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The Face and the Voice - Recap

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A well-appointed apartment. Mr Fairchild, a criminal mastermind persuades an ugly thug named Boulder to undergo plastic surgery for a "big deal" he is contemplating. Scratchy, a crook and comrade of Fairchild's watches. Boulder doesn't want to undergo the pain of surgery but changes his mind when Fairchild offers him $25,000 and 10% of the profits from the impending crime.

The Daily Planet. Scratchy prowls about the hall outside Perry White's office. Jimmy bumps into him as he leaves the lavatory. Scratchy tells Jimmy he's a shoe repairman and needs to pick up a pair of White's shoes. Jimmy leaves. Scratchy enters White's office. The crook opens a drawer in White's desk and removes a LP record. He then slips away unseen.

The apartment later the same evening. Boulder is having his facial bandages removed by a plastic surgeon. Scratchy enters with the stolen record. Fairchild tells Boulder he needs a voice change and indicates he's engaged a voice coach. The bandages are finally removed; Boulder has the features of Superman.

The Daily Planet. Perry White has discovered the record is missing from his desk. Jimmy tells Kent he suspects the thief was the man he bumped into the night before in the hall. Perry tells Kent that the stolen recording was one of Superman's July 4th speech. All are mystified as to why anyone would want to steal the recording.

The apartment. Boulder is practicing Superman's voice with the guidance of Hamlet, a voice coach. Boulder finally captures Superman's speech and voice. Fairchild suggests it's time for Boulder to get the ball rolling on the big deal by testing his new face and voice as Superman.

A street in Metropolis after dark. Boulder enters a grocery store dressed as Superman. He tells the grocery clerk to give him all the money in the cash register. The clerk hands the money over to "Superman". The clerk is puzzled.

Perry White's office the next day. White, Olsen, and Kent are discussing the grocery store robbery of the night before. Kent decides the Superman involved is a fake and heads off angrily to interview the store clerk.

The grocery store. The clerk tells Kent he recognized Superman but didn't see the hero fly away. Kent is mystified.

Kent's office. Kent tells Jimmy of the interview with the grocery store clerk. Kent says he knows the robber was a fake, probably a small-time crook wearing a costume. Jimmy hands Kent a newspaper. Kent reads an article in the paper that indicates the same amount of money stolen from the grocery was donated that morning to a Ladies Charity by an anonymous donor. Jimmy finds the events confusing and believes it was really Superman who committed the robbery and then made the charitable donation. Kent says the idea is ridiculous.

A jewelry store later that evening. Superman (Boulder) enters the store and grabs a few necklaces. The watchman shoots the crook as he flees down an alley. Boulder is slightly wounded. In the alley, Scratchy is waiting for Boulder with a change of clothes. Boulder dresses quickly. Scratchy picks up a camera from the pavement and casually departs. Boulder drives away in a getaway car.

The apartment. Boulder enters and tells Fairchild he was shot. He is angry and says he is quitting. Fairchild pacifies him with assurances that a two million dollar gold shipment is coming through Metropolis and a cut of it will be Boulder's if he continues the masquerade. Fairchild believes they have nothing to worry about because the recent robberies will keep Superman busy while the gold heist is undertaken.

A radio station. A newscaster reports the recent jewelry robbery to his audience.

Kent's apartment. Jimmy knocks and is admitted. Jimmy tells Kent a photo of Superman was taken by a street photographer who happened to be on the scene of the jewelry store robbery. JImmy tells Kent he is on his way to interview the photographer. Kent is puzzled when Jimmy shows him the photo of Superman in the morning paper.

A seedy apartment building. Jimmy knocks on Scratchy's door and tells the crook he wants to interview him about the Superman photo taken the night before. Jimmy recognizes the "photographer" as the same man who was seen prowling near Perry White's office the night the Superman record was stolen. Scratchy recognizes Jimmy as the reporter at the Daily Planet. Jimmy is slugged, captured, and tied up by Scratchy.

Scratchy's apartment. Jimmy is Scratchy's prisoner. Scratchy talks to Fairchild on the phone. Fairchild tells Scratchy Jimmy will be picked up and "ditched" very shortly.

Perry White's office. The editor and Boulder-as- Superman talk. Superman wants Perry to print a story about the jewels being donated to charity. Perry says he will do so but playing Robin Hood is not typical of Superman. There could be some dreadful consequences to the game. Perry wonders what is truly going on and reminds Superman he works with the law. Boulder flares up angrily and rushes away. Perry is baffled.

Outside Perry's office. Boulder meets his voice coach and quickly changes his clothes. The two crooks agree that Superman's goose is cooked and hurry away smirking.

A doctor's office. Kent is having a heart to heart talk with his friend Tom, a doctor. Kent wonders if he could be committing criminal acts while sleep walking -- acts like robbery. Tom assures Kent it's very unlikely -- he's simply not the criminal type. Kent leaves puzzled.

Perry White's office. Kent and White discuss the possibilty that Superman is crazy. When Perry tells Kent that Superman was in his office only moments ago, Kent hurries away. He enters a closet and takes off through the window as Superman.

A country location. Fairchild has Jimmy tied up and seated in the back of a laundry truck. The crook indicates the gold heist is underway and Jimmy's time is almost up.

Inspector Henderson's office. Superman tells Henderson that an imposter is loose and probably planning a major crime. Henderson is wary. He takes a phone call and learns the Metropolis Bank was just robbed of its gold. The men take off together.

At the bank, Boulder's voice coach pretends to be a witness and tells Henderson he saw Superman rob the bank and drive away in a truck. Superman arrives, the coach faints, and Superman tells Henderson the witness is only a stooge whose job is to send the police in the wrong direction. Henderson huztles the coach away as Superman flies away.

A country location. Fairchild is waiting for Boulder and the stolen gold. Jimmy is still prisoner in the back of Fairchild's laundry truck. Boulder drives up in a Metropolis Reserve Bank truck. Boulder and Fairchild begin loading the gold bullion into their laundry truck. When the task is completed, Boulder climbs into the truck next to Jimmy. The doors are closed and Fairchild heads toward the driver's side of the truck. Superman arrives and challenges Fairchild. Believing Superman is actually Boulder, Fairchild orders him back into the truck. Superman remains where he is and Fairchild draws a revolver. He fires at the man he believes to be Boulder. The bulllets bounce off Superman but puncture the gas tank of the laundry truck. A fire starts. Fairchild tries to flee but accidentally knocks himself unconscious against the door of the truck. Superman uses his superbreath to put the fire out. He rescues Jimmy from the back of the laundry truck. Boulder jumps from the truck. Superman captures the crook as he tries to flee.

Mercy General Hospital in Metropolis. Boulder is in bed. He tells Henderson he wants his real face back and that it takes more than a new face and voice to be Superman. Kent and Jimmy agree.