Smiler with a Gun - Recap

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Heyes and the Kid come across Danny Bilson, a man who is as quick on the draw as the Kid. He is also a smooth talker, and very good at cards. While playing cards with Danny, an old miner called Seth offers the three men a deal. He has a gold mine in the Sangre de Cristo mountains but is too frail to work it on his own, so he offers to cut the other three men in on a share if they will help him. It will mean a lot of work but will be worth about thirty thousand dollars.

Heyes and Curry accept with alacrity, and Danny goes along with them. All four men equip themselves for the trek out to the mine, and for weeks they work in the hot sun until the goal of $30,000 in gold is finally attained. That night they have a celebration, but Danny is careful not to drink too much. The following morning Heyes, the Kid and Seth wake to find the gold and all the horses and equipment stolen. Danny has double-crossed them.

Seth knows that he will never make it home across the desert under such extreme conditions, and despite the help which Heyes and the Kid provide he collapses and dies halfway across the desert leaving Heyes and the Kid thirsting for revenge as well as water. Fortunately, they come across a small spring in the middle of the desert and thus they survive the trip.

Having reached civilisation, both men shave off the heavy beards and moustaches which have grown during their time working on the goldmine, but the Kid leaves his moustache on as a reminder that there is still a score to be settled with Danny Bilson.

Ultimately they track him down to a small town called Matherville where he has invested all the money from the goldmine into the purchase of a saloon. Danny is shocked to see them, but when he recovers he tells them that he will only give them $500, the only cash he has left after the purchase of the saloon. He also hints that he knows that they are outlaws, and one word to the sheriff and he will know what to do about it.

Not long after this, Danny shoots and kills a young cowboy in 'self-defence' in the local street. The sheriff observes this incident and says that he can't arrest Danny as the young cowboy started the incident.

Acting on a hunch, Heyes implies to Danny that the Kid will never give up, and that Danny's life will never be safe again. He and the Kid might be leaving town, but this doesn't mean that the Kid won't be back.

Danny panics and calls the Kid out, deliberately starting a fight with him. The Kid outdraws him and Danny is killed. The sheriff observes that the Kid acted in self defence, and they are free to go. Justice has been done and Seth can rest in peace.