Alaska State Troopers

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 14/Oct/2009 Ice Patrol
02 01x02 21/Oct/2009 Crime on the Kenai
03 01x03 28/Oct/2009 The Wild West
04 01x04 04/Nov/2009 Frontier Force
05 01x05 11/Nov/2009 Drug Bust
06 01x06 16/Dec/2009 Alaskan Justice

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
07 02x01 09/Jan/2011 Spring Break Madness
08 02x02 09/Jan/2011 Arctic Force
09 02x03 16/Jan/2011 Justice Below Zero
10 02x04 23/Jan/2011 Manhunt
11 02x05 30/Jan/2011 Shots Fired
12 02x06 13/Feb/2011 Armed and Dangerous
13 02x07 20/Feb/2011 High-Speed Chase
14 02x08 27/Feb/2011 Crime Under the Midnight Sun
15 02x09 06/Mar/2011 Highway Hijinks
15 02x10 13/Mar/2011 Operation Moose Decoy
17 02x11 20/Mar/2011 Anchorage Undercover
18 02x12 27/Mar/2011 Vice Squad
19 02x13 27/Mar/2011 Dazed and Confused

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
20 03x01 04/Dec/2011 Beers & Bears
21 03x02 05/Dec/2011 Grizzly Showdown
22 03x03 11/Dec/2011 DUI on the 4th of July
23 03x04 11/Dec/2011 Spring Break Crazy
24 03x05 18/Dec/2011 Cowboy Fugitive
26 03x07 08/Jan/2012 Moose/Man Hunt
27 03x08 15/Jan/2012 Gun N Hide
28 03x09 22/Jan/2012 Midnight Poachers
29 03x10 29/Jan/2012 Storm of the Century
30 03x11 05/Feb/2012 Warrant Wonderland
31 03x12 12/Feb/2012 Helter Skelter Homicide

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
34 04x01 07/Oct/2012 Extreme Justice
35 04x02 07/Oct/2012 Knife Fight
36 04x03 14/Oct/2012 Alaska Chainsaw Massacre
37 04x04 21/Oct/2012 Shotgun Showdown
38 04x05 28/Oct/2012 Armed and Bootlegging
39 04x06 11/Nov/2012 Bloody Warrior
40 04x07 18/Nov/2012 Campground Crazies
41 04x08 25/Nov/2012 Grizzly-pendence Day
42 04x09 09/Dec/2012 Hostage Standoff
43 04x10 16/Dec/2012 Armed & Squatting
45 04x12 30/Dec/2012 Son and a Gun
46 04x13 06/Jan/2013 Drunk and Dangerous
47 04x14 14/Jan/2013 Fatal Inferno
48 04x15 21/Jan/2013 Crystal Meth Compound
49 04x16 28/Jan/2013 Trooper Stalker
50 04x17 04/Feb/2013 Deep Woods Standoff
52 04x19 25/Feb/2013 Hot Drugs, Icy Streets
53 04x20 04/Mar/2013 Too Much Pot
54 04x21 11/Mar/2013 Chopper Down

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
55 05x01 15/Sep/2013 Trail of Blood
56 05x02 22/Sep/2013 Loaded for Bear
57 05x03 29/Sep/2013 Bear Aware
58 05x04 06/Oct/2013 Smell of Death
60 05x06 20/Oct/2013 Burglars & Bears
61 05x07 03/Nov/2013 Hammered on the Holiday
62 05x08 24/Nov/2013 Carnival Chaos
63 05x09 01/Dec/2013 Wildest Calls
64 05x10 01/Dec/2013 Battling Demons
65 05x11 08/Dec/2013 Frozen Justice

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
67 06x01 10/Apr/2014 Guns, Cash, & Coke
68 06x02 17/Apr/2014 Meth, Knives, & Spears
69 06x03 24/Apr/2014 Burning Alaska
70 06x04 01/May/2014 One in the Chamber
72 06x06 19/Aug/2014 In the Line of Duty
73 06x07 26/Aug/2014 Too Drunk To Drive
74 06x08 02/Sep/2014 Cut in the Gut
75 06x09 09/Sep/2014 Backwoods Bust

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
77 07x01 11/Feb/2015 Home Invasion Manhunt
78 07x02 18/Feb/2015 Hairy Threat
79 07x03 18/Feb/2015 Extreme Drug Busts
81 07x05 25/Feb/2015 Fearless on the Front Lines
82 07x06 04/Mar/2015 Contraband and Kitchen Knives
83 07x07 04/Mar/2015 Alaska's Most Wanted
84 07x08 11/Mar/2015 NYPD to AST
87 07x11 01/Apr/2015 Cliff Top Chaos
88 07x12 08/Apr/2015 Drugged, Drunk, & Deranged
89 07x13 15/Apr/2015 Asleep at the Wheel

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S06 - #1 23/Sep/2014 Cuff 'Em Countdown
S07 - #2 01/Jul/2015 Ice, Ammo, Action

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