Young Justice

Young Justice

'Young Justice' is a series produced by Warner Bros. Animation and based upon the characters from DC Comics.

In 'Young Justice', being a teenager means proving yourself over and over—to peers, parents, teachers, mentors and, ultimately, to yourself.

But what if you’re not just a normal teenager? What if you’re a teenage super hero? How much harder will it be to prove yourself in a world of super powers, super villains and super secrets? Are you ready to come of age in such a world? Are you ready for life or death rites of passage? Are you ready to join the ranks of the great heroes and prove you’re worthy of the Justice League?

The members of Young Justice—Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis — are about to find out. (Source: DC Universe: The Source)

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Prev: 2x20 -- Endgame (Mar/16/2013)

Young Justice defeats Black Beetle and The Reach, but discover the aliens' failsafe plan... to destroy Earth. Meanwhile, the Leagues face justice on the planet Rimbor.

Stephanie Nicole LemelinStephanie Nicole Lemelin
voiced Artemis
Jesse McCartneyJesse McCartney
voiced Robin / Dick Grayson (Nightwing, S2)
Danica McKellarDanica McKellar
voiced Miss Martian / M'gann M'orzz
Nolan NorthNolan North
voiced Superboy / Connor Kent
Khary PaytonKhary Payton
voiced Aqualad / Kaldur'ahm
Jason SpisakJason Spisak
voiced Kid Flash / Wally West



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Pretty decentRating: 3 likes, 1 dislikes

I'm looking forward to this series greatly. The tone is more adult than 'Teen Titans', there were no silly anime moments. The art is on par with late Justice League episodes and some of the Batman / Superman animated movies. Characters are a little immature (except for Aqualad) but still very capable superheroes. The adult heroes are sadly cast as the "we know better than you" antagonists but manage to calm down at the end of the intro 2-parter. Read more

Review posted on Thursday, December 2nd 2010 at 2:47 am

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2x20: Endgame recap: On Rimbor, the Tribune calls the Justice League forward and asks them if they are finished with their defense. Icon, acting as their attorney, says that they're done. When he realizes that they're not going to bribe him, the Tribune declares them guilty on all counts. As the League is taken away, Miss Martian, Superboy, and Adam Strange arrive to tell Icon and Hawkman that they have evidence clearing the League members. Icon tells them that they're too late... read more.

2x18: Intervention recap: On Warworld, Black Beetle continues to fight Mongul. Green Beetle appears and joins forces with Black Beetle to reimprison Mongul in a stasis cell. They then go to get the crystal key only to discover that it's been taken. The two Beetles prepare to guard the key chamber, although Black Beetle complains that the Reach Ambassador isn't interested in confronting the League directly. All they can do is patrol the chamber's perimeter since the League is inside... read more.

recap: On Warworld, the Justice League guards the key chamber. Meanwhile, on Earth Black Beetle complains to the Reach Scientist that the Reach won't authorize an attack on the League so they can take the battle platform. The Scientist insists that the Ambassador is handling things and, despite their setbacks, Earth's heroes have lost much more. When she worries about the one loose end, Black Beetle assures her that it's being handled... read more.

2x16: Complications recap: Deathstroke continues to monitor Miss Martian from the Manta Flyer and informs Black Manta that her work on Aqualad's psyche is progressing but slowly. Meanwhile, aboard the Manta Sub, Miss Martian and the disguised Artemis continue monitoring to their friend. They telepathically discuss what to do about the power-nullification collar, and Aqualad joins in, saying that Deathstroke can't learn that he's already been cured. Black Manta comes in and tells Miss Martian that she has 24 hours to finish curing Aqualad or he'll kill her... read more.

2x15: War recap: On Rimbor, Superman speaks before the galactic court, defending his comrades. He insists that they never attacked Rimbor, insisting that they were under mind control. The prosecutor, Galet Dasim, doesn't believe it, while the spectators wonder why the defendants haven't paid the bribes and cleared themselves. Superman admits that he doesn't know why Vandal Savage sent them there to attack Rimbor... read more.
Recurring Guests

Bruce Greenwood as Batman (19 eps)
Masasa Moyo as Bumblebee / Cat Grant / Scientist (19 eps)
Kevin Michael Richardson as Martian Manhunter (15 eps)
Crispin Freeman as Red Arrow (15 eps)
Nolan North as Zatara (15 eps)
Phil LaMarr as Aquaman / Dubbilex (13 eps)
Eric Lopez (2) as Blue Beetle (13 eps)
Yuri Lowenthal as Icicle Jr. (11 eps)
Vanessa Marshall as Black Canary (11 eps)
Jason Marsden as Bart Allen / Impulse (10 eps)

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Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Type: Animation
Genres: Animation General, Super Heroes
Status: Ended
Airs: Saturdays at 10:30 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 26, 2010
Ended: March 16, 2013
Episodes Order: 26
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