Pendulum - Recap

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The episode begins with Hank and Beck rushing into a building. They climb a flight of stairs and Beck has her gun firmly pointed ahead. The building seems abandoned. Hank begins yelling out for Laila. In the end they find Laila sitting on a chair. She tells him “you have to stop”. Hank doesn’t pay much heed to what she is saying. “You don’t understand” she says and just then a number of locusts come, flying and they begin crashing against the windows. “He is coming back” says a terrified Laila and just then a huge swarm of locusts manages to break the glass and come in. Hank wakes up from his nightmare with a start. He is sitting in a plane and is about to land in New York.

Beck and Hank discuss why Vincent is keeping Laila alive when in the past he has never kept a hostage alive. In Paris, France, Vincent places a clock in front of Laila and asks her to fix it. Laila is in no mood to help him but he manages to persuade her by threatening to cut off her ears with a butter knife if she doesn’t comply. She tells Vincent she would need parts and tools to repair the clock. In New York, Hank tells the priest, Father Mickle, that when he was in India, a priest wearing a Rose Cross tried to kill him and Beck. Arron comments on how if the priest was wearing a Rose Cross, he was a Rosicrucian. The priest is worried to hear this. Hank arrives at his office and sees the main door is unlocked. Rachel, who is with him, confirms she had locked the office last night.

Hank cautiously enters the office and sees Beck and other FBI agents inside. He isn’t happy that they have broken in. Beck says they are there to protect Hank after what happened in India and also they want to be around the next time Hank gets a call from Vincent. Agent Willis, who is a part of the FBI team, informs Beck that facial recognition software has been fed with Laila and Vincent’s photos and if they cross the FBI’s 460,000 cameras placed globally they shall be spotted. In Paris, Laila is repairing the clock. Vincent tells her about how Hank is the “spitting image” of Corbin Sterm. Laila fixes the clock and the machinery of the clock rotates to reveal the following numbers and letters: “PR642”. She asks if it means something to Vincent. “That means I know where we are headed” he says. At his office, Hank’s parents have come down.

Hank asks them if they have any family in Germany from his grandpa’s generation. “Not that I can think of” his father says. Just then, the software gets a hit. Hank and the FBI find out that Vincent and Laila are in Paris. They see the footage of Vincent and Laila leaving a hotel in Paris. Hank notices Laila looking at the camera and making some gesture. He immediately asks Beck to look under every bed in the hotel room they were in to see if they find something. Beck asks him the reason for this. The scene flashes back to Hank addressing a room filled with people and Laila giving him a pep talk before he goes onstage. She tells him to spit out his gum before his speech. Once onstage Hank looks at Laila and she makes a gesture at Hank to get rid of the gum. Hank takes out the gum and sticks it under the top section of the podium. Back in the present, he says Laila made the very same gesture to the camera that she had made before his speech.

This gesture it turns out had become common between the two; she would use it to remind him to take out the gum. The hotel room is checked and underneath a drawer: “PR642” is found scribbled. Hank says they have to find out what “PR642 meant in 1938”. Hank’s father says it’s a phone number. Agent Willis finds out that the exchange code PR means Princeton, New Jersey. Father Mickle tells Hank he knows a few people who might be able to tell him what the involvement of the Rosicrucians is in all this. Hank and Beck head for Princeton Public Library to check for phone records from 1938. Vincent is already there with Laila and has begun looking for the phone records from 1938. Vincent finds an address that corresponds with the phone number. He rips the page out and leaves with Laila. Hank’s parents seem to be hiding something. His mother asks his father what they should tell Hank. “Nothing yet” his father says.

Hank and Beck check out the phone records and figure out Vincent has already been there. Hank notices that Laila has left them clues to where she and Vincent are headed via a bunch of books in a nearby bookshelf. He knows this because he and Laila used to play a similar game in a library and the game involved leaving clues on bookshelves via the books. Laila, through the books, has revealed the letters “IAS” which is a part of the address where she is headed with Vincent. Rachel finds out that the IAS they are looking for is Institute of Advanced Studies and it's located in Princeton, New Jersey. Vincent and Laila are already in IAS. They arrive at the Physics Department to which the phone number was registered in 1938. Beck and Hank, along with other FBI agents, also arrive at IAS and begin looking for Laila and Vincent.

Beck eventually finds out where the two were seen heading to. Beck and Hank enter the Physics Department and see a man standing there. They show him Vincent’s photo and ask him if he has seen him. He says Vincent was in a little while ago and was looking for “Albert Einstein”. Next, in Hank’s office, Hank and team are shown discussing the possibility that Einstein was probably one of the new apostles. They conclude that if Einstein was a new apostle he had a clock. Rachel finds out there is going to be an exhibition soon of Einstein’s personal possessions and amongst them would also be his grandfather clock. Father Mickle discusses with his contacts about how a Rosicrucian tried to kill a friend of his in India. They are surprised to hear this and counter that Rosicrucians are a peaceful sect. One of the other priests suggests it's probably this friend of Mickle’s who isn’t as good as Mickle thinks he is.

Vincent gets to Einstein’s grandfather clock before Hank and Beck can get to it. Vincent meets a little boy and tells him he has the “first three clocks”. The boy takes out a notepad and begins scribbling something in it in an unknown language. Vincent says nothing more and walks away. Arron and Agent Willis discuss how Einstein erased the last part of an equation written on a blackboard in his office. The equation was the last thing he was working on before his death. Rachel finds out Einstein’s grandfather clock isn’t the clock they are looking for because it was in his family for generations. She tells Hank that the clock he was given when he became the new apostle must have been hidden somewhere before his death. Arron and Rachel along with Agent Willis conclude Einstein hid the clock in one place he knew no one could find it. “His mind” Rachel says.

Agent Will later uses a device on the blackboard that would help them figure out what was erased from it. Laila tells Vincent how much Hank loves her and says she can see it in his eyes. The mention of eyes seems to unnerve Vincent. Agent Willis, using the device, manages to bring forth the rest of Einstein’s equation that he had written on the blackboard. They conclude that the part Einstein had erased was a “decoder” for the rest of the equation. Agent Willis begins solving the equation. Hank steps out for a bit and sees a post-it pin with a yellow tip lying on the ground. He picks up the pin and seems to realize something. He goes a little further and sees another pin lying on the ground.

The equation is decoded and reveals the location of the clock as: “Battlefield Park, Mercer Oak”. Arron says Mercer Oak was a tree half way between Einstein’s house and his office and he used to stop there every day for lunch. Hank continues following the trail of pins. Hank calls Beck and says Laila is leaving a trail. He tells her where he is. He then sees the last pin lying outside a building entrance and enters it. He begins yelling out for Laila and looking around. At last he sees a pin stuck to a wall. He sees Vincent standing in front of him. “I’m glad you got my message” Vincent says. Hank says his team has found the next clock and he can give it to Vincent if he lets Laila go. Vincent says he can’t do that and says he would like to get to know Hank better. He asks Hank how he and Laila met.

Hank says they met in Cambridge at the “unveiling of the Corpus Clock”. Vincent mentions that the Corpus Clock is the one with the locust on top that eats time, reminding us that time always has the upper hand and that time always runs out. “As it will for your wife, as it will for you brother” Vincent says. Beck enters the building a while later, gun in hand. Hank and Vincent get into a scuffle. Hank punches Vincent in the face and the lens falls off from his left eye revealing the fact that it’s virtually white. Just then Beck arrives and Vincent makes a run for it. Beck chases after him. She nearly manages to catch up with him when he runs past a door and latches it behind him. They then have a chat standing on either side of the door.

Beck tells him that he killed 200 people by bombing a plane a few years ago and her husband Theo Riley was on it. She thinks her husband was collateral damage but Vincent hints that he wasn’t and that he killed Theo deliberately. Vincent then walks away. Near Mercer Oak the FBI find Einstein’s clock. Arron and Rachel find a piece of paper in the clock with an equation Einstein wrote while on his deathbed. Father Mickle finds out that the sect he was asking about is known as Shepards and its job is to protect the holiest of relics. The sect is protecting the relics from people known only as “great pirates”. The little boy meets a woman and hands him the page from his notepad on which he wrote in the unknown language.

Hank and team unravel the equation found in Einstein’s clock. It reveals that Einstein regretted his involvement in making the Atomic bomb but he now regrets even more having found a way to not only destroy man but also god. The woman who was handed the note by the little boy looks at live locusts kept in a glass cage in her living room. The episode ends at this point.