Jailbreak at Junction City - Recap

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Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry arrive at Big Bend, hoping for a job which doesn't eventuate and finding themselves flat broke.

With the little that they have left they become involved in a card game, and when they are wrongly accused of cheating, trouble starts and the Kid is forced to draw his gun.

The local Sheriff has been observing them for some time. Impressed with the Kid's prowess with a gun, he offers Heyes and Curry jobs as deputies, and commissions them with the job of escorting some prisoners back to Sheriff Sweeney in Junction City. Sheriff Sweeney is unknown to them, so Heyes and Curry feel that it is safe to accept.

After having several adventures while escorting the prisoners, Heyes and Curry discover that Sheriff Sweeney has been replaced by Sheriff Curt Clitterhouse. This is extremely bad news, as both men are known to Sheriff Clitterhouse who knew them in Colorado.

Heyes and Curry decide that Heyes should approach Sheriff Clitterhouse and explain matters. Clitterhouse gives his word to Heyes that all will be well, but at the last minute double-crosses them for the bounty on their heads.

After being thrown in the cells along with the prisoners whom they had so lately escorted, Heyes comes up with a plan. Knowing that his fellow prisoners have $62,000 in buried bank loot, Heyes advises them to do a deal with the corrupt Sheriff Clitterhouse. Following his advice, the gang tell Sheriff Clitterhouse where the money is buried in return for their freedom, and for Heyes' and the Kid's freedom also.

That night all goes according to plan and the prisoners escape. However, Heyes and Curry decide to stay in gaol in the hope that they may be able to persuade the local judge that they are trying to go straight and are hoping for amnesty. Ultimately all ends well, and justice prevails.