Something to Get Hung About - Recap

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Heyes and Curry have been hired by Hank Henderson to ask his errant wife, Sarah Henderson to return to him. She appears to have gone off with the very likeable Jim Stokely, and even Heyes at his eloquent best initially fails to make her change her mind, and return to her husband.

It eventuates that Hank Henderson is all right unless he has been drinking, but once under the influence he becomes violent and abusive. Heyes tells Sarah that her husband wants to change his behaviour, and she eventually agrees to go back to him.

However, when Henderson is found with a bullet in his head suspicion falls on Stokely. Both Heyes and Curry had rather liked Stokely, and find it difficult to believe that he would have killed Henderson in this cold-blooded and cowardly way. When Stokely is arrested by Sheriff Lindstrom in Henderson's home town of Amity City, both men feel that there is something very wrong. They decide to consult the only lawyer in Amity City, R.M. Foster, to arrange a defense for Stokely, but he is only interested in prosecuting him.

Heyes has been reading Mark Twain's Life On The Mississippi, and this tale introduces the idea of fingerprints as being a means of identifying a criminal. Heyes and Curry decide that they will steal the shotgun which was used to commit the crime.

Using a mixture of bluff and guile, Heyes and Curry are successful in unmasking the real killer of Hank Henderson.