Intervention - Recap

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On Warworld, Black Beetle continues to fight Mongul. Green Beetle appears and joins forces with Black Beetle to reimprison Mongul in a stasis cell. They then go to get the crystal key only to discover that it's been taken. The two Beetles prepare to guard the key chamber, although Black Beetle complains that the Reach Ambassador isn't interested in confronting the League directly. All they can do is patrol the chamber's perimeter since the League is inside.

At Bludhaven, the Young Justice team returns to their warehouse. Impulse starts to tell Nightwing that they need to focus on Blue Beetle, just as they receive a newscast about how Blue Beetle will receive the International Medal of Valor for saving Earth. Robin points out that Blue Beetle is a traitor but Impulse reminds them that his friend is under The Reach's influence.

In Metropolis, Toyman is on a rampage, robbing a bank using a giant toy soldier. Blue Beetle arrives to save the pedestrians, although not everyone is happy with him given recent revelations that The Reach has betrayed Earth. The hero takes down Toyman and turns Toyman over to the police, and reporter Cat Grant comes up to interview him. She asks him why he's filling in for Superman, unaware that the Ambassador is controlling his actions from the Reach base in New York City. The Scientist points out that they're lucky Earth's populace appreciate Blue Beetle given the recent negative publicity against them. The Ambassador tells her that she worries too much and then speaks through Blue Beetle's armor, forcing Jaime to tell Cat that he's glad to have the heroes of Earth watch him. In the shadows, Impulse and Batgirl watch their former teammate.

At Poseidonis, Miss Martian visits Lagoon Boy and says that she wants to talk. He realizes that doesn't sound good.

Blue Beetle returns to El Paso and Batgirl snags his legs as he flies over. Impulse runs up the line and jumps onto Blue Beetle as he breaks free, and vibrates the scarab, stunning his friend. When he hits the ground, Batgirl hits him with knockout gas, but the armor protects him. Blue Beetle pins both heroes to the wall, and the Ambassador orders the scarab to kill them both when they have the opportunity. Jaime tries to get through to the scarab without success, but they are suddenly imprisoned in a containment field. The scarab confirms that he's imprisoned by Cooperative technology that absorbs his kinetic force to strengthen itself.

As the scarab tries to blast free, Zatanna reinforces Rocket's shield with her magic. Jaime realizes that Impulse and Batgirl were a distraction. The scarab warns the Ambassador that there is no known counter against a combination of Cooperative technology and magic.

In the Atlantic Ocean, Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy fly back in the bioship. He points out that she's dumping him and Miss Martian says that they only got together because he made her feel better about himself. Lagoon Boy admits that what's it's started as but it's become more, but Miss Martian says that it won't be anything more. When he figures that it's about Superboy, Miss Martian says that it's only about her and Lagoon Boy deserves more than that.

The heroes take Blue Beetle to Bialya and the hidden base that The Reach once used. Queen Bee's soldiers attack them and Zatanna takes them out. The second team of villains attack and the heroes eventually subdue them while Rocket maintains the containment field around Blue Beetle. They then proceed to a temple chamber and Zatanna casts an incantation using the scarab imagery written on the walls.

The Ambassador sends Green Beetle to attack the heroes. Sphere smashes into it, while Rocket tells Batgirl and Impulse to attack their former ally while she and Zatanna maintain the spells. The two remaining heroes use flame against Green Beetle, taking advantage of the Martian weakness against fire. Robin and the other heroes arrive to join the attack, and the Scientist tells the Ambassador to send Black Beetle. The Ambassador refuses, insisting that he can handle it on his own.

Green Beetle goes back on the attack while Zatanna casts her spell. A small scarab on the temple walls detaches itself and fastens onto Zatanna's head, and an image of the goddess Isis appears. She channels her power through Zatanna, reassembling the walls of the temple and revealing a giant scarab image. As Green Beetle fires a blast of energy at Zatanna, Impulse speeds forward, snares Green Beetle with Wonder Girl's lasso, and throws him at Blue Beetle as the containment field drops. Isis releases a burst of energy, cutting off the Ambassador's signal. When the Scientist complains, the Ambassador warns her not to say another word.

Isis disappears and Zatanna casts a spell letting Jaime and B'Ars take control of their bodies once more. They confirm that neither Beetle is in contact with The Reach. Jaime thanks Zatanna and even the scarab admits that it prefers partnership with Jaime compared to slavery to the Reach. The team then leaves before Queen Bee's soldiers can recover.

As the team flies back, Batgirl explains that she saw the temple during an earlier mission. Dr. Fate translated the hieroglyphs and confirmed that the ancient Bialyans had a ritual to cleanse someone of Reach control. They took the scarab off-line 4,000 years ago, and Dr. Fate prepped Zatanna to use the ritual. Robin and Batgirl discovered that an archaeologist, Dan Garrett, discovered the temple in 1939 and used the scarab to become a superhero. He left the scarab to Ted Kord, who realized that it was alien technology and locked the scarab away. Ted died trying to stop The Light from taking the scarab, and it then fell into Jaime's hands. They then kept the knowledge secret from Blue Beetle so that The Reach wouldn't land about it.

When Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy arrive at the warehouse, Lagoon Boy walks off as Nightwing tells them that Blue Beetle is free. Miss Martian asks about Superboy and Nightwing tells her that he went out with Wendy Harris.

In Bialya, Queen Bee tells her people that they had to throw the fight per her plans. Now The Light's plans can proceed on schedule.