Season 2

11 :02x01 - Make It Count!

The second season begins with 11 dancers competing. The week's theme is "Fame."

Source: Lifetime

13 :02x03 - Gods and Mortals

The theme is "Gods and Mortals" and the week's skill is power.

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15 :02x05 - Anything Can Happen

The week's theme is "Unconventional." The dancers battle Abby in a martial arts challenge. The winner's mom gets to decide which dancers land in the bottom three.

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16 :02x06 - Broadway Backstabbers

Judge Rachelle Rak leads the challenge for a "Broadway" theme. The challenge winner's mom earns the animosity of the other mothers by bragging about her child.

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18 :02x08 - Wild West Showdown

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19 :02x09 - Your Worst Nightmare

The week's theme is "Nightmares." The dancers tackle things that go bump in the night, while the moms' inner monsters surface.

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21 :02x11 - Down the Rabbit Hole

All of the dances are inspired by "Alice in Wonderland." One girl pays the price when her mom resorts to sabotage.

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