The Hunt - Recap

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On Warworld, the Justice League guards the key chamber. Meanwhile, on Earth Black Beetle complains to the Reach Scientist that the Reach won't authorize an attack on the League so they can take the battle platform. The Scientist insists that the Ambassador is handling things and, despite their setbacks, Earth's heroes have lost much more. When she worries about the one loose end, Black Beetle assures her that it's being handled.

Arsenal flees though Warworld as a Reach attack squad fires on him. The hero calls Watchtower for backup but gets no response.

On Earth, the Ambassador and Blue Beetle hold a press conference at the UN. The Ambassador explains that Blue Beetle is a merger of Reach technology and human ingenuity, and boasts of what the future will hold for the two races. As the crowd cheers, a child comes up and asks a question about the Justice League and why they didn't stop Warworld. The Ambassador uses the opportunity to point out that the League attracts alien dangers that they can't handle. He then assures the people that The Reach will use Warworld to defend Earth.

In Taos, the runaway group rides through the city, destroying all signs and businesses promoting The Reach and its energy drink. As they discuss how Blue Beetle has started working for The Reach, Luthor contacts them via laptop and says that he has a way for them to hurt The Reach directly.

Nightwing and Miss Martian fly the bioship in a search pattern around Warworld, trying to find their missing teammates. Miss Martian insists on continuing despite the fact that she was recently kidnapped, and Nightwing has her fly to the hanger where the team disappeared.

On Warworld, Arsenal tries to contact an outside line on a control panel. More Reach soldiers attack him and Arsenal attacks them, insisting that they won't capture him.

The runaways go to their apartment and Luthor provides them with a Father Box that can teleport them into Warworld. Luthor explains that it will home in on Kryptonian DNA so that they can find Superboy and save him and the others. Virgil figures that with the element of surprise, they are the only ones who have a chance. Sam activates the Father Box and the immediately teleport into Warworld... in front of a Reach attack squad. Vigil immediately kneels and surrenders, but only so he can get close enough to attack them. The others join in and take down the squad, but more soldiers arrive and the team retreats.

Arsenal hooks his cybernetic arm up to Warworld's power systems to charge it up. He hears the runaways coming and goes to check on them as they defeat the soldiers. Sam uses Father Box to home in on Superboy's location and they head off... with Arsenal secretly following them.

Nightwing and Miss Martian scan the hanger and Nightwing blames himself for not scanning for clues indicating Blue Beetle's defection. Miss Martian points out that she's the one who failed to scan Green Beetle's mind deep enough because she was reluctant to use her telepathic powers after putting Aqualad into a coma. Nightwing assures her that he was the one who put her into that position by sending her undercover, and Miss Martian says that they have to focus on the present and save their team. They're interrupted when Sphere enters the hanger and offers to take them to the prisoners.

On Earth, the Scientist contacts the Ambassador as he prepares for a TV newscast and tells him that their test subjects are in Warworld and attacking their patrols. He tells the Scientist to have Black Beetle terminate the situation with prejudice. He then joins G. Gordon Godfrey in the studio for a live broadcast.

The runaways find the prisoners, frozen in stasis, just as Black Beetle enters the chamber and attacks them. He disrupts Tye's astral form and then easily takes down Sam and Virgil. Eduardo teleports to cover and as Black Beetle takes him out, Arsenal drops in and blasts the villain. He seals the chamber against the approaching Reach patrol and tosses a weapon to Eduardo as Black Beetle renews his attacks.

At the studio, the Ambassador assures Godfrey that The Reach is all about intergalactic brotherhood. However, the commentator demands an explanation about the fleet of Reach ships, running video of how the Ambassador claimed they only had one unarmed diplomatic ship. Godfrey demands to know what else they're hiding and holds up a can of the contaminated energy drink.

Arsenal and Eduardo keep Black Beetle distracted until the others recover consciousness and renew their attack. Meanwhile, Deathstroke takes advantage of the distraction to teleport into the key chamber, take out the Reach soldiers, and steal the control crystal.

In the stasis chamber, the runaways manage to keep Blue Beetle off-balance and on the defensive. Arsenal finally blasts open Mongul's containment chamber. Mongul realizes that Black Beetle is working for The Reach and attacks him, just as Arsenal planned. The runaways free the team while Arsenal goes to get something. He opens the chamber door and gets the captured heroes' equipment.

Black Beetle and Mongul continue their fight while the other heroes get out. Arsenal opens the chamber door only to discover that someone has already taken out The Reach soldiers: Nightwing and Miss Martian. Arsenal reports that the crystal key is gone and the heroes get to the bioship. Nightwing congratulates the runaways and says that there may be a place for them on Young Justice.

Arsenal wants to talk about Blue Beetle and his betrayal, but Bumblebee points out that Arsenal was the one who blew out the airlock and got them captured. He takes offense and Nightwing tells him that when they get back to Earth, he's off the team because he keeps endangering hits teammates. The runaways tell Nightwing that they have their own way of doing things and don't need Nightwing's help, and Arsenal agrees to go with them. They teleport away using Father Box before Nightwing can stop them.

In Taos, the runaways return to their apartment and Luthor congratulates them on their success. Arsenal tells the others that Luthor is the reason he was on ice for eight years and explains that Luthor used them as a distraction so that The Light could get the control crystal. Luthor concedes the point but notes that they rescued the heroes and hurt The Reach, just as he promised. The runaways consider the situation and then destroy Father Box and Luthor's laptop.