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Series 1

1 :01x01 - The Secret Adversary

Tommy Beresford meets Prudence Cowley, also known as Tuppence, after the First World War. Seeking work, they team up and call themselves 'The Young Adventurers'. Fairly soon adventurous work involving a smuggled international treaty comes their way, and they are plunged into a world of crime and intrigue while they search for a mysterious woman known only as 'Jane Finn' and an arch criminal who calls himself Mr. Brown.
Guest Stars: Alec McCowen as Sir James Peele Edgerton | George Baker (1) as Whittington | Honor Blackman as Rita Vandemeyer | Simon Watkins as Man at Astley Priors | Matthew Scurfield as Conrad | Donald Houston as Boris | Norman Hartley as Florist | Steve Fletcher (1) as Messenger Boy | Roger Ostime as Ritz Hotel Receptionist
Director: Tony Wharmby
Writer: Pat Sandys

2 :01x02 - The Affair of the Pink Pearl

Tommy and Tuppence are now married and have purchased a business known as 'Blunt's Brilliant Detectives'.

When American millionares Hamilton and Phyllis Betts have a priceless pink pearl necklace stolen while they are staying with members of the British aristocracy, Blunt's Brilliant Detectives are called in to solve the case.
Guest Stars: Arthur Cox as Detective Inspector Marriott | Dulcie Gray as Lady Laura Barton | Noel Dyson as Mrs Kingston-Bruce | Tim Woodward (1) as Lawrence St Vincent | Susannah Morley as Beatrice Kingston-Bruce | Graham Crowden as Colonel Kingston-Bruce | William Hootkins as Hamilton Betts | Ursula Mohan as Elise | Charles Shaughnessy as John Rennie | Lynda La Plante as Phyllis Betts (Lynda Marchal) | Fleur Chandler as Janet Smith
Director: Tony Wharmby

3 :01x03 - The House of Lurking Death

When a number of people are poisoned under the same roof, seemingly at random, Tommy and Tuppence investigate, only to find that it is unexpectedly difficult to find out who the killer is.
Guest Stars: Joan Sanderson as Rachel Logan | Michael Cochrane as Captain Dennis Radcliffe | Liz Smith (1) as Hannah MacPherson | Anita Dobson as Esther Quant | Kim Clifford as Rose Holloway | Louisa Rix as Mary Chilcott | Deddie Davies as Mrs Holloway | Granville Saxton as Dr Burton | Lynsey Baxter as Lois Hargreaves

4 :01x04 - The Sunningdale Mystery

Major Barnard is mysteriously murdered while playing golf and Doris Evans is chief suspect. Tommy and Tuppence decide to investigate.
Guest Stars: Denis Lill as Hollaby Junior | Emily Moore as Doris Evans | Terence Conoley as Major Barnard | Edwin Brown (1) as Hollaby Senior | Robin Parkinson as Landlord | Denis Holmes as Lecky | Martin Rutledge as Cyril | Dorothea Phillips as Waitress | Vivienne Ritchie as Girl | Jim Wiggins (2) as Ticket Collector
Director: Tony Wharmby

5 :01x05 - The Clergyman's Daughter

Monica Deane, who is a clergyman's daughter just like Tuppence, experiences frightening supernatural events at her boarding house and finds that her customers are being frightened away.

In despair she consults Tommy and Tuppence who decide to investigate.
Guest Stars: Jane Booker as Monica Deane | Pam St. Clement as Mrs Crockett | David Delve as Percival Smart & Dr O'Neill | Geoffrey Drew as Norman Partridge | Janet Hampson as Mrs. Cockwell | Bill Dean as Edmund Hove | George Malpas as Frank Mulberry | Alan Jones (3) as Gerald Rush | Elspeth MacNaughton as Bella Hove | Ben Stevens as Cockwell
Director: Paul Annett
Writer: Paul Annett

6 :01x06 - Finessing the King

Lady Merivale is found stabbed to death at a costume ball, and Captain Bingo Hale is arrested and charged with murder.

Tommy and Tuppence who had been at the costume ball disguised as Holmes and Watson, believe that he is innocent and make a few enquiries of their own.
Guest Stars: Peter Blythe as Captain Bingo Hale | Benjamin Whitrow as Sir Arthur Merivale | Arthur Cox as Inspector Marriott | Annie Lambert as Lady Merivale | John Gillett as Dr Stoughton | Anna Turner as Widow

7 :01x07 - The Ambassador's Boots

Tommy and Tuppence are called in over the mysterious affair of the American Ambassador's missing boots.

At first the case seems to be a very straightforward one, but things take a much more sinister turn when it is discovered that drug smuggling at a chic London beauty Salon is going on under the noses of the Metropolitan Police Force.
Guest Stars: Arthur Cox as Inspector Marriott | Clive Merrison as Richard | T.P. McKenna as Randolph Wilmot | Catherine Schell as Virma La Strange | Tricia George as Poppy St Albans | Norma West as Estelle Blaney | Jo Ross as Gwen Foster | Michael Carter as Rodriguez | Jennie Linden as Cicely March | Moira Brooker as Albert's girlfriend
Director: Paul Annett

8 :01x08 - The Man in the Mist

Tommy and Tuppence have been conducting an investigation in the manner of G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown, with Tommy suitably dressed as a priest when suddenly a famous actress is murdered in her own cottage nearby.

It seems as though the murderer has made himself invisible, but he (or she?) reckons without the robust deductive powers of Blunt's Brilliant Detectives.
Guest Stars: Linda Marlowe as Gilda Glenn | Roger Kemp as Inspector Jeavons | Anne Stallybrass as Dorothea Honeycott | Constantine Gregory as Bulger Estcourt | Christopher Johnston (1) as P.C. Bamford | Geoffrey Greenhill as Police Sergeant | Patrick Marley as Lord Leconbury | Paddy Ward as Barman | Mark Farmer as Page Boy

9 :01x09 - The Unbreakable Alibi

When Una Drake bets Montgomery Jones that she can be in two places at the same time, he sets out to prove her wrong, enlisting the services of Blunt's Brilliant Detectives along the way.

When the girl of his dreams turns out to be involved in the theft of some famous paintings, Montgomery sticks by her.
Guest Stars: Anna Nygh as Una & Vera Drake | Tim Meats as Montgomery Jones | Michael Jayes (1) as Peter Le Marchant | Preston Lockwood as Head Waiter | Gay Soper as Hotel Receptionist | Stephen Wale as Car Park Attendant | Elaine Wells as Chamber Maid

10 :01x10 - The Case of the Missing Lady

Intrepid explorer and fitness fanatic Gabriel Stavansson returns from his latest expedition abroad and finds that his fiancee has inexplicably gone missing. He consults Tommy and Tuppence at Blunt's Brilliant Detectives and commissions them to find the lady without delay.

Tommy and Tuppence finally track her to a sinister Nursing Home run by a doctor with a very bad reputation. Tuppence infiltrates the establishment in the guise of a famous Russian ballet dancer in need of peace and quiet, but things turn out to be very lively indeed.
Guest Stars: Ewan Hooper as Dr Horriston | Elspeth March as Lady Susan Clonray | Jonathan Newth as Gabriel Stavansson | Mischa de la Motte as Manservant | Tim Pearce as Muldoon | Susie Fairfax as Girl in Shop | Elizabeth Murray (1) as Hermione Leigh-Gordon
Director: Paul Annett
Story: Agatha Christie | Screenplay: Jonathan Hales

11 :01x11 - The Crackler

Detective Inspector Marriot calls on Blunt's Brilliant Detectives and asks Tommy and Tuppence to hunt down a forger.

Somebody is passing forged notes at the exclusive Python Club in Upper Brook Street, and Detective Inspector Marriot feels that Tommy and Tuppence would be able to go under cover there better than any police officer. It is a very upper class establishment, and needs special attention.

Tommy and Tuppence agree with alacrity; Tommy invents the phrase 'the crackler' to describe a forger as they are going through their Edgar Wallace phase at Blunt's Brilliant Detectives and he believes that this word has the right feel to it. Alfred the office boy also assists in enquiries, going undercover as a motor cyclist.
Guest Stars: Peter Godfrey as Maybrick | Arthur Cox as Detective Inspector Marriott | Shane Rimmer as Hank Ryder | Christopher Scoular as Captain James Faulkener | Lawrence Davidson as Monsieur H.A. Roulade | David Quilter as Major Laidlaw | Terence Hillyer as Chauffeur | Stan Pretty as Harry the Barman
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 09, 1983
Ended: January 15, 1984
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