Yugi Muto has solved an ancient and mysterious puzzle known as the Millennium Puzzle. As soon as he solves it, people who own similar items known as the Millennium Items start coming after him wanting the Puzzle. The Puzzle is considered the most powerful item since it is host to a 5,000 year old Pharaoh. Now Yugi must stop the evil forces of power hungry people like Pegasus, Marik, Noah, Dartz, and Bakura before they can rule the world and he must help the Pharaoh to gain back his memories at the same time!

This show is based off of the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series and is an English version of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters.

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Episode Info

Final: 5x40 -- The Final Duel (4) (Jun/10/2006)

Dan GreenDan Green
voiced Yugi Mutou / Dark Yugi
Wayne GraysonWayne Grayson
voiced Katsuya Jonouchi
Amy BirnbaumAmy Birnbaum
voiced Anzu Mazaki
Gregory AbbeyGregory Abbey
voiced Hiroto Honda
Ted Lewis (2)Ted Lewis (2)
voiced Ryo Bakura
Sam RiegelSam Riegel
voiced Hiroto Honda (Episode 1 - 10)

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5x17: Memoirs of a Pharaoh recap: (The Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh! Summary)
Their plane lands and Tea buys some type of souvenir from a little shop at the airport. Then Marik, Ishizu, and Odion flag them down.
Odion drives them to a dome-like structure and the two ancient tablets are inside. Ishizu said she can’t go with him and Yugi, Joey, Tristan, and Tea walk down the stairs. Ishizu says that the pharaoh is beginning the journey to his resting place. Bakura watches and waits from above.
They walk up to The Tablet of Lost Memories, and Tea thinks about how Yami doesn’t remember anything from his past - even his name. Then she gives Yami a cartouche, saying that Pharaohs used to carve their names on them in ancient Egypt and when he remembers his name, he can carve it on the necklace. Tea also says that there’s a picture of a cartouche on the tablet, but it looks like the name was worn away. Yami says he’ll never take it off.
When Yami holds up the three Egyptian god cards, a bright light comes from the tablet and Yami leaves Yugi’s body and flies into the tablet. The part of Yami Bakura, which he snuck into the Millennium Puzzle earlier, comes out of the Puzzle and joins Yami on the journey. Then the rest of Yami Bakura leaves Bakura and merges with his other half.
When the light fades, Yugi says that Yami’s gone (And he took the cartouche with him). Then Shadi arrives and Tristan recognizes him as the guy in the bathrobe who saved him and Duke back in Battle City. Everyone’s surprised when Yugi tells them he’s the guardian of the Millennium Items.
Yami finds himself in ancient Egypt, a multitude of people cheering for the Pharaoh. A man tells him they want a speech and Yami waves and says ‘hi’. After that, everyone bows down, surprising Yami. Yami then goes inside. He’s again surprised by everyone bowing to him, as he walks to the thrown. Yami is very surprised to see some familiar faces. The man who has been helping him looks just like Mr. Muto, but his name is Shimon. And Isis and Seto look a lot like Ishizu and Kaiba. Yami also notices that all six members of his court have a Millennium Item.
Two guards are escorting Thief Bakura, when he collapses on the ground. Yami Bakura inters his body with a blast which knocks out or kills the two guards. Then seven mysterious people in robes appear on horseback. They cut off Bakura’s shackles. Bakura says he remembers this day, it’s the day the great pharaoh inherited the throne of Egypt. (Thief Bakura looks a lot like Bakura, only with shorter hair and blue eyes instead of brown.)
Two girls with scarves dance and the people in the palace watch them, seeming to be a part of a celebration for welcoming the new pharaoh to the thrown. Yami wonders if he’s really in the past or not, thinking that it’s odd that so many people look like people he knows. But Ishizu showed him that tablet at the Domino Museum and the person on that tablet did look like Kaiba, so maybe he really is in the past and everyone really did look like people from the future. Then a man hiding in the shadows above them shoots a dart at Yami, and Mahado blocks it. Seto orders the guards to capture the man. The other members of the court say to throw him into the dungeon, but Seto thinks they should have a Millennium Trail.
First, Shada uses the Millennium Key to read the man’s mind and he sees something. Aknadin uses the Millennium Eye to remove the monster which Shada saw inside him. Shimon explains to Yami that when a shadow creature like that is born, it makes it's host do evil, so the guardians of his court remove them and seal them into tablets. Seto then uses the Millennium Rod to put the monster in a large stone tablet. Yami wonders if this could be where the Duel Monsters game came from. When Seto sees the surprised face of Yami, he smiles at him. (I think he’s trying to impress the new pharaoh, and he thought he had when he noticed the pharaoh’s expression.)
Shadi says that Yami’s reliving his past, but it’s both a gift and a curse. Yugi asks what that means and Shadi says that he has to save the world from the same evil he did when he was alive back then. Tea wants to get him out of there, but Shadi says it’s impossible - the only way for him to leave is to win. Joey is upset that Shadi didn’t tell them about the danger, but when he tries to grab a hold of Shadi, his hand goes right through him. Shadi says that Bakura killed him in the past. Everyone is surprised by this and Yugi asks if he’s sure it was Bakura. Shadi says he is. Shadi says that Bakura wants to release a creature of ultimate darkness with the Millennium Items and take over the world. He also tells them that Bakura went into the tablet as well as Yami. Yugi and Tea isn’t sure if Yami can save the world again or not because the past events could change. Shadi says that there’s one way to go to the world of Yami’s memories - they have to enter the Millennium Puzzle.
Bakura’s in the tomb of a past pharaoh. He takes some clothes and riches, and a sarcophagus to give to the current pharaoh as a gift.
Seto wants to send the man to the dungeon now, but Aknadin says that they had already removed the darkness from his heart. Aknadin orders to release the man. Then Seto walks over to Mahad, saying it was his fault the man got in because he was in charge of security. Mahad confesses that it is his fault, but Isis doesn’t seem to agree. Mahad says to Yami that the Millennium Ring has been acting weird lately and he’s having trouble detecting things with it. He requests increasing security and Yami readily agrees, realizing how dangerous it is to have such a high position in society. Shimon whispers to Yami that they should go on with the celebration as quick as possible. Shocked, Yami tells him that he was just attacked. Shimon says that if they don’t, everyone would see how worried he is and it would make them worried as well. And the best way to hide those feelings is with merriment and laugher. But he really just wants to see those girls dancing. Yami looks at him weirdly, saying he’ll try. But right before they continued the festival, Isis says that she senses a great evil approaching the kingdom.
Bakura and his followers stand on a ledge, looking down at the city. As the words “To be Continued” appears at the bottom of the screen, he says “let the ultimate shadow game begin!”.. read more.

5x16: Spiritual Awakening recap: (The Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh! Summary and then the song)
Yugi asks what (Yami) Bakura did to Rex and Weevil and Bakura says he sent them to the shadow realm. (not really. He only knocked them out in the Japanese instead of killing them. Thankfully...) Bakura says that although he’s letting Yugi have the items back, he’s going to keep one - the ring. He says that he’ll give it back later, though; when the time is right. He also tells Yugi that when all the items are back where they belong, that a doorway to the spirit world is opened and Yami will be set free. Yami then takes over, thinking that Bakura’s telling him lies. Bakura tells Yami that they are more alike then what he believes, that he has to play a game to solve the puzzle of his mind, and walks away.
The power goes off at Kaiba Corp. - not too surprising because it’s storming outside. But then the computer screen turns on with Bakura on it. Bakura tells Kaiba to go to the roof with his cards and duel disk if he wants Mokuba. Kaiba takes off his tie and grabs his briefcase. Kaiba arrives at the 21st floor - the roof - and steps out of the elevator in his dueling outfit. Mokuba falls into Kaiba’s arms and he sets him down to the side while the two teens duel. Kaiba’s surprised when he realizes that Bakura’s thinking about a shadow game. But Kaiba tells him that he doesn’t dwell in the past, but looks ahead into the future.
Bakura plays the Duke of Demise. Kaiba then plays Vorse Raider combined with Shrink, causing Bakura to lose 900LP.
Bakura loses another 500LP because of the Duke of Demise. He sacrifices the Duke of Demise to summon Diabound colonel. Then he plays Spirit Illusion to create a second Diabound and attacks Kaiba’s Vorse Raider with it - causing Kaiba’s monster to lose 1800 attack points. Bakura attacks Vorse Raider with his original Diabound and destroys it. Kaiba loses 1700LP.
Kaiba plays Lord of Dragons and the Flute of Summoning Dragon to summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Bakura can’t use Diabound’s doppelganger to lower his monster because of Lord of D.’s special effect. After playing his Blue-Eyes, Kaiba finds himself holding Kisara in his arms, telling her that he’ll save her.
After snapping out of it, he thinks about how that vision’s similar to the one that happened in Battle City during his and Yugi’s duel. Kaiba attacks Diabound, but Bakura activates Spirit Shield - negating an attack by removing a card in the graveyard from play.
Bakura plays Pot of Greed and then plays Greek Tablet - trapping Kaiba’s Lord of Dragons in a stone until it’s attacked and when it’s released Kaiba loses 500LP. Bakura uses his Diabound clone to lower the Blue-Eyes’ attack to 1200 points. The original Diabound then attacks. Kaiba activates Attack Guidance Armor to make Bakura’s monster attack Lord of Dragons instead. Kaiba’s life points go down to 1200.
Kaiba plays Card of Demise - letting him draw four cards as long as he sends his hand to the graveyard in five turns. Then Kaiba activates Soul Release and removes all of the monsters in Bakura’s graveyard from play. Kaiba then plays Silent Doom to bring back Vorse Raider, and he sacrifices Vorse Raider and his Blue-Eyes to summon another Blue-Eyes. Then attacks Bakura’s Diabound with the Blue-Eyes, causing Bakura’s Life Points to go down to 1400. Bakura activates Mirror Tablet and Rebirth Tablet to bring his Diabound colonel back and also letting him gain half of the sacrificed Blue-Eyes’ original attack strength.
Bakura attacks the Blue-Eyes with his powered-up Diabound, causing Kaiba to lose 300LP and bringing his life points to 900. Kaiba plays monster reborn and brings back a Blue-Eyes.
Bakura has a way to win the duel, but then he notices the sun is starting to rise. He tosses Kaiba the Millennium Eye, telling him that he can find out more about his past if he went to Egypt. He asks Kaiba if he ever wondered why he had such a strong bond with his Blue-Eyes, then left.
Yugi is at the airport; heading to Cairo, Egypt. Tristan, Joey, and Tea come; surprising Yugi. They want to go to Egypt and help Yugi and Yami.
Their plane takes off, Yugi looking out the window... read more.

5x15: Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh recap: Bakura, being haunted by his Yami, runs inside of a church. After he’s inside, candles light by themselves. Bakura tells Yami Bakura to leave him alone and that he can’t force him to do anything, but Yami Bakura thinks otherwise. All of the stained-glass windows inside of the church shatter.
A younger Mr. Muto and two tour guides come to the Valley of the Kings at sunset. The guides tell Mr. Muto that the tomb he’s looking for is very dangerous, but he doesn’t show any concern. They make camp in the desert, and when the moon is high in the sky, Mr. Muto says it’s the perfect time to enter the tomb - at the stroke of Midnight. The guides are confused about why Mr. Muto wants to explore the tomb if he doesn’t want the money, and he tells them that he’s interested in games. He thinks the tomb holds the secret to the greatest game there is.
They enter the tomb to see a lot of skeletons laying on the floor. The guides see snake sculptures with rubies for their eyes, but when one of them starts to walk toward sculptures, Mr. Muto holds him back. He tosses his toothpick in front of him and darts shoot out of the snakes’ mouths, destroying the toothpick.
Then they come to a room without any doors leading out. The guides assume it’s a dead-end, but then they find a blank tablet on the wall. The guides get upset and start to think they came all this way for nothing, but when Mr. Muto ran his hand over the stone, he felt something carved in the rock. Then he notices some type of shelf below the tablet that has been blackened. After lighting that with his torch, the fire lights up the words and makes them visible. It says that it is the entrance to the resting place of the pharaoh, and only those who show their respect will live. The guides say they don’t see any entrance, but then underneath their feet, a trap door opens, revealing a stairway.
They come to a maze, more dead bodies littering the floor. The maze acts as a bridge to the other side of the room. Below the maze, purple clouds dance around as if alive. One of the guards accidentally sets off a booby trap and spikes jut from the wall behind them, then the wall starts to move toward them. Mr. Muto runs into the maze; but there are statues placed around the paths. They start to move toward him, their arms swinging swords. Mr. Muto realizes that they won’t move as long as he keeps his left foot in front of his right. As they make their way across, one of them gets nervous and accidentally falls off of the maze.
The next room has a bridge leading to the puzzle box. Once again, Mr. Muto goes first. As he was making his way across, the remaining guide shots him from behind and he barely was able to grab a hold of the edge of the bridge. The guide then walks across the bridge, but he doesn’t pay attention to the Duel Monster carvings all over the bottom of the path. One of the monsters come to life and eats him. Just when Mr. Muto is about to lose his grip, the pharaoh takes his hand and pulls him up. When he wakes up, he walks the rest of the way across and takes the box, saying he’ll always keep it safe.
Mr. Muto tells Yugi that now the puzzle is his. He then admits that he might have exaggerated just a tad in his story. Mr. Muto asks Yugi for another look at his three Egyptian god cards, and Yugi lets him see them. But when Mr. Muto says “How do I love thee! Let me count the ways...” then Yugi demands them back. Mr. Muto tells Yugi that whatever happens later, to treat every challenge as a game.
After Yugi goes to sleep, he has a dream about him and Yami. Then Rex and Weevil steal his duffle bag, wanting the three Egyptian cards. Yugi wakes up from the sound and follows them in the rain, only wearing his pajamas. When Rex and Weevil open the bag, they’re surprised to see the Millennium Items instead of powerful Duel Monster cards. Bakura finds the boys and his Millennium Ring flies to him. When Yugi arrives, Rex and Weevil are knocked out cold. Yugi finds himself face to face with Yami Bakura, in his pajamas, out in a storm.
(Episode To Be Continued).. read more.
Recurring Guests

Wayne Grayson as Roland (34 eps)
Eric Stuart as Kemo (19 eps)
Erica Schroeder as Dark Magician Girl (9 eps)
Ted Lewis (2) as Dr. Richard Goat (9 eps)
Jonathan Todd Ross as Umbra (8 eps)
David Willis (1) as Rare Hunter (7 eps)
Veronica Taylor as Kenta (6 eps)
Marc Diraison as Fuguta (6 eps)
Amy Birnbaum as Bonz (5 eps)
Jimmy Zoppi as Lumis (5 eps)

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Anime | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 11:30 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 29, 2001
Ended: September 02, 2006
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