Season 4

41 :04x01 - Season 4, Episode 1

A woman is attempting to get to Sydney to see her son's graduation, but after her flight is delayed, she is upset as she could end up missing the proudest day of her life. She ends up letting the staff know how exactly how she feels.

42 :04x02 - Season 4, Episode 2

Following several months of preparation for an interstate gig, a DJ shows up at the airport only to learn that his flight has been cancelled. A couple are looking forward to taking their first romantic weekend together and are unable to keep their hands off each other at the airport. After their flight is delayed more than once, the news manages to throw a bucket of cold water on their passion.

43 :04x03 - Season 4, Episode 3

A passenger is in Australia to film a big movie, but his 'filming' schedule means that he has missed his flight and he ends up telling the staff how famous he is.

44 :04x04 - Season 4, Episode 4

A girl shows up blindfolded with no idea what her friends have install for her birthday surprise. A traveller refuses to follow instructions from flight attendants. Somebody travelling to a festival in Melbourne has shown up too late to board his flight and attempts to sneak on the plane and after he's busted the naked truth is the only way out.

45 :04x05 - Season 4, Episode 5

A man traveling to Tasmania for a family fishing trip gets into trouble after he finds out he booked a flight that doesn't exist. Things also become heated after a man shows up late to check into his flight. A couple find it hard to pay $50 for their boarding passes.

46 :04x06 - Season 4, Episode 6

Tigeris left with no choice but to cancel a flight which has been delayed and as a consequence, will not make the take-off curfew. Angela and Tina eho became friends via Facebook three years ago meet for the first time asTina's getting married. After Angela arrives though, Tina is nowhere to be seen. A man becomes angry after he misses his flight to Sydney because he insists he has been standing in the correct queue for the last hour.

47 :04x07 - Season 4, Episode 7

Karl has just shown up in Sydney with a strange instrument, and after coming close to missing his flight, will he make it to his gig on time. A grandmother is upset her grandson's flight is cancelled.

48 :04x08 - Season 4, Episode 8

Kim is about thirty weeks pregnant and is traveling to Adelaide for her mother's 50th birthday, but after she checks in she is told that unless she has a medical certificate saying she can fly, she won't be allowed too. Richard and Chris are planning on taking their grandson Oliver home to Tasmania following a weekend in Melbourne. When they attempt to check in they learn that Tiger require ID and they do not have any ID for 5 yr old Oliver.

49 :04x09 - Season 4, Episode 9

Pablo has managed to miss the check-in for his flight and is not pleased. After he's told that he should have arrived two hours earlier and that the flight has closed, he causes a scene. Damon, Suzie, and her three children are going on a holiday to catch up with family, but Damon has a big surprise which will shock everyone on the flight.

50 :04x10 - Season 4, Episode 10

A father is looking forward to returning to Sydney to see his wife and his young children, but his flight has been cancelled and all other flights are full. Josie is desperate to get to Adelaide to see her sister who has a rare disease and is having a major procedure on her heart. After her plane is delayed there's a lot of upset and she can now only hope she will arrive there in time to get to the hospital.