Face - Recap

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The episode begins and Hank comes face to face with Vincent. Hank asks him if his wife is alive, but Vincent simply punches him in the face. Beck in the meantime is inside the submarine looking around. She finds an old journal and while she is reading it she hears some noise. She immediately hides the journal in her jacket. Vincent on the other hand brings Hank inside the sub. He brings Hank to the frozen Nazi officer who had helped the people at the church in Germany, and who was christened new Bartholomew. Hank is shocked to see that Bartholomew is his mirror image. “So how does it feel to look upon yourself Hank?” Vincent asks. Vincent recovers a pocket watch from Bartholomew’s jacket.

He then talks about executing Hank. Just then Beck arrives and points a gun at Vincent. Vincent puts his gun down and reminds Beck that if she kills him she will also be killing Hank’s wife, because he (Vincent) alone knows where she is. They realize they can’t kill Vincent. Hank then takes pictures of the pocket watch and its insides and asks Vincent if there is a hidden map in it. Vincent refuses to answer any of their questions. They come of out of the sub and Vincent who has rigged his own vehicle with explosives detonates it after rushing off to a distance. Hank and Beck fall to the ground disorientated. Vincent quickly picks up the pocket watch lying on the ground and rushes to the plane in which Hank and Beck had come there. Vincent had shot the pilot right after arriving there, so he himself maneuvers the plane out of there.

Beck and Hank are left there stranded. Beck calls up someone and says they are in trouble. Later, Beck and Hank are dropped back to civilization, by a chopper. Beck finds out Vincent made his getaway in a stolen car after landing. “He is gone” she says. Later, Hank arrives at his office. Arron and Rachel tell him they are ready to help him find Laila any way they can. They also tell him what they have found out. A little later the priest, who was earlier attacked by Vincent, arrives at the office. He is now fine. The priest assures Hank they will get Laila back. The priest looks at the pictures of the pocket watch and concludes that the images on the clock point to Thomas, the second apostle, who did not initially believe in Christ’s resurrection. Rachel feels if the first clock led to New Bartholomew this second clock will lead to New Thomas.

Hank feels they can catch Vincent if they can decipher what the spots strategically placed in the dial of the pocket watch mean. In other words, the spots point to probably where the New Thomas is, which is where Vincent shall be heading. Hank and team conclude that the spots are probably some sort of a celestial map, pointing to the placement of the stars. They join the dots and figure out that it points to a constellation. The time and date on the pocket watch combined with the constellation, reveals a location. The location revealed is Chennai, India. Vincent too figures this out. Hank later sends Rachel to get the journal that Beck picked up from the submarine, because he is really curious to know about the frozen Nazi officer, who looked exactly like him. Beck readily hands Rachel the journal and tells her, she too saw the Nazi officer and he was the spitting image of Hank.

Hank in the meantime is in Chennai. He has found out that it is in Chennai that Thomas was supposedly murdered. Hank also finds out that a church was built in the spot where he died. Turns out, it’s considered to be the holiest Christian site in all of India. Hank is headed to the church. From the journal Arron finds out that the officer’s name was Corbin Sterm. There is a page missing from the journal and its March 1938, “same day as the watch”. The duo concludes that something happened in that month which they didn’t want the world to know. Hank meets a priest at the church and on seeing Vincent’s photo, immediately recognizes him. He says Vincent was there earlier and was asking strange questions about nearby slums. He tells Hank, Vincent went into the slums an hour ago.

He takes Hank outside the slums, but before Hank goes in, he warns Hank that, there are people in the slums who would kill for a dollar. Rachel and Arron find out that Sterm was a scientist and was working on some research called the “Zero Hour”. They find out that all the information regarding his research is now in the possession of a private collector. They meet the collector. He has a really old recording, dating from that era which shows what the “Zero Hour” experiment entailed. They see in the recording that Sterm was experimenting on live human beings, to uncover the secrets of life and death. These experiments were carried out by Sterm and his men, in India. A little Indian girl is seen in the recording. She was considered to have supernatural powers by the locals; hence Sterm is shown testing her.

It was rumored that she could talk to the dead. The collector mentions that, there was no proof found if the girl really had supernatural powers, but after that she disappeared from the history books and no one knows what happened to her. Hank in the meantime is accosted by a couple of goons. Beck comes to his rescue and manages to drive off the goons by revealing she has a gun. Turns out, she was told by Rachel where Hank was. Rachel calls Hank and tells him about the little girl. She says the little girl could be the New Thomas, because it’s not necessary all the apostles were men. She also mentions that this girl had a birth mark on her face and if she is alive today, she would be around 80 years old. Beck says it would be blasphemy for many to even imagine that one of the apostles was not only a little girl but a Hindu. It would break all the rules she feels and a lot of people would kill over it.

Rachel and Arron find a hidden note left by Sterm for his wife, in the journal. Hank figures out the men who accosted him didn’t do it for money, because they didn’t take his wallet, instead they were protecting someone. He and Beck buy a garland of flowers and head back to where Hank encountered those men earlier. Sterm’s note in the meantime reveals that he wasn’t at all happy with what the Nazis were doing; in the letter he has mentioned to his wife that he isn’t a man of hate but a man of faith. Flashback to 1938 and Sterm is shown carrying a garland and going to the same place where Hank and Beck are now headed. Sterm hands the little girl the garland. Hank and Beck arrive outside a chamber and after a bit of resistance at the door they are called in by an old woman standing inside the chamber. The old woman has the very same birth mark on her face that the little girl had.

She is called Kahdiamma (standing mother) because several years ago she took a vow never to sit. Hank shows her Vincent’s photo and asks if she has seen him. He also asks her if she has a clock. She says she does have a clock, but was told to destroy it if she ever saw Hank. Hank is surprised to hear this and asks “who told her that?” The old woman revels that it was Hank himself, who did. She tells Hank the angel of death is following him. Just then someone fires at them and Beck fires back. They chase after the man, who apparently has taken a hit from Beck’s gun. They see it’s not Vincent, but a local who Vincent paid to distract them. Vincent in the meantime approaches the old woman who looks terrified on seeing him. She steps back and sits down. Vincent then begins looking for the clock, beneath the ground where she was standing.

He finds the clock, hidden in the ground. Hank and Beck who are outside hear gunshots. They see Vincent then rushing out of the chamber. Beck and Hank go after him, but in the end Vincent manages to escape once again. Hank and Beck rush back to the old woman who has been shot by Vincent and is on her deathbed. She says Hank’s quest could bring about the end of the world. Hank says he can’t stop because he will then lose his wife. The old woman passes away. They later see fish being gutted and the blood and insides being dumped into a nearby river. A part of the river because this has turned red, which Hank mentions, is the second sign of the coming apocalypse. The episode ends at this point.