Complications - Recap

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Deathstroke continues to monitor Miss Martian from the Manta Flyer and informs Black Manta that her work on Aqualad's psyche is progressing but slowly. Meanwhile, aboard the Manta Sub, Miss Martian and the disguised Artemis continue monitoring to their friend. They telepathically discuss what to do about the power-nullification collar, and Aqualad joins in, saying that Deathstroke can't learn that he's already been cured. Black Manta comes in and tells Miss Martian that she has 24 hours to finish curing Aqualad or he'll kill her.

Aboard Warworld, Nightwing teleports aboard and demands to know what happened to his team. Blue Beetle explains that they had won but someone created a boom tube and teleported everyone out. Nightwing confirms boom tube radiation and they speculate that Mongul opened it and escaped with the team and the crystal key. Captain Atom confirms that the League will guard Warworld's control systems so Mongul can't use the key again. Blue Beetle insists on helping but Nightwing tells him to get some rest and Green Beetle goes with him. They return to El Paso and split up.

Deathstroke continues monitoring the Manta Sub, unaware that Sportsmaster and Cheshire have approached it from below and boarded. The two villains take out a guard and Cheshire insists that she's only working with her father to avenge her sister, Artemis. Sportsmaster doesn't care as long as she takes care of Aqualad, while he puts down Black Manta to preserve his rep. The villains make their way through the sub, overriding the security cameras to avoid detection and knocking out more guards. Cheshire enters the air vents and heads for Aqualad's quarters.

Miss Martian and the others continue their conversation, and they override her when they refuse to let her sacrifice herself. Artemis contacts Deathstroke and says that she's taking a break. She sends a guard in, but Cheshire breaks in, knocks him out, and attacks Aqualad. Miss Martian deflects the attack and telepathically tries to explain, only to discover that Deathstroke has disabled her powers via the collar. Deathstroke contacts Black Manta and tells him that there is an intruder in Aqualad's cabin.

Artemis goes to the control center and sends the technicians to protect Aqualad. She then looks for the collar control panel. Meanwhile, Sportsmaster attacks Black Manta and soon subdues the villain. However, Black Manta's men arrive and open fire, driving Sportsmaster off. He uses an explosive chakram to knock out the guards.

Cheshire realizes that Aqualad is in a coma and wonders why Miss Martian is defending him when she's responsible for his apparent conditions. Before Cheshire can attack, guards break in and open fire. The villainess knocks them back and seals the door, and realizes that Miss Martian is wearing an inhibitor collar. Meanwhile, Deathstroke warns Artemis, assuming that Miss Martian is saving Aqualad because she'll be killed if he dies. Artemis says that she's on her way.

As they struggle, Miss Martian manages to disable Deathstroke's camera. She tries to explain but Cheshire knocks her out, and Aqualad speaks up, saying things aren't what they seem. Before Cheshire can attack, Aqualad tells her that Artemis is alive. She doesn't believe him and prepares to cut his throat.

Aboard Warworld, Nightwing scans the hangar bay. He realizes that the controls are damaged and finds one of Robin's birdarangs. It has traces of scarab microbes and Nightwing realizes that it must have scratched Blue Beetle's armor.

Artemis finds the collar control and shuts down Miss Martian's collar. She tries to contact the unconscious Miss Martian and heads back to the cabin, and finds Sportsmaster and Black Manta fighting. Black Manta tells her to attack and she slashes at the mercenary, while Black Manta goes to save Aqualad. Unaware that he's fighting his own daughter, Sportsmaster prepares to kill Artemis.

Black Manta arrives as his men prepare to blast open the cabin door. The villain ignores them, blasts opens the door, and goes to his son. Cheshire disables his armor and prepares to kill them both, but Miss Martian wakes up, removes the collar, and telepathically links all of them. They find themselves in a mental landscape of Artemis' childhood room, and Artemis tells her father and sister about faking her death to participate in the undercover mission. Cheshire agrees to stop her quest for vengeance, but Sportsmaster assumes it's a mental trick. Artemis tells Miss Martian to release Sportsmaster and she'll convince him.

Back in the hallway, Artemis takes Sportsmaster down with a move that he taught her. He accepts that she's working against The Light and Artemis asks him for a favor. The guards arrive and Sportsmaster and Artemis continue their fight.

Miss Martian pins Black Manta and Cheshire to the wall and telepathically tells Cheshire to play along. She frees Cheshire and tells her to escape, and promises Cheshire that she'll kill Black Manta and Aqualad. Once the villainess leaves, Aqualad gets the drop on Miss Martian, who phases through the wall. Black Manta goes to his son and hugs him, realizing that he's been cured.

Sportsmaster and Artemis fake a fight while taking out the guards in the crossfire, and then Sportsmaster runs off without a word. He blows up the control room to cover Artemis' activities and meets Cheshire at the escape hatch. Deathstroke arrives and attacks them, and Artemis joins the fight to maintain her cover. Sportsmaster warns Deathstroke that The Light will betray him, but Deathstroke plans to take a place at the council table. Meanwhile, Artemis wonders why Cheshire came to avenge a sister that she doesn't like. Cheshire complains that she was mad that Artemis didn't babysit her niece, Lian. Miss Martian arrives and telekinetically pins Deathstroke and Artemis to the wall, and tells Sportsmaster to get out so she can have her "revenge." Once they leave, Deathstroke frees himself with some concussion grenades. Miss Martian knocks him back into Artemis, phases through the hull, and swims off.

Later, Cheshire travels to Gotham City to pick up her daughter from her mother, Paula. Paula tells her to cherish her time with Lian because one never knows when a child might die. After a moment, Cheshire tells her mother that Artemis is alive.

Black Manta tells Vandal Savage and the Reach Ambassador that that Aqualad fully recovered after seeing him dead. The Ambassador agrees that it has been a good day for all of them.

At Bludhaven, Nightwing listens to the news. The Ambassador thanks Blue Beetle for single-handedly saving the world. Blue Beetle thanks The Reach for giving him the power of the scarab, and Nightwing realizes that something is seriously wrong.