Season 2

7 :02x01 - Spring Break Madness

Loads of troopers patrol the 25th annual Arctic Man festival in Summit, Alaska.

8 :02x02 - Arctic Force

Suicide rates are climbing in native Alaskan communities, and troopers race to save a woman holding a gun to her head. Meanwhile, troopers police the island of Little Diomede, located just over two miles from Russia in the Bering Strait. With temperatures of -40° and wind gusts up to 80 mph, catching criminals here is uniquely challenging. Troopers must fly in and land on the ice-covered Bering Strait, apprehend a sex offender, and transport him via snowmobile and plane back to the mainland.

Source: National Geographic Channel

9 :02x03 - Justice Below Zero

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10 :02x04 - Manhunt

Troopers attempt to locate a fugitive in Fairbanks. A racially-motivated assault is also taken a look at.

11 :02x05 - Shots Fired

A sled dog race is patrolled.

12 :02x06 - Armed and Dangerous

Troopers are stretched thin when calls overlap. When a possibly fatal motorcycle accident involving alcohol requires the attention of troopers, they must decide who stays and who responds to a call for domestic violence. Then, troopers head to the most remote and rugged terrains of Alaska's Arctic to check on isolated villages and enforce the state's strict wildlife regulations.

Source: National Geographic Channel

13 :02x07 - High-Speed Chase

Officers track a felon for over 150 miles in a high-speed car chase.

14 :02x08 - Crime Under the Midnight Sun

Officers crack down on some underage drinkers.

15 :02x09 - Highway Hijinks

Troopers are patroling Alaska's Seward Highway, which lasts for 127 miles on the picturesque Kenai Peninsula.

15 :02x10 - Operation Moose Decoy

Troopers manage to bust some moose poachers.

17 :02x11 - Anchorage Undercover

Troopers team up with the FBI to confront Anchorage's drug problem- taking down 17 suspects in one night. Across town, a known felon barricades himself inside his house, resulting in a tense standoff for hours. Meanwhile, the search is on for an injured hiker stuck halfway up a treacherous mountain. And troopers patrol Alaska's version of the Everglades in air boats to search for illegal moose hunters.

Source: National Geographic Channel

18 :02x12 - Vice Squad

The troopers engage in a 90mph chase until they catch the driver a gunpoint. The driver turns out to be dazed and confused.

19 :02x13 - Dazed and Confused

Officers show at the scene of a domestic dispute where they discover a gun-wielding homeowner. Some illegal drugs are discovered after troopers apprehend an out-of-control driver.