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Season 3

66 :03x01 - Appointment at Tara-Bi

The son of a convicted murderer takes control of the Tiki in a desperate attempt to free his father.
Guest Stars: Don Dubbins as Frank | Sean McClory as Shay | Susan Hampshire as Estelle | Ted de Corsia as Big Ed Brody
Director: Felix Feist

67 :03x02 - The Reluctant Hero

A wealthy young man abandons his safe, conservative life and joins a treasure hunt aboard the Tiki.
Guest Stars: John Alderson as Sean Casey | Susan Oliver (1) as Prudence Brown | Dick York as Markham Jones
Director: Norman Foster
Writer: Carey Wilber

68 :03x03 - Vendetta

After killing a man in self-defense, Troy must deal with members of his vengeful family.
Guest Stars: Kim Charney as Vincent | Diane Baker as Veronica Sanders | Rita Moreno as Inez Sanders | Wesley Lau as Paul Moore | Carmen Mathews as Margarita
Director: Justus Addiss

69 :03x04 - Queens Back to Back

Troy is recruited to be a judge for the annual Miss Tahiti beauty contest.
Guest Stars: James Hong as Lim Fong | Fritz Feld as Fontaine | Jo Morrow as Suzette
Director: Justus Addiss

70 :03x05 - The Closing Circle

A young man charters the Tiki to track down his aunt--and collect the reward offered for her arrest. It seems as though auntie was a collaborator with the Nazis during World War II.
Guest Stars: Celia Lovsky as Mrs. Michelet | Paul Mazursky as Vincent Michelet | Arch Johnson as Tom Wilson | Joanne Linville as Kay Wilson
Director: Felix Feist

71 :03x06 - Show Me a Hero

Troy hires an old Korean War buddy as a temporary deck hand but it appears as though the man might have ulterior motives for taking the position.
Guest Stars: Arthur Batanides as Brimmer | George Macready as Shepherd | Robert Foulk as Harris | Nina Shipman as Gail Shepherd | David Janssen as Scotty Bell | Steve Baylor as Ross
Director: Mitchell Leisen

72 :03x07 - The Pretender

Troy help a young girl locate her missing uncle but has to use trickery in order to do so.
Guest Stars: Anne Seymour as Mrs. Webster | Virginia Gregg as Kate Anthony | Cecil Kellaway as Hector | Mark Roberts (3) as Ralph Harris | Anne Helm as Susan Webster
Director: Robert Florey
Writer: Louis Vittes

73 :03x08 - The Fires of Kanau

Troy searches for a missing native beauty who rescued him during the Korean War.
Guest Stars: Henry Scott as Tanu | Barry Morse as Jarvis | Nancy Gates as Ellen Caine
Director: Justus Addiss

74 :03x09 - The Assassins

Two men plant a time bomb in the Tiki's hole just before it sails. The bomb is discovered and tossed overboard but the question remains: who was it intended for among the vessel's four passengers?
Guest Stars: Jim Boles as Jim Leitch | Henry Brandon as Totani | Peter Coe as Alex Chapman | Paul Tripp as Derek Ransom | Joan Tompkins as Cora Summers | Judson Pratt as Harry Summers | Madlyn Rhue as Sherry Drake
Director: Robert Florey

75 :03x10 - One Way Ticket

A mystery man gives Troy a one way ticket for passage on board the Tiki to a singer. But she doesn't know what's going on and has no intention of boarding.
Guest Stars: Andre Philippe as Sailor | Salvador Baguez as Tatili | Fifi D'Orsay as Wanda | Liam Redmond as Larry Blaine | Lola Albright as Nita Graham | Buddy Ebsen as Ben Curtis
Director: James B. Clark
Writer: Sam Ross

76 :03x11 - The Trial of Adam Troy

After a murder occurs on board the Tiki, Troy is wrongfully accused and has to stand trial.
Guest Stars: Ben Cooper as Doug Forsythe | Forrest Lewis as Henry Willoughby | James Bonnet as Ted Costain | Don Kennedy as Lt. Cunningham | Nancy McCarthy as Jay Lafayette | Raymond Bailey as Morton Forsythe | Margaret O'Brien as Phyllis Willoughby
Director: Justus Addiss

77 :03x12 - The Inheritance

A young woman inherits a small island from its sole inhabitant--her murdered uncle.
Guest Stars: Cathleen Nesbitt as Mrs. Carstairs | Charles Horvath as Raban | Edgar Barrier as Soovan | Barbara Eden as Ginny Grant | Scotty Morrow as Todd Grant | Paul Richards as Jerry Pine
Director: Ronald Weyman
Writer: Sam Ross

78 :03x13 - Survival

Troy must stop an irate husband from killing the man with whom his wife has been having an affair.
Guest Stars: Charles Bronson as Morton | Pippa Scott as Judith | Russell Johnson as Bowman | Werner Klemperer as Kuberli | Eileen Ryan as Alice | Gene Blakely as Grant

79 :03x14 - Hurricane Audrey

Troy is pressured by a self-centered actress to let a movie company use the Tiki.
Guest Stars: Richard Adams (2) as Reporter | Paul Micale as Reporter | Leon Lontoc as Native | Lawrence Dobkin as Nat Wilson | Janice Rule as Audrey Lee
Director: James B. Clark

80 :03x15 - Once There Was a Princess

Posing as a teacher, a rebel princess boards the Tiki.
Guest Stars: Jon Silo as Claude Baronne | Booth Colman as Chitral | Iphigenie Castiglioni as Tama | Sheila Bromley as Sylvia Simmons | Paul Hartman as Herbert Simmons | Ina Balin as Princess Sakindra
Director: James B. Clark

81 :03x16 - The Velvet Trap

A blonde bimbo lures Troy to her father's yacht where she holds him prisoner.
Guest Stars: Johnny Seven as Joe Perlotte | Bert Freed as Michael Dannora | Tuesday Weld as Gloria Dannora | Eloise Hardt as Lisa Waverly
Director: Mitchell Leisen

82 :03x17 - Policeman's Holiday

A string of jewel robberies force Inspector Bouchard to postpone his vacation trip to Paris.
Guest Stars: Marcel Hillaire as Bouchard | Virginia Field as Cecile | Annie Farge as Suzanne
Director: Robert Florey
Writer: Carey Wilber

83 :03x18 - Please Believe Me

An overprotective father threatens Rick Leyton's romance with Adrienne Crandall.
Guest Stars: Ronald Long as George Bellamy | Dayton Lummis as Charles Fouchet | Sarah Marshall (1) as Iris Bellamy | Jacqueline Scott as Adrienne Crandall | Jason Evers as Rick Leyton | Kent Smith as Crandall
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Gene Wang

84 :03x19 - The Quest of Ambrose Feather

A stowaway on the Tiki is blamed for the theft of a priceless feather cape.
Guest Stars: Jesse White as Frank Crayle | Christopher Dark as John Merrick | Reginald Owen as Ambrose Feather | Pippa Scott as Mariah Feather
Director: Sutton Roley
Writer: Gene Levitt

85 :03x20 - Build My Gallows Low

Troy is accused of killing a planter who tried to cheat him out of payment for cargo.
Guest Stars: Steven Geray as Paul Barolle | Philip Ahn as Chee | Berry Kroeger as Inspector Riebold | Freeman Lusk as George Hamilton | James Hong as Kim Fong | Peggy Ann Garner as Lorrie Hamilton
Director: Sutton Roley
Writer: Gene Levitt

86 :03x21 - The Secret Place

A ten year old runaway tricks Troy into taking him to the island of Mane Mane.
Guest Stars: Larry Domasin as Timi | Katherine Henryk as Ricky | Andrea Darvi as Kara | Robert Cornthwaite as Uncle Alfred | Dan O'Herlihy as Colonel Tomlinson | Donald Losby as Robert Whittlesey
Director: James B. Clark

87 :03x22 - The Beach at Belle Anse

On a tiny island, Troy recognizes a wanted murderer who's out to kill again.
Guest Stars: Phyllis Avery as Paula | Greta Chi as Tara | Julia Montoya as Runa | Victor Millan as Oro | Simon Oakland as McGraw
Director: Charles Haas

88 :03x23 - A Bride for the Captain

Frank Hoag, who's an old and much married friend of Troy's, tries to arrange a wedding for him.
Guest Stars: Arthur Malet as O'Toole | Maggie Pierce as Claudine | J. Pat O'Malley as McPheeney | Ray Walston as Frank Hoag | David Brandon as Bevins

89 :03x24 - The Dream Merchant

Charlie Vale, who's the owner of a worthless island, cons others into buying it.
Guest Stars: Don Ross as Joe | Arthur Peterson as Mayberry | Constance Ford as Reba | Patricia Breslin as Lorraine Mayberry | Larry Blyden as Charlie Vale
Director: Sutton Roley
Writer: Gene Levitt

90 :03x25 - The Baby Sitters

After setting sail on the Tiki, Troy discovers a stowaway on board. It's an 18 month old baby.
Guest Stars: Ben Wright as Dr. Jameson | Lilyan Chauvin as Fordita | Rusty Lane as Brady | Lee Patrick as Millicent | Art Baker as Brownley | Erika Peters as Josette
Director: Richard L. Bare

91 :03x26 - Blueprint for Paradise

Troy tries to persuade an island queen to abandon plans to build a fish cannery on her island.
Guest Stars: Bernie Gozier as Tapal | Raoul De Leon as Haramu | John Fiedler as Professor Henry Hoag | Pilar Seurat as Queen Victoria
Director: Francis D. Lyon
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 1959
Ended: April 01, 1962
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