Weight - Recap

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Melanie Lynch leads a mysterious meeting, insinuating to attendees that disastrous weather events and tragedies are a lead up to the Rapture. She states that because these events were not directed at the attendees, they are not tragedies but messages from God to stay on the path they are on. When they find the True Cross, she says, they will bring God's prophecies to reality.

Elsewhere, Riley is rushed to a New York hospital having been flown in from South America. While waiting for word on her condition, Hank watches television coverage of a massive hurricane in Florida. The doctor brings word that Riley is recovering and Hank finds her already awake and yelling at her FBI personnel over the phone to locate White Vincent. She turns her attention to Hank, asking about Vincent's apparent interest in him. Hank doesn't reply.

At the Modern Skeptic office, Arron arrives and Rachel tells him Hank is on his way. She inquires about his get-together with Paige, which Arron insists was not a date -- he wonders why the True Cross is so important among so many religious relics that people are killing one another.

In Sydney, Laila is visited by Father Reggie, curious how she is coping with officially giving up her life with Hank. Laila tells him she sympathizes with Hank, that she broke his heart, but it was worth it since the cross is safe now that the church has the first three clocks. Reggie tells her the elders believe it is time to complete the chain, collecting the remaining clocks and following the map to the cross to relocate it. Laila seems unsure, but Reggie says it is the only way to protect humanity since neither Vincent nor Hank will stop.

Back in New York, Hank arrives as Arron and Rachel are excited about a potential new lead to finding Laila. They plan to hack TSA security for x-rays of her bags, hoping for a clue to the location of the fourth clock. Hank tells them to continue the search, but feels he has to return home to investigate the mysterious double from the medical clinic footage. At his family home, he flips through photos of his childhood before speaking with his parents about the recent strange events. He tells them the things he has seen have made him question everything, including whether he is part of the family. Hank refers back to the family photos, showing that every event in his childhood is in there except for his birth and infancy. They initially tell him he is imagining things, but after revealing to them his doubles in Germany and South America, his father finally caves. His father explains that during military duty in 1967 Germany, he found baby Hank abandoned in a military hospital. His mother tells him it was the miracle they had been praying for, as the couple could not have children of their own. Hank is still certain that they are not telling the full story, leaving to find the full story. After he drives off, his parents anxiously wonder what will happen if he learns the whole truth.

Hank returns to the Modern Skeptic office, watching the footage of his Nazi officer double, Korbin Sturm. Just as he's about to leave to meet with a specialist in Nazi memorabilia, Paige arrives with the TSA scans of his luggage. In Sydney, Laila and Reggie look over parts of the disassembled clock, unsure of one particular piece (a hollow iron ball) and how it relates to the True Cross puzzle. As she continues to look into it, Arron, Rachel, Paige and Agent Riley examine x-rays of the same piece in New York. Laila melts part of the iron, enabling the removal of another puzzle piece hinting at the location of the fifth clock: Turkey.

Hank speaks with Nazi memorabilia expert Wayne Blanks, who doubts that he can be of any help in providing background on Korbin Sturm, but agrees to look into it. Meanwhile, White Vincent prowls Hank's parents' home, looking over childhood pictures and reflecting on his own. As he watches Hank's sleeping parents menacingly, he thinks back to being bullied because of his pale white eyes. He steals the family photo album before leaving. Back at Blanks' apartment, they reveal that Sturm had a wife who fled Germany just after her husband, but there has been no record of her since. Wayne seems enamored with Hank and his resemblance to Sturm, encouraging him to fire off an antique Nazi pistol to get in touch with his family history. Hank declines, and gets the name of the dealer which Blanks got all of the Sturm artifacts from.

At the Modern Skeptic office, the group discovers that one of Laila's aliases popped up in Istanbul, Turkey. They look over an overhead map of the city and match it up with the map revealed by the luggage x-ray, determining the exact location where the next clock can be found. White Vincent continues to reminisce on his childhood while flipping through Hank's family photos in his car. Young Vincent finally stands up to one of his bullies, bloodying the child in a rage.

Hank arrives in Louisiana to speak to the Timeless Treasures owner, an elderly man (Erik Haas) who immediately recognizes Hank and mistakes him for Sturm. He is defensive, putting his fists up in fear while Hank asks about Sturm's background. The old man reveals that he inherited the artifacts. Korbin Sturm was his father. He is less than forthcoming with further answers, walking away as Hank presses him. Hank talks on the phone with Arron and Rachel, now in Istanbul with Paige and Riley, who encourage Hank to attempt a DNA test to see if the old man is Hank's biological father.

White Vincent awaits the arrival of the messenger boy as he reminisces further about his childhood. Young Vincent questions why God made him the way he did, and his mother tells him he must accept who he is. The boy sits by Vincent as he relates that he found nothing of interest while researching Hank's family background. He turns his attention to the boy, inquiring how he got involved with Lynch and where his parents are. He is again mute, and Vincent discovers that the boy's tongue has been removed by Lynch. Vincent removes his contact lenses to show the boy what Lynch's people did to him, then asks the boy to do something for him.

In Istanbul, Laila searches the location on the map for the next clue while halfway around the world Hank learns more about Sturm from Haas. Haas seems to think Hank is his half-brother, but Hank tells him that Sturm did not abandon his family for another woman, rather he sacrificed himself for what he believed was a higher calling. He sees Sturm leaving his family as equivalent to Laila abandoning him, in that both believed they were protecting their loved ones in doing so. Haas is still angry, stating that after Sturm left his mother, she had to seek refuge from Nazi officers with a family friend in Istanbul, where Haas was born. Laila continues her frantic search, discovering that whatever had been hidden must have been removed, presumably by Haas when he inherited the house she is searching. Just then, Riley's group arrives to search the same residence, trapping Laila.

In New York, Lynch is surprised to see White Vincent at her home. She tells him they were supposed to communicate through the messenger boy only, and Vincent asks her how she could mutilate the child. He inquires about the purpose of the True Cross, stating that he does not believe a few old timbers are worth such trouble. She sympathizes, as his upbringing made him question God and the answers he really is looking for are in Project Zero Hour and his own background. She claims to hold all the answers he seeks, but will only reveal them to him if he finds the cross.

Back in Istanbul, Riley presses Laila for answers about the flight that killed her husband. Laila tells her some questions are better left unanswered. In Louisiana, Haas intuits that Hank believes he is his biological father, but that he's wrong as Haas is unable to have children. Hank takes a call from Riley, who informs him that the owner of the house, Haas, has a violent past. Haas sneaks up behind Hank and presses a gun to the back of his head, hanging up on Riley. He claims the clock is his birthright, and Hank won't take it from him.

In Istanbul, police burst into the Haas household with guns drawn on Laila and Riley's group. Laila pleads with the police to help her, claiming Riley kidnapped her while Riley reaches for her badge. Laila flees in the confusion, disappearing into the crowded Istanbul streets. Hank shows Haas a letter that his father wrote to his mother in his dying moments. Haas is overcome with emotion, and agrees to help Hank, revealing that he has been collecting several of the mysterious clocks.

Vincent continues to flip through Hank's childhood photos, this time noticing young Hank holding the same Russian doll that young Vincent was playing with in an earlier flashback. Meanwhile, Laila learns that Reggie sent the police to the house to provide the distraction she would need, as he knew that Hank would be right on her heels. She tells him that it was Riley, that the FBI knows about the flight. Father Reggie tells her if that's the case, Laila knows what she must do.

Hank and Rachel look over the remaining seven clocks which Haas found. Rachel tells Hank that Laila seemed indifferent to her actions and Hank appears hurt. Just then, Arron comes in with the shocking results of the paternity test: Hank is Erik Haas father. Hank is stunned, walking out of the room in a daze when he receives an unexpected call from Laila, who tells him that they need to meet.