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The Posse That Wouldn't Quit - Recap

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Heyes and Kid Curry have been tracked across the country for three days of non stop riding by a posse which will not quit.

Ultimately they give the posse the slip by hitching a ride on a wagon with Belle Jordan, who is riding back to the ranch run by her husband Jesse. Jesse is laid up with a broken leg, and Belle is trying to run the ranch and raise her two daughters all by herself until Jesse gets better. The boys offer to help, and for a while things run extremely smoothly, although the Jordans' greatest desire is to leave the ranch and return to Denver. They are worried that their two daughters, Beth and Bridget, are growing up to be extremely wild, and this is an area of concern to them.

Meanwhile, the posse still hasn't given up, and one day arrives on the doorstep in the form of the local sheriff. He demands that they hand over Heyes and Curry, and Belle is at first incredulous, as she had no idea that the two pleasant young men in her employ were the two notorious outlaws.

Heyes tells her about the price on their heads, and says that she ought to be the one to hand them in and get the reward, not the men in the posse. Reluctantly she agrees.

On her way into town to hand them over, she is suddenly ambushed by two unknown 'gunmen'. Heyes and the Kid make their escape while Sheriff Morrison investigates, expecting to find men from the Devil's Hole Gang. He is astonished to find Beth and Bridget Jordan armed with .22 calibre rifles.

Later, Heyes and the Kid make their way back to the ranch, only to learn that Belle and her two daughters were arrested for harbouring, and aiding and abetting the two outlaws, and also for attempted murder.

At their trial, both young girls are freed but Belle is found guilty and sentenced to three years imprisonment. Upon hearing the verdict, Kid Curry stands up in court and says that Belle and her daughters were totally innocent of any wrong-doing, and gives himself up. In light of this new development, all charges against Belle and her daughters are dropped and they are allowed to go free.

Kid Curry is taken to the local gaol and is given a cell opposite one occupied by a sleeping drunk. The drunk turns out to be none other than Hannibal Heyes, armed and dangerous. As they leave the gaol, with the deputies looked safely in the cells, Heyes glowers at the Kid and asks him why he hasn't shaved off his moustache as yet. As they ride away the Kid says that he's still thinking about it.