Endgame - Recap

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On Rimbor, the Tribune calls the Justice League forward and asks them if they are finished with their defense. Icon, acting as their attorney, says that they're done. When he realizes that they're not going to bribe him, the Tribune declares them guilty on all counts. As the League is taken away, Miss Martian, Superboy, and Adam Strange arrive to tell Icon and Hawkman that they have evidence clearing the League members. Icon tells them that they're too late.

Aboard the Reach ship at the UN, Black Beetle and the Reach Scientist prepare to leave Earth when the heroes attack them. Black Beetle is eager to leap into the attack, but Aqualad, Blue Beetle, and Green Beetle enter the chamber. They easily subdue the Scientist and her soldiers, and Black Beetle attacks Aqualad. Black Beetle knocks him back and turns to his two former comrades, but Green Beetle infiltrates his scarab and sets him free. Fighting back, Black Beetle repels the attempt and destroys Green Beetle's scarab with a backlash. The Martian manages to survive the attempt and Black Beetle prepares to dispose of him.

Icon presents the evidence to the Tribune, but he refuses to reopen the case despite the confession. When Tribune asks if they have any more to offer, Miss Martian and Superboy suggest that he change his decision and send a message to the universe about truth and justice. When that doesn't work, they point out that if the Tribune finds the heroes innocent, he'll receive more court cases... and more bribes.

Blue Beetle leaps in the way of Black Beetle's energy blast, saving his Martian comrade. Black Beetle infiltrates his scarab as well, but Jaime and his scarab are united at last and strike back. They destroy Black Beetle's scarab, destroying his armor. However, Jaime tells Aqualad that by tapping into the scarab, he's learned that Black Beetle planned to cover up the evidence of The Reach's covert invasion by destroying the planet Earth.

In Gotham City, robot beetles emerge from a lake and set up a magnetic field disruptor. It starts disrupting the weather, and nineteen other disruptors appear across the planet. As the heroes move into action to stop them, Captain Atom convenes a meeting aboard Watchtower. Blue Beetle explains that Black Beetle seeded them in multiple locations, causing the natural disasters. Each one is defended by drones and will eventually destroy the planet. There is no failsafe because Black Beetle never intended to stop them.

As the League and Young Justice wonder what to do next, Lex Luthor contacts them via the UN emergency channel. He explains that the UN have turned to him, and he has a solution. The League knows of Luthor's membership in The Light, and Luthor offers them anti-Reach software that will disrupt the generators.

As they wait for the new verdict, Miss Martian apologizes to Superboy for ruining their relationship. She points out that he's dating Wendy, but Superboy assures her that Wendy is dating Marvin and he's been running interference. Miss Martian is glad to hear it, but before she can say anything further, the Tribune returns. He drops the charges and releases the prisoners. Icon thanks Miss Martian and Superboy for their help and they teleport back to Earth.

Captain Atom and Luthor call the forty remaining heroes to Metropolis and brief them on the situation. Two of them will take on each disruptor, equipped with Luthor's anti-Reach virus. While one hero runs interference, the other will touch the virus container to the disruptor.

On Rimbor, the League are released and prepare to leave. However, Vandal Savage sends a galactic wide transmission declaring Earth off limits to all invasions. When Superman wonders why the aliens will take Vandal's threat seriously, Warworld enters orbit above Rimbor.

Lucas Carr coordinates the twenty teams from Watchtower as they move into position. When Lagoon Boy wonders if his teammate Aqualad trusts him, Aqualad points out that he trusted him enough to give him his position on team. Inspired, Lagoon Boy attacks the disruptor while Aqualad holds off the drones.

In Paris, Kid Flash delivers the virus while Artemis holds off the drones. As she prepares to signal in their success, Kid Flash kisses her.

In Dakota City, Black Lightning and Virgil plant the virus. As they succeed, Black Lightning offers to mentor the younger hero.

The other teams succeed as well but Atom confirms that there is a one extra disruptor in the Arctic. The Flash speeds there and Impulse joins him, but they discover that the disruptor has already activated. The virus is useless and an energy chrysalis starts to cover the planet. Luthor tells Flash and Impulse to run at superspeed to siphon off its power with their energy trails. As Artemis wonders if it will be enough, she realizes that Kid Flash has teleported down to Earth from Watchtower.

Flash and Impulse begin running at maximum speed, circling the energy vortex. They realize that they can't join enough kinetic energy, and Kid Flash arrives and joins them. The other heroes arrive as the chrysalis starts to dissipate. However, the scarab monitors the situation and warns that Kid Flash's slower speed makes him the weak link and the energy is focusing through him. Flash tries to loan him his speed but Kid Flash realizes that it won't be enough. He tells Flash to tell his parents and Artemis that he loves them... and then disappears in a burst of energy. The chrysalis fades away and Artemis realizes that her boyfriend is gone. Flash tells her what Kid Flash says and Artemis collapses in the snow, crying, as Miss Martian hugs her friend.

Later at Mount Justice, the League members arrive and are greeted by Young Justice. Aqualad tells them that the crisis has past, but at a terrible cost.

Artemis goes to see Wally's parents and tell them what happened.

The world celebrates its independence day, while the Green Lanterns escort The Reach to the galactic tribunal to stand trial for their crimes. UN Secretary General Tseng resigns because of his support of The Reach, and G. Gordon Godfrey is glad to take the credit. He also suggests that only one man qualifies as Tseng's replacement: Luthor. Captain Atom returns chairmanship of the League back to Black Canary.

Nightwing informs Aqualad that he's taking a leave of absence, and explains that he needs a break now that Wally is dead.

Impulse goes to the Watchtower memorial graveyard, wearing Wally's uniform in his honor. Artemis comes in and assures him that he's doing the right thing. When Impulse points out that she's wearing her Tigress costume, she explains that Artemis was Wally's partner and she needs some distance from that. Meanwhile, Robin and Wonder Girl welcome new teammate Virgil, who will be using the name Static. Virgil tells them that the other Reach subjects are retiring. Superboy, watching, notices that Robin and Wonder Girl are now a couple. Miss Martian explains that they finally decided to get together, realizing life is short after Wally's death. As the two of them start to kiss, Aqualad calls everyone to Watchtower.

The League and Young Justice gather and Batman tells the young heroes that they will now work side-by-side with the League because they've earned it. Aqualad immediately begins reorganizing and sends the teams out to handle a new series of crises. Nightwing, satisfied that the team is in good hands, leaves.

On Apokolips, Vandal brings Warworld to Darkseid and the two of them shake hands to recognize their new alliance.