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Season 36

274 :36x01 - Die dunkle Seite

The twelve-year-old Felix and his mother are randomly witness of a bank robbery. In the exchange of fire at the bank the mother is mortally wounded and taken Felix of the bank robbers hostage. Semir and Alex, who is friends with Felix, do everything possible to find the boy. In fact, they can free him a little later from the hands of gangsters and this arrest. But at the trial, the two criminals are acquitted. While Alex is angry and frustrated over the acquittal of his job in question, Semir tried yet to put the two bank robbers but the craft. He suddenly encounters a trail that leads him deep into Alex's dark past and he realizes almost too late that his new partner is tapped in the spider web of a mysterious organization...

Source: RTL

275 :36x02 - Jung, weiblich, hochexplosiv

A new case for the two Autobahncops: A bank was robbed. But in pursuit of a bank robber, a young woman is pushed onto the highway abruptly. She is wearing nothing but a thin summer dress together with an explosive vest. At the last second the hero can free them from the high explosive clothing. The young woman then served on a bizarre story: She claims that she herself had been forced to the bank robbery. Her sister was still in the hands of the actual mastermind - her hated stepfather, a former bank robber. Semir and Alex embark on a search for his sister. But soon is no longer clear who is and who is here victim offender. Work, the beautiful sisters on their own account or float they really in danger? What begins as a routine use for the highway police, becoming a - too high explosive case in which Alex must end ambushed themselves as living bomb a bank and Semir have to put everything on a map to his partner - in the truest sense of the word save...

Source: RTL

276 :36x03 - Die Akte Stiller

After a wild chase Semir and Alex stop at highest risk of a driverless car on the highway. Whose driver is broken behind the wheel dead together. The 72-year-old John Stiller has apparently suffered a heart attack at full speed. But the physician who determines death the spot has disappeared again in the next second. When the police ringing the alarm bells. Something about this 'natural death' seems to be wrong and actually find Semir and Alex out that there is a perfidious murder. This suspicion is confirmed when they visit the wife of the dead. Elena Stiller is at first glance a harmless pensioner. The death of her husband, with whom she was married 40 years, it is true to the core. But the supposedly stuffy housewife turns out to be a top spy in retirement. She wants to bring the murderers of her husband to the track and enabled their old cliques. The Autobahnpolitzisten, the course will also solve the murder case, advised promptly between the fronts of secret services.

Source: RTL

277 :36x04 - Die letzte Nacht

Alex and Semir hunt in the late afternoon after a sports car on the highway, when suddenly another car turns in the pursuit. It is clear that Lamborghini is not before Semir and Alex on the run. Despite this, both to arrest the driver, even if Felicia is ready to fight tooth and nail and the police have to endure a salted Romanian rant about himself. The attacker disappear, however. While Semir and Andrea to come back closer to a meal, Alex Dumitrescu Felicia tries to hear. Finally got to talk, it requires a lawyer, but instead of a statement, it occurs in conjunction with the lawyers to escape from the PAST. And also for the couple Gerkhan takes the evening an unexpected twist: Not only that, in their restaurant suddenly appear shady characters. In the parking lot in front of building, holding three dark limousine with diplomatic license plates just behind Semirs car. Dark-looking henchmen get out and inspect Semirs car. A short time later two of them follow Semir on the restaurant toilet and try to turn it off. Although he succeeds in the end, to tie the two, but Andrea and he are in danger and need quickly go to another location. But it's too late - there are already numerous terrifying figures in their wake. However, it remains unclear what it ever has with the mysterious chase up.

Source: RTL

278 :36x05 - Jump

Alex chases a masked bank robber trio. He manages to provide a bank robber and demolish him the mask. But the face that stares at him fearfully, Alex knows only too well. Alex can escape the bank robber and Semir conceal the incident. Alex determined instead on his own and ends up doing undercover in a circus stunt .

Source: RTL

279 :36x06 - Der Beschützer

Alex and Semir are involuntarily part of a spectacular persecution, makes as bodyguards Matthias light hunting of Russian gangsters. Despite the intervention of the cops, the criminals can escape. This did want to gain access to the villa of Matthias' employer. But light does not believe a mere drop in banker Gregory Brecht: He suspects that his boss should be kidnapped. Semir, who knows the ex-cop Matthias von earlier, believes this theory, and goes after her with Alex. My suspicion is directed against the restaurant owner Dimitrij Achmatowski. However, before anything can show the Russian clan chief, there is a second attack on the Villa of the Brecht family. The police can not prevent the little daughter of the well-off couple is kidnapped. A little later a horrendous monetary claim is one to which Gregory Brecht received first. However, the transfer fails and instead now gets the banker in the hands of criminals. Semir and Alex are left with empty hands. At the same time they come to a dramatic family secret on the track and too late they realize that Dimitrij Achmatowski is not their only enemy.

Source: RTL

280 :36x07 - Auf eigene Gefahr

Long Semir wants more contact with his illegitimate daughter Dana. The 15-year-old lives with her mother Nazan and her husband Tom Wegener. One day Semir receives a surprising call from Dana. They visited Brussels in a language school, but they can not enjoy the stay because she feels threatened on their way through the city. In desperation she turns to Semir. However, before this can find out more about the situation, breaks off the contact and his daughter is no longer available. The policeman is certain: His daughter was persecuted, but what exactly happened to his child? Dana seems to have disappeared from the earth. Alex urges calm, but Semir makes spur of the moment alone on to Belgium. In Brussels arrived, he manages to take Dana's track. But his sometimes intemperate search bring him into conflict with the local police. It is therefore not only arrested and transferred back to Germany because Alex can free with a fake document from custody him at the last minute. Together they set off on the search for Dana. When they find that the teenager has been kidnapped by sex traffickers to sell young girls as sex slaves, there is no stopping for Semir. In order to free his daughter, he explains the unscrupulous criminals merciless war.

Source: RTL
Warning: Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: RTL ( Germany)
Language: German
Airs: Thursdays at 08:15 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 12, 1996
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