building and then buries him in the street. Tye tells them to go on while he saves his friend. As the others go off after Red Volcano, Tye focuses and manages to create his giant astral form under his own control.

Inside, Red Volcano tries to find Amazo's head and Eduardo says that the League to another location. As the android advances on the scientist, Ed teleports in and then teleports his father away despite the pain of teleporting someone else for the first time. Red Volcano arrives and Virgil and Sam attack him without success. The android prepares to counter-attack but Tye reaches in and grabs him. He throws him up into the air and Blue Beetle blasts Red Volcano with burning plasma... which doesn't affect the head-wielding android. He takes down Tye and then covers Blue Beetle with lava, but his armor resists the heat.

Blue Beetle then hits him with his sonic cannon. Red Volcano staggers forward while the sonic beams hit STAR Labs behind him and bring down the building. Jaime ignores Virgil's warnings and the teenagers go in and rescue the bystanders inside. As they regroup outside, Blue Beetle smashes Red Volcano through the wall and the android captures the four teenagers as hostages. Ignoring them, Blue Beetle renews his attack while the teenagers free themselves. Red Volcano manages to grab Blue Beetle, who drills into his chest and then fires his sonic cannon directly into the android's chest. It blows apart and Blue Beetle looks down at the wreckage in satisfaction.

As the emergency squads arrive, Blue Beetle tells the four runaways that they need to get to Green Beetle. They're reluctant to go with him and slip away while Blue Beetle takes questions from the press. Later, Blue Beetle meets with Green Beetle and apologizes for not summoning him immediately. The Martian assures him that they'll find them again, and notes that the fight helped establish Blue Beetle as a hero. Black Beetle emerges from the shadows and says that it's important to have Blue Beetle established as a hero now that Green Beetle has rebooted Blue Beetle's scarab and taken control of Jaime.

Virgil and the others go back to the bus station and wonder what to do next. A van pulls up and Luthor emerges. He informs the teenagers that he's been watching over them for weeks and facilitated the power outage and the arrival of the press. Luthor explains that Blue Beetle is now part of The Reach, and he's realized that his alien allies may threaten the planet. He offers to help the four of them take control of their own destinies, but assures them that he won't make them do anything they don't want to do.