Strike - Recap

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The episode begins in 1938 in a cathedral in Germany. Next a bunch of clockmakers are shown sitting inside the church and making clocks. A priest arrives and asks them to hurry. Another priest comes in and asks them to leave. He tells the other priest “the prophecies are true. The end times are here”. Outside, Nazi soldiers are shown marching down the street, with crowds cheering them on. The two priests walk down the street discussing about the end of times. One priest is skeptical and mentions how in every century the end of times has been prophesied and every time the prophecies have been wrong. The other counters by saying that, in none of the centuries has the “devil risen”; possibly referring to Hitler.

The two are shown disguising themselves as doctors and entering a hospital where the Nazis carry out their experiments on humans. They see a small baby in a cradle, in one of the rooms. One priest comments how the baby is “born of no womb”. The baby opens its eyes and its eyeballs are completely white with black specks in the center. The priests are terrified on seeing this. Just then the priests are spotted by a Nazi officer and make a run for it. The priests make good their escape, but one of priests drops his cross on a necklace on the street. The Nazi officer finds it. Next, one of the priests is shown talking to a group of people and telling them that they need to protect something that “lies below this cathedral”. The priest says that, if this thing falls in Nazi hands “it will be the end of mankind as we know it”.

The thing is hauled out by a bunch of men and loaded in a truck. Just then the Nazis arrives outside the cathedral. The Nazi officer who found the cross is apparently on the side of the priest and his men. He warns them of the arrival of the other Nazis. The Nazis break into the cathedral and shoot everyone in sight including the priest. The Nazi officer in the meantime, drives away with the truck, which is at the back of the cathedral. The priest before dying tells the other priest “not even god can help anymore, only the 12 can”. Flash-forward to present day Brooklyn, New York; a couple is shown flirting and kidding around. The couple seems to be in love. The man lovingly tells the woman he doesn’t want to lose her. “You are never gonna lose me Hank Galliston” the woman flirtingly reassures him.

The two it turns out are at a flea market, shopping for stuff. The man leaves, because he has to be at work. The woman continues shopping at the market. She is intrigued by a clock that’s on sale there. It’s the very same clock that was assembled in the cathedral in Germany. Hank it turns out is the editor of a magazine called the “Modern Skeptic Magazine”. His team starts pitching him stories the moment he enters the office. A little later he gets a call from Laila the woman he was with, at the flea market. She apparently is in a shop and is trying to hide from some people. She has locked herself in a room in the shop. Someone is trying to get in. She tells Hank about it. Hank is worried. She in absolute panic begs Hank to “call the police”. Hank asks one of his co-workers to call the police and send them to “Laila’s shop”.

He rushes to her shop. She tells him someone is breaking into her office. Someone breaks the glass of her office door and gets in. Hank then hears her yelling and the call disconnects. He arrives at the shop and sees it’s been completely ransacked. Laila is nowhere to be found. Later, Hank tells a cop he can’t imagine why the whole thing happened to someone like Laila, who simply repairs old timepieces. He mentions that none of the timepieces are missing; the only thing missing is his wife. At home, he and his two coworkers try to fathom the reason for Laila’s disappearance. He sees the timepiece Laila bought at the flea market lying nearby. He is surprised that Laila came home before going to the shop. Just then a couple of FBI agents pay him a visit. One of the agents shows Hank a traffic cam video of Laila being kidnapped by a man. She says the man’s name is White Vincent.

The officer says Vincent is a notorious mercenary, wanted by police the world over. The agent says the FBI is as baffled as Hank about the reason why someone like Vincent would kidnap someone like Laila. “She means something to him, I need to find out what that something is” the agent says. The agent gives Hank her card and asks him to give a call if he finds something out of the ordinary. After the agents leave, Hank checks out the timepiece that Laila bought at the flea market. Hank finds a “flawed diamond” hidden in the timepiece. When light passes through the diamond, its reflection on the wall reveals some sort of a map. Arron, Hank’s employee, concludes its some sort of a treasure map. Rachel, Hank’s other employee, plots the map. Hank in the meantime tells Arron that treasure maps are a myth created by Robert Louis Stevenson and popularized by Hollywood.

They can’t read the language on the map, so Hank decides to find someone who can. They have a priest read it and he is amazed. He says the language on the map is demonic, “reserved for the priestly elite”. The priest says the language died in the second century. Hank mentions it’s not possible as the map shows the western hemisphere the existence of which wasn’t known in the second century. “We are rewriting history books here…Hank” the priest says, visibly excited. While they are at it, Hank receives a call from Vincent. He basically tells Hank that he will kill his wife, if he doesn’t hand over the clock. Hank agrees to his demand. Vincent tells Hank where to meet him. The priest suggests they give Vincent the clock, but keep the diamond with them. Hank and gang later meet Beck, the FBI agent. The FBI prepares itself for Hank’s meeting with Vincent.

Hank before leaving for his meeting gives the priest the diamond, for safekeeping. Vincent manages to fool the FBI and Hank. Vincent sends them on wild goose chase, while he is shown waiting outside the church for the priest to arrive. A little later, he sees the priest entering the church. Hank figures out that Vincent is only distracting them, because he knows what he wants is with someone else. The FBI and Hank rush to the church. Hank rushes inside the church and sees the priest lying on the floor and barely alive. His neck has been slashed. Hank figures out, the diamond has been stolen. Hank decides to go to New Bartholomew, the place mentioned on the map. The place it turns out is near the Arctic Circle. He is going in the hope that he shall find Vincent and Laila there.

Hank meets Beck at the airport and she convinces him to let her come along with him. At the office, Arron sees a name inside the timepiece and finds out it’s the name of the clockmaker. He also finds out that the clockmaker named Norbert is still alive, is presently 93 years old and lives in Bavaria. Arron and Rachel decide to pay him a visit. Vincent in the meantime removes his lenses and turns out he has completely white eyeballs with a black spec in the center. Rachel and Arron in the meantime arrive at Norbert’s doorstep. They show him the photo of the clock they want to talk about. He is shocked to see it. Based on the coordinates mentioned on the map, a pilot flies Beck and Hank to the designated location, in a biplane. They arrive at the location and see some sort of a structure in the distance, covered with ice. They begin walking towards it.

Norbert in the meantime mentions that there are many such clocks in existence. He also says that, New Bartholomew “isn’t the place”. Norbert says, he was a man. He talks about the 12 apostles and how Christ entrusted them with the salvation of mankind. Rachel says that happened 2000 years ago. “No it was in 1938” Norbert counters. Beck and Hank make it to the metal structure, which it seems is a Nazi submarine. They climb inside. Norbert in the meantime tells the two how in 1938, 12 new apostles were appointed and were told a secret not even the Pope knew. He says one clock was made for each apostle and they all scattered to the far corners of the earth so the Nazis wouldn’t get to them. Norbert says he made the clock for New Bartholomew. Turns out, New Bartholomew was the Nazi officer who was helping the others.

Hank in the meantime finds the frozen body of the Nazi officer, in the submarine. Norbert on the other hand asks the two to find the clocks and asks them to do it “before the enemy does”. He says a storm is brewing, fueled by the quest for these clocks, it shall pit religions against science, country against country and this storm is called “Zero Hour”. Vincent in the meantime makes it to the Nazi submarine. The episode ends at this point.