Season 3

39 :03x01 - The Long Chase

Heyes and the Kid get involved with Harry Briscoe, lately fired from Bannerman Detectives. After letting him 'arrest' them complications arise when an honest deputy is assigned to ensure that nothing goes wrong.
Guest Stars: George Keymas as Hank Silvers | James Drury as Sheriff Tankersley | Frank Sinatra, Jr. as Deputy Wermser | J.D. Cannon as Harry Briscoe | Larry Storch as Mugs McGeehu | Dave Garroway as Moroni Stebbins | Stephen R. Hudis as Boy | Jon Lormer as Proprietor | Tom Waters as Ranch Owner | Renee Tetro as Second Girl | Laurie Ferrone as First Girl
Writer: Roy Huggins

40 :03x02 - High Lonesome Country

The Kid is recognised by a ranch owner who has employed them as trappers. Hungry for the reward money the ranch owner's wife sends them out on a job but employs a bounty hunter to follow them.
Guest Stars: Buddy Ebsen as Phil Archer | Rod Cameron as Luke Billings | Marie Windsor as Helen Archer | Walt Davis as Clyde | Monty Laird as Bill | Clarke Gordon as Storekeeper
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Dick Nelson

41 :03x03 - The McCreedy Feud

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Guest Stars: Burl Ives as "Big Mac" McCreedy | Lou Peralta as Guard | Katy Jurado as Carlotta | Rudy Diaz as Man | Claudio Miranda as Priest | Cesar Romero as Senor Ernesto Amendariz | Dennis Fimple as Kyle Murtry
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Juanita Bartlett

42 :03x04 - The Clementine Ingredient

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Guest Stars: Alejandro Rey as Ramon Cordoba | Ramon Bieri as Ted Thompson | Sally Field as Clementine Hale | Joe Haworth as Tad | Ref Sanchez as Stableman | Cody Bearpaw as Indian | Mills Watson as Chester | Walt Davis as Clerk | David Morick as Hotel Clerk | Jess Franco as Guard | Jerry Brown (1) as Stagecoach Driver
Director: Jack Arnold
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Gloryette Clark

43 :03x05 - Bushwack!

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Guest Stars: Todd Martin (1) as Pete | Christine Belford as Ellie Alcott | Buddy Foster as Alonzo Taylor | Michael Conrad as Mike McCloskey | Glenn Corbett as Marty Alcott | Frank Converse as Chris Truitt | Charles H. Gray as Sheriff Wiggins | Mark Holly as Jake Horn | Eugene Shields as Phil Westerly | Ford Rainey as Teshmacher
Director: Jack Arnold

44 :03x06 - What Happened at the XST?

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Guest Stars: Geoffrey Lewis as Deputy Burk Stover | William Smith (1) as Deputy Orville Larkin | Ed Nelson as Sheriff Frank Canton | Keenan Wynn as Artie Gorman | Eve McVeagh as Woman | David Gruner as Boy | William D. Gordon as Reverend Siever | David Morick as Hotel Clerk
Director: Jack Arnold
Writer: Roy Huggins

45 :03x07 - The Ten Days That Shook Kid Curry

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Guest Stars: Edd Byrnes as Willard Riley | Shirley Knight as Amy Martin | Bill Fletcher as Doc Holliday | Barbara Bosson as Mrs. Schwedes | Ralph Montgomery as Clerk | Frederic Downs as Judge | Ted Gehring as Jorgensen | Bill Quinn (1) as Hotel Clerk | Steve Gravers as Bartender | Randall Carver as Young Man | Monty Laird as Stunt Double - Riley | Jimmy Nickerson as Stunt Double - Curry | John McDonald (3) as Mr. Shaeffer
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Gloryette Clark

46 :03x08 - The Day the Amnesty Came Through

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Guest Stars: Brett Halsey as Ed Starr | Lane Bradford as Ellen Anderson | Robert Donner as Charlie Taylor | John Russell as Sheriff Lom Trevors | Gerald McRaney as Telegrapher | Warren Vanders as Curly Red Johnson | Robert Nichols as Mr. Magruder | Jeff Corey as George W. Baxter | Charles Dierkop as Clayton Crewes | Sonny Shields as Black henry Smith
Director: Jeff Corey
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Dick Nelson, Roy Huggins

47 :03x09 - The Strange Fate of Conrad Meyer Zulick

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Guest Stars: John Kellogg as Meade | Slim Pickens as Sheriff | Dennis Rucker as Deputy | David Canary as Doc. Donovan | Michael T. Mikler as Fallon | Ninette Bravo as Dancer | Bert Santos as Lopez | Walt Davis as Player Number One | Rick Garcia as Miner Number One | Luis Moreno as Miner Number Two | Laurie Ferrone as Salvation Army Girl | Sorrell Booke as Zulick
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Nicholas E. Baehr

48 :03x10 - McGuffin

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Guest Stars: Clarke Gordon as McGuffin | Walter Brooke as Chief Agent | Darleen Carr as Kate | L.Q. Jones as Peterson | Jackie Coogan as Passenger Agent | Monty Laird as Telegrapher | Alice Nunn as Hotel Clerk | Jack Manning as Dr. O'Connell | Mort Mills as First Man | Allen Joseph as Ticket Agent | Chuck Hicks as Carson | X Brands as Roberts
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Nicholas E. Baehr

49 :03x11 - Witness to a Lynching

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Guest Stars: Ann Doran as Mrs. Simpson | John McGiver as Doc. Snively | G.D. Spradlin as Simpson | Barry Cahill as Marshal Guthrie | Brenda Scott as Cybele Snively | John Russell as Sheriff Lom Trevors | Kenneth Tobey as Sheriff Kimball | Dick Whittington as Telegrapher | Paul Schott as Conducter
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Nicholas E. Baehr

50 :03x12 - Only Three to a Bed

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Guest Stars: Dana Elcar as Sam Haney | Jo Ann Pflug as Beegee | Paul Fix as Bronc | John Kerr (1) as George Sterling | Dean Jagger as Mark Tisdale | Pepper Martin as Head Gunman | Laurette Spang as Emma Sterling | Michael Rupert as Tisdale's Son | Gary van Orman as Stage Driver | Janet Julian as Belle Haney
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Richard Morris (1)
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 21, 1971
Ended: January 13, 1973
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