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Alias Smith and Jones Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Alias Smith and Jones

First aired: Jan/05/1971
Writer: Douglas Heyes
Director: Gene Levitt
Guest star: Jeanette Nolan (Miss Birdie), Earl Holliman (Wheat Carlson), James Drury (Sheriff Lom Trevors), John Russell (Marshall), Forrest Tucker (Deputy Harker), Susan Saint James (Miss Porter), Dennis Fimple (Kyle Murtry), Bill Fletcher (Kane), Charles Dierkop (Shields), Bill McKinney (Lobo Riggs), Sid Haig (Outlaw), Jon Shank (Outlaw), Peter Brocco (Pincus), Harry Hickox (Bartender), Owen Bush (Engineer), Julie Cobb (Young Girl), Kelton Garwood (Outlaw)

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry are members of the Devil's Hole Gang, but it is the 1880s and they are finding that technology is making it very difficult to be a successful robber of banks and trains.

When Sheriff Lom Trevors finds that the Governor is happy to extend amnesty to Heyes and Curry, the boys jump at the chance. However, there is a catch - the amnesty must remain a secret for twelve months, and the boys must prove that they have earned it before it can be granted to them.

Thus - Mr. Joshua Smith and Mr. Thaddeus Jones are born.

2 :01x02 - The McCreedy Bust

First aired: Jan/21/1971
Director: Gene Levitt
Guest star: Mills Watson (Blake), Cesar Romero (Armendariz), Micil Murphy (Delgado), Burl Ives (Big Mac McCreedy), Orville Sherman (Hank), Charles Wagenheim (Bartender), Edward Andrews (Peterson), Duane Grey (Sheriff), Rudy Diaz (Guard)

Two powerful men have a long running feud concerning the ownership of a Roman bust of Julius Caesar and a strip of land.

Heyes and Curry are press-ganged into stealing the bust of Julius Caesar by one of the men, but then find themselves on the horns of a dilemma when they find that the other man has a moral point of view also.

3 :01x03 - Exit from Wickenburg

First aired: Jan/28/1971
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Guest star: Susan Strasberg (Mary Cunningham), Ford Rainey (Warren Epps), Slim Pickens (Mike), Pernell Roberts (Sam Finrock), Mark Lenard (Jim Plummer), Dan Kemp (Al Gorman), Paul Kent (Ben Morrison), Amzie Strickland (Girl), Lew Brown (Frank Johnson), Robert Gooden (First Cowboy), Ross Sherman (Second Cowboy), Dennis McCarthy (Dealer), Michael Bow (Young Cowboy), Jerry Harper (Second Player), Johnny Lee (Tommy Cunningham)

Heyes and Curry find employment in the gambling saloon at Wickenburg, but then find that the widow who is employing them seems to want to get rid of them despite the fact that they are doing a very good job.

Heyes suspects that somebody else is behind her sudden change of mind.

4 :01x04 - Wrong Train to Brimstone

First aired: Feb/04/1971
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Guest star: William Windom (Jeremiah Daley), William Mims (Grady), J. Pat O'Malley (H.T. McDuff), Harry Hickox (Strothers), J.D. Cannon (Harry Briscoe), William Bryant (Fred Gaines), Robert Gibbons (Depot Clerk), William Christopher (Telegrapher), Jon Lormer (Farmer), Beth Bickell (Sara Blaine)

Heyes and Curry unwittingly - and unlawfully - gain seats on a train which is full of Bannerman detectives who are out to catch the Devil's Hole Gang for once and for all.

This episode introduces Detective Harry Briscoe, a likeable antagonist, who appeared in a couple of episodes of the series.

5 :01x05 - The Girl in Boxcar #3

First aired: Feb/11/1971
Director: Leslie H. Martinson
Guest star: Alan Hale, Jr. (Andrew J. Greer), Jack Garner (Stacey), John Larch (Griffin), Raymond Guth (Farmer), Royal Dano (John Lambert), Conlan Carter (Breen), Michael Carr (Briggs)

The Kid is commissioned to deliver $50,000 in bank notes to a town some distance away. There is some pursuit involved, so Heyes acts as a decoy.

The Kid finds himself riding the trains, and it is here that he meets Annabelle, a runaway girl who is pretending to be much more worldly than she actually is.

6 :01x06 - The Great Shell Game

First aired: Feb/18/1971
Director: Richard Benedict
Guest star: Sam Jaffe (Dr. Sylvester), Diana Muldaur (Mrs. Grace Turner), Peter Breck (Charles Morgan)

Grace Turner double crosses the Kid when he is in Mexico on business and gets the $10,000 reward for his capture.

However, she regrets her action as she finds that she has fallen in love with the Kid and later breaks him out of prison. This has the unfortunate effect of making it look as though Heyes and Curry were involved in collecting their own reward money.

Heyes sets up an elaborate 'sting' with Soapy Saunders called The Big Store to get the money back from Grace and thus to clear his and the Kid's names.

7 :01x07 - Return to Devil's Hole

First aired: Feb/25/1971
Director: Bruce Kessler
Guest star: Brett Halsey (Hamilton), Fernando Lamas (Big Jim Santana), Diana Hyland (Clara Phillips), Dennis Fimple (Kyle), Lee De Broux (Hardcase), Sid Haig (Merkle), Jon Lormer (Second Desk Clerk), Booth Colman (Carlton), Charlie Briggs (Red Mattson), Robert Williams (Station Agent), Bill McKinney (Lobo)

Clara Phillips is a woman with a mission - she wants to visit the Devil's Hole Gang hideout where she has reason to believe that her errant husband is hiding. But can this really be true?

Heyes has his doubts, but he takes her there, neverthelesss.

8 :01x08 - A Fistful of Diamonds

First aired: Mar/04/1971
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Guest star: Ken Scott (Ben Morgan), John McGiver (August Binford), Michele Carey (Betsy Jamison), Sam Jaffe (Dr. Sylvester (Soapy Saunders)), Mike Road (Sheriff Lom Trevors), Paul Sorenson (Oliver Bristow), Clarke Gordon (Charlie Wells), Lou Wagner (Butler)

August Binford is a crooked Bank Manager who robs his own bank and murders his assistant. The description he gives to the sheriff matches Heyes and the Kid's wanted posters, so now they find that there is a charge of murder against their names.

Enlisting the aid of Soapy Saunders once again, Heyes and the Kid embark on a complex fraud which involves salting a diamond mine, and which relies heavily on the greed of Bank Managers.

9 :01x09 - Stagecoach Seven

First aired: Mar/11/1971
Director: Richard Benedict
Guest star: Keenan Wynn (Charlie Utley), Steve Ihnat (Harry Downs), L.Q. Jones (Clint Weaver), Dana Elcar (Benjamin T. Bowers), John Kellogg (Joe), Mitzi Hoag (Winifred Bowers), Angela Clarke (Hannah Utley), Randolph Mantooth (Dan Loomis), Sallie Shockley (Ellen Loomis), Geoffrey Lewis (Patch), Nick Benedict (Phil), Bernard Greene (Station Master), Harold 'Hal' Frizzell (Weaver's Thug)

A stationmaster takes Heyes and the Kid prisoner, but is then forced to fight a gang of outlaws who are also after the twenty thousand dollar reward money on Heyes' and the Kid's heads.

10 :01x10 - The Man Who Murdered Himself

First aired: Mar/18/1971
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Guest star: Juliet Mills (Julia Finney), Patrick Macnee (Norman Alexander), Slim Pickens (Sheriff Benton), Charles Davis (Kevin Finney), Dennis Fimple (Kyle), Bill McKinney (Lobo (Lobo Riggs)), Don Keefer (Dr. Hiram Wilson), Maurice Hill (Miles Parker), Walter Barnes (Deputy (Deputy Fred)), Harry Northup (Hank)

Heyes is hired as a guide by two Englishmen who are searching for a tribe of giant redheaded Indians rumored to have lived in the Devil's Hole area.

While Heyes dodges danger in the Devil's Hole area, the Kid drives a wagon load of dynamite across some very rough countryside indeed.

11 :01x11 - The Root of It All

First aired: Mar/25/1971
Writer: Howard Browne
Director: Barry Shear
Guest star: Mills Watson (Squint Simpson), Victoria Thompson (Margaret Chapman), Logan Ramsey (Oscar Rosewood), Judy Carne (Leslie O'Hara), Tom Ewell (Deputy Treadwell), Meg Wyllie (Prudence Palmer), Dick Crockett (Lefty Gooch), Walt Davis (Sheriff Brewster), Jerome Cowan (Waldo Hennessy), Frank Arno (Phil Laudermilk), Chuck Roberson (Stage Driver), C. Elliott Montgomery (Jenson), Read Morgan (Conductor)

Heyes and the Kid are on a stagecoach when it is robbed by a gang. A young lady on the stage is extremely anxious to retrieve a letter which was stolen in the robbery so Heyes and the Kid offer to get it for her.

The letter turns out to be a treasure map which leads Heyes and the Kid to some real buried treasure.

12 :01x12 - The Fifth Victim

First aired: Apr/01/1971
Director: Fernando Lamas
Guest star: Joseph Campanella (Jake Carlson), Ramon Bieri (Sheriff Moody), Bill Quinn (Doctor), Woodrow Parfrey (Sam Winters), Sharon Acker (Rachel Carlson), Boyd "Red" Morgan (Augie Helms), Sean Garrison (Harvey Bishop), Frederic Downs (Judge Peters), Lindsay Workman (Minister), Dennis Robertson (Deputy), Barbara Rhoades (Helen), George Chandler (Bartender)

Heyes and the Kid become involved in a poker game in which all of the participants end up being murdered, one by one.

After Heyes is shot, it is up to the Kid to find out who is behind the murders.

13 :01x13 - Journey from San Juan

First aired: Apr/08/1971
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Guest star: Susan Oliver (Miss Blanche Graham), Joaquin Martinez (Carlos), Nico Minardos (El Clavo), Curt Conway (McKendricks), Med Flory (Marshal), Claudine Longet (Michelle Monet), Dub Taylor (Johnson), Gregory Sierra (Juan)

Heyes and the Kid tread a fine line in diplomacy whilst herding cattle in Mexico as a cover for other activities which involve an aggressive Mexican bandit and a saloon owner.

14 :01x14 - Never Trust an Honest Man

First aired: Apr/15/1971
Writer: Philip DeGuere
Director: Douglas Heyes
Guest star: Burt Mustin (Jeweler), Marj Dusay (Christine McNeice), Robert Donner (Preacher), Richard Anderson (James Quirt), Bill Fletcher (Logan), Michael Carr (Hank), Severn Darden (Oscar Harlenjen/Alan Harlenjen), Glenn Dixon (Butler), Ford Rainey (Mr. McNeice), Robert Bruce Lang (Carl)

Heyes and the Kid are travelling on a train when they get involved in a poker game with Harlingen, a railroad magnate. Unfortunately Heyes' bag gets mixed up with Harlingen's secretary's bag which is identical.

When they discover the mistake they also find a fortune in jewels hidden in a Bible. With good intentions they take the jewels back to Harlingen, who is extremely ungrateful when he finds that they are copies.

15 :01x15 - The Legacy of Charlie O'Rourke

First aired: Apr/22/1971
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Guest star: Erik Holland (Kurt Schmidt), Guy Raymond (Sheriff Carver), Joan Hackett (Alice Banion), Billy Green Bush (Charlie O'Rourke), J.D. Cannon (Harry Briscoe), Hank Underwood (Vic), Steve Gravers (Parson), Gary van Orman (Clyde)

Riding into Browntown, Heyes and the Kid hear their names being called from the local jail. It is Charlie O'Rourke, sentenced to hang the next morning and anxious to let them know where he has buried a hoard of stolen gold.

Heyes and the Kid are not interested as it might affect their amnesty, but the local saloon girl is extremely interested, spending Charlie's last hours with him, singing and chatting. Another interested party is Harry Briscoe whom Heyes and the Kid had met on a train carrying Bannerman detectives, but who appears to have since become a little bit corrupt.

16 :02x01 - The Day They Hanged Kid Curry

First aired: Sep/16/1971
Director: Barry Shear
Guest star: Slim Pickens (Sheriff Whittaker), Earl Holliman (Wheat Carlson), Robert Morse (Fred Philpotts), Walter Brennan (Silky O'Sullivan), Belinda Montgomery (Penny Roach), Mickey Shaughnessy (Deputy Hollis), Dennis Fimple (Kyle Murtry), Henry Jones (Judge Carter), Paul Fix (Tom Hansen), Frank Maxwell (Defense Attorney), Amzie Strickland (Miss Buckley), Read Morgan (Lobo), Booth Colman (Telegrapher), C. Elliott Montgomery (Deputy Collie), Sid Haig (Griffin)

A young man claiming to be Kid Curry is going to be hanged for murder.

Curry must clear his name if he wishes to acquire an amnesty.

17 :02x02 - How to Rob a Bank in One Hard Lesson

First aired: Sep/23/1971
Director: Alexander Singer
Guest star: Greg Mullavy (Deputy Lee Harper), Joanna Barnes (Janet Judson), Karen Machon (Lorraine), Jack Cassidy (Harry Wagoner), Bobby Bass (Lester Wilkey)

Harry Wagoner is a small time criminal who decides to use Heyes' expertise at safe breaking in order to rob a bank.

Harry enlists the aid of two women who manage to abduct both outlaws. Heyes is forced to help Harry blow a safe while Curry endures the attentions of the erratic Lorraine.

18 :02x03 - Jailbreak at Junction City

First aired: Sep/30/1971
Writer: Roy Huggins
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Guest star: Kenneth Tobey (Sheriff Slocum), Thomas Bellin (Springer), Jack Albertson (Judge Handley), George Montgomery (Clitterhouse), Bryan Montgomery (Johnny), James Wainwright (Ribs Johnson), Angus Duncan (Chester Brubaker), Allen Emerson (Hancock), William Bryant (Barker), Harry Hickox (Sam Brock), Jon Lormer (Telegrapher), Harry Northup (Potts)

Heyes and Curry are press-ganged into being deputies by the local sheriff and are told to escort a gang of outlaws to Junction City.

Knowing that the sheriff at Junction City is ignorant of their real identities, Heyes and Curry are happy to go along with the plan, but events do not go as planned.

19 :02x04 - Smiler with a Gun

First aired: Oct/07/1971
Director: Fernando Lamas
Guest star: Will Geer (Seth), Roger Davis (Denny Bilson), Harry Lauter (Sheriff), Colby Chester (Young Cowboy), Barbara Stuart (Lurene), Milton Frome (Barker), Leo Gordon (Ebenezer), Dick Haynes (Second Bartender), James Houghton (Barker's Assistant)

Heyes and Curry work with a man named Danny Bilson on a goldmine owned by an old man called Seth, the profits to be shared equally between the four men.

When Danny Bilson steals all the gold and leaves Heyes, Curry and Seth with no water and no transport in the middle of the desert, the lives of the three men are at stake.

20 :02x05 - The Posse That Wouldn't Quit

First aired: Oct/14/1971
Director: Harry Falk
Guest star: Peter Brocco (judge), Cindy Eilbacher (Beth Jordan), Vera Miles (Mrs. Jordan), Lisa Eilbacher (Bridget Jordan), Charles H. Gray (Jesse Jordan), Richard X. Slattery (Sheriff Morrison), Sidney Clute (Prosecutor Clark), Bert Holland (D.A. Lyons), Russell Garland Wiggens (Hank Smithers)

Heyes and Curry are being pursued by a posse of lawmen which contains an apache with remarkable tracking abilities.

They end up hiding out with a temporarily laid up farmer, his wife and two tomboy daughters. While working around the ranch every day, a close friendship forms between the boys and the family.

Then one day the posse turns up.

21 :02x06 - Something to Get Hung About

First aired: Oct/21/1971
Director: Jack Arnold
Guest star: Paul Carr (Hank Henderson), Ken Lynch (Sheriff Gaines), Monte Markham (John Stokely), Noah Beery, Jr. (Sheriff), Meredith MacRae (Sarah Henderson), Roger Perry (R.M. Foster), Dick Valentine (Messenger), Gary van Orman (Deputy), Ralph Montgomery (Poker Player Number One), Harper Flaherty (Poker Player Number Two), Jon Locke (Marsh), Bob Orrison (Man), Jimmy Nickerson (Stunt Double - Curry), Howard Curtis (Stunt Double - Stokely)

Heyes and Curry have been hired by a man who wants Heyes to use his powers of persuasion to get his runaway wife to return to him.

Eventually Heyes succeeds, but when the man is murdered suspicion falls in the wrong place.

22 :02x07 - Six Strangers at Apache Springs

First aired: Oct/28/1971
Director: Nicholas Colasanto
Guest star: John S. Ragin (Edward Fielding), Patricia Barry (Lucy Fielding), Sian Barbara Allen (Sister Grace), Carmen Mathews (Mrs. Fielding), Logan Ramsey (Smithers), Wallace Chadwell (Mr. Evans), D. Gale Thompson (Cowboy)

Heyes and Curry are hired to retrieve some stolen gold which is buried on land belonging to hostile indians.

23 :02x08 - Night of the Red Dog

First aired: Nov/04/1971
Director: Russ Mayberry
Guest star: Jack Kelly (Doc. Beauregard), Joe Flynn (Ralph Marsden), Paul Fix (Clarence), Rory Calhoun (Jason Holloway), Shannon Christie (Florence), Robert Pratt (Billy Boggs), Patti Chandler (Secretary)

Heyes and Curry meet an old prospector who, thinking that he hasn't long to live, gives them a map to a gold mine. The boys decide to mine it in company with some other men from the town.

Things go well for a while, with each man gathering his gold dust, and sizeable fortunes build up. However, one day Heyes and Curry discover that their precious cache of gold dust has been stolen, presumably by one of the men who is working on the site.

Meanwhile the old prospector has turned up - he hadn't been dying, but was simply weighed down by all that gold dust and was suffering from a hernia. He joins the rest of the boys working the mine, and although Heyes and Curry are extremely annoyed at the loss of their gold, things carry on until one day winter arrives with a rush and the men discover that they are snowed in for the winter in a cabin high up in the mountains.

The only way for Heyes and Curry to recoup their missing gold is to win it back at cards. They suspect that the thief is a dodgy Doctor of Medicine calling himself Dr. Chauncy Beauregard. When Heyes and Curry introduce a new card game called Montana Red Dog the Doctor suddenly finds himself on a losing streak.

24 :02x09 - The Reformation of Harry Briscoe

First aired: Nov/11/1971
Director: Barry Shear
Guest star: Jane Merrow (Sister Isabel), Joyce Jameson (Madge), Dub Taylor (Jim), J.D. Cannon (Harry Briscoe), Jane Wyatt (Sister Julia), Read Morgan (Charley), Alan Baxter (Sam), C. Elliott Montgomery (Grocery Clerk), Beverly Carter (Laura)

Heyes and the Kid run into Bannerman detective Harry Briscoe who tells them that a nun whom they had recently helped stole $30,000 from a bank while employed there as a teller.

25 :02x10 - Dreadful Sorry, Clementine

First aired: Nov/18/1971
Director: Barry Shear
Guest star: Ken Scott (Toomey), Rudy Vallee (Winford Fletcher), Sally Field (Clementine Hale), Jackie Coogan (Crawford), Don Ameche (Diamond Jim Guffy), Stuart Randall (Hawkins), Buddy Lester (Drunk), William Benedict (Janitor), Keenan Wynn (Horace Wingate)

The boys run into their old friend Clementine who inveigles them into taking part in a swindle worth $50,000.

26 :02x11 - Shootout at Diablo Station

First aired: Dec/02/1971
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Guest star: Howard Duff (George Fendler), Mike Road (Sheriff Lom Trevors), Jim Antonio (Harry), Steve Sandor (Bud), Neville Brand (Chuck Gorman), Elizabeth Lane (Mary Lewis), Anne Archer (Ellen Lewis), Pat O'Brien (Hayfoot Stockton), George Chandler (Telegrapher), Jack Manning (Uncle Bart Lewis), Gary van Orman (Ward Webster), Bill Fletcher (Hank)

Heyes and Curry are on their way by stagecoach to see Sheriff Lom Trevors about the state of their amnesty. The stagecoach pulls into Diablo Station so that the horses can be rested, and the passengers can get cups of coffee.

Into this scenario walk four gunmen. They tie up all the passengers, including Heyes and Curry, and then settle down to wait. Curry asks them what they're waiting for, and the leader of the outlaws tells them that they are waiting for Sheriff Lom Trevors to come. According to Chuck, the head of the outlaws, his brother had been killed by Trevors some time earlier, and he is burning with revenge and wishes to kill Trevors.

Heyes and Curry are extremely worried. Not only is Sheriff Lom Trevors a good friend, but the success of their amnesty depends on him. They must find a way of letting him know that he will be walking into an ambush. But how?

Then Heyes has one of his ideas.

27 :02x12 - The Bounty Hunter

First aired: Dec/09/1971
Director: Barry Shear
Guest star: Robert Donner (Nate), R.G. Armstrong (Max), Robert Middleton (Grayson), James McCallion (Jesse), Geoffrey Lewis (Al), Robert Easton (Hank), Louis Gossett, Jr. (Joe Sims)

Heyes and the Kid are captured by a black bounty hunter who is determined to claim the $20,000 reward on their heads.

Although they save his life a couple of times during the course of the story, the black bounty hunter will not give up his prize.

28 :02x13 - Everything Else You Can Steal

First aired: Dec/16/1971
Writer: Roy Huggins
Director: Alexander Singer
Guest star: Ann Sothern (Blackjack Jenny), Patrick O'Neal (Kenneth Blake), Kermit Murdock (Henry Blodgett), David Canary (Sheriff Coffin), Jessica Walter (Louise Carson), Dennis Rucker (Billy Black), Parker West (Caleb White), Allen Joseph (Old Man), Robert Godden (Robert Godden)

When two young men posing as Heyes and Curry get involved in a bank robbery, the real Heyes and Curry hurry to the town where the event happened in order to clear their names.

But they don't realise that they will get involved with the real robber, who is a killer and a womaniser as well as being the son-in-law of the bank's Manager.

29 :02x14 - Miracle at Santa Marta

First aired: Dec/30/1971
Director: Vincent Sherman
Guest star: Ina Balin (Margaret Carruthers), Pat Crowley (Meg Parker), Craig Stevens (Rolf Hanley), Nico Minardos (Alcalde), Joanna Barnes (Mrs. Hanley), Charles Tyner (Turner), Fernando Escandon (Clerk), Steve Gravers (Bookie), Gregory Walcott (Sam Bleeker), Rudy Diaz (First Policeman), Ref Sanchez (Stableman), Henry Carr (Porter), Queta De Acuna (Queta De Acuna)

While Heyes is involved in a poker game the Kid finds a job as a bodyguard to a rich racehorse owner. When the owner dies the Kid is accused of murder. Heyes hurries to his aid.

30 :02x15 - 21 Days to Tenstrike

First aired: Jan/06/1972
Director: Mel Ferber
Guest star: Linda Marsh (Elizabeth Tynan), Pernell Roberts (Terence Tynan), Steve Forrest (Jake), Glenn Corbett (Ralph), Joe Haworth (Steve), Walter Brennan (Gantry), Robert Colbert (Bud), Dick Cavett (Sheriff), Harry Harvey (Telegrapher), Richard Wright (Hank), Paul Schott (Phil)

Heyes and Curry find employment driving cattle, but when the other cowboys on the Drive start to die under suspicious circumstances Curry is again suspected of murder and Heyes must try and solve the case.

31 :02x16 - The McCreedy Bust: Going, Going, Gone!

First aired: Jan/13/1972
Director: Alexander Singer
Guest star: Lee Majors (Joe Briggs), Burl Ives (Big Mac McCreedy), Bradford Dillman (Spencer), Cesar Romero (Senor Ernesto Armendariz), Ted Gehring (Seth Griffin), Paul Micale (Little Man), Bing Russell (Sheriff), Robert P. Lieb (Auctioneer), John Rayner (Man), Mitch Carter (Luke), Jerry Harper (Poker Player Number One), Hal Needham (Duke), Daniel Francis Martin (Dealer)

Heyes and Curry are approached by McCreedy who now knows their true identities and threatens to tell the sheriff if they don't do what he wants.

McCreedy wants to steal the McCreedy bust from Armendariz and then to sell it so that the fued between the two men will cease once and for all. He enlists Heyes' and Curry's help and Curry runs across a bullying local who insists on having everything his own way.

32 :02x17 - The Man Who Broke the Bank at Red Gap

First aired: Jan/20/1972
Writer: Roy Huggins
Director: Richard Benedict
Guest star: Rudy Vallee (Winford Fletcher), Broderick Crawford (Chester E. Powers), Ford Rainey (Collins), Dennis Fimple (Kyle (Kyle Murtry)), Clarke Gordon (Sheriff McWhirter), Bill Toomey (Assistant), Jerry Harper (Townsman), Joe Schneider (Jess), Richard Wright (Billy), Nick Borgani (Townsman), Edwin Rochelle (Poker Player)

Heyes and Curry are charged with a new bank robbery after meeting Chester E. Powers, a bank owner. After he saves them from a broker they conned, Winford Fletcher, the two retired outlaws agree to meet with Powers for what they think is a legitimate job. It turns out that Powers framed them for robbing his own bank, endangering their amnesty.

33 :02x18 - The Men That Corrupted Hadleyburg

First aired: Jan/27/1972
Director: Jeff Corey
Guest star: Andy Devine (Sheriff Bintell), Frederic Downs (Prosecutor), Robert Gooden (Deputy), Wally Cox (Matt Tapscott), David Gruner (Tommy), Sheree North (Bess Tapscott), Gene Evans (Phillips), Dave Garroway (Judge), Adam West (Brubaker), J.D. Cannon (Harry Briscoe), Daniel Francis Martin (Jury Foreman), Bill Anderson (Cobb), Paul Frees (Voiceover for Pete Duel)

A poor prospector with his wife and young son captures Heyes and Curry and turns them into the sheriff at Hadleyburg.

However, when the prospector and his family start having twinges of conscience things brighten considerably for Heyes and Curry.

34 :02x19 - The Biggest Game in the West

First aired: Feb/03/1972
Writer: Roy Huggins
Director: Alexander Singer
Guest star: Jim Backus (J.P. Sterling), Chill Wills (Bisby), Donald Woods (Halberstam), Rod Cameron (Sheriff Grimly), Ralph Story (Narrator (1972-1973)), Jon Lormer (Parsons), Bill McKinney (Lobo Riggs), Ford Rainey (Collins), Dennis Fimple (Kyle Murtry), X Brands (Poker Player), Steve Gravers (Mattson), Jackie Russell (Sallie)

When a bag of counterfeit money falls into the hands of Heyes and the Kid, they use it as collateral to get into the biggest poker game in the west. When the Devil's Hole Gang turn up complications arise.

35 :02x20 - Which Way to the OK Corral?

First aired: Feb/10/1972
Director: Jack Arnold
Guest star: Michele Lee (Georgette Sinclair), Burl Ives (Big Mac McCreedy), Neville Brand (Sam Bacon), Jackie Coogan (Clifford), John Rivera (Alberto Diego), Jimmie Booth (Second Stage Driver), John Leuger (Poker Player Number Three), Mike Mahoney (Poker Player Number Two), Gary Puckett (Saloon Cowboy), Robert Knox (Deputy), Tom Waters (Sheriff), Jim Drum (Poker Player Number One), William Bakewell (Baker), Maurice Hill (Cherokee), Red Currie (Deputy Joe), Walt Davis (Deputy Jake), Bill Quinn (Dispatcher (Jake Hawkins)), Virginia Gregg (Emma McIntyre), Bill Fletcher (Doc Holliday), William Mims (Will McIntyre), Cameron Mitchell (Wyatt Earp), John Russell (Bart Russel)

McCreedy is accused of murder and Heyes and Curry come to the rescue. While trying to locate a witness they run into Federal Marshall Wyatt Earp.

36 :02x21 - Don't Get Mad, Get Even

First aired: Feb/17/1972
Writer: Roy Huggins
Director: Bruce Bilson
Guest star: Michele Lee (Georgette Sinclair), Robert Middleton (Wheelwright), Walter Brennan (Silky O'Sullivan), David Morick (Hotel Clerk), Eugene Shields (Holdup Leader), Karen Smith (Fanny Turpin), Monty Laird (Fargo), Gregg Palmer (Fermin), John Banner (Otto)

Heyes believes a plan poker game which he lost money in was rigged, so he plans to retrieve it somehow.

37 :02x22 - What's in It for Mia?

First aired: Feb/24/1972
Director: John J. Dumas
Guest star: Ida Lupino (Mia Bronson), George Robotham (Max), John Kellogg (Dealer), Allen Pinson (Karl), Buddy Ebsen (George Austin), Sallie Shockley (Charlotte Austin), Bud Walls (Cliff)

Mia Bronson is a swindler who has located her next victim, a man named George Austin.

38 :02x23 - Bad Night in Big Butte

First aired: Mar/02/1972
Writer: Glen A. Larson
Director: Richard L. Bare
Guest star: Michele Lee (Georgette Sinclair), Jack Elam (Boot Caby), Robert Nichols (Doc), Dave Willock (Clerk, Big Butte), Mills Watson (Deputy Sheriff Sam Perkins), Sam Jaffe (Dr. Sylvester (Soapy Saunders)), Pat Buttram (Sheriff), Arthur O'Connell (Sheriff, Big Butte), Amanda Reiss (Maria), Donny Sands (Driver), Laura Rose (Moxie), Walt Davis (Minister), Frank Ferguson (Billings), Paul Schott (Hotel Clerk)

Heyes and the Kid track their friend Georgette to borrow money for a high-stakes poker game, but find that the lady has plans of her own which do not include them.

39 :03x01 - The Long Chase

First aired: Sep/16/1972
Writer: Roy Huggins
Director: Alexander Singer
Guest star: George Keymas (Hank Silvers), James Drury (Sheriff Tankersley), Frank Sinatra, Jr. (Deputy Wermser), J.D. Cannon (Harry Briscoe), Larry Storch (Mugs McGeehu), Dave Garroway (Moroni Stebbins), Stephen R. Hudis (Boy), Jon Lormer (Proprietor), Tom Waters (Ranch Owner), Renee Tetro (Second Girl), Laurie Ferrone (First Girl)

Heyes and the Kid get involved with Harry Briscoe, lately fired from Bannerman Detectives. After letting him 'arrest' them complications arise when an honest deputy is assigned to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

40 :03x02 - High Lonesome Country

First aired: Sep/23/1972
Director: Alexander Singer
Guest star: Buddy Ebsen (Phil Archer), Rod Cameron (Luke Billings), Marie Windsor (Helen Archer), Walt Davis (Clyde), Monty Laird (Bill), Clarke Gordon (Storekeeper)

The Kid is recognised by a ranch owner who has employed them as trappers. Hungry for the reward money the ranch owner's wife sends them out on a job but employs a bounty hunter to follow them.

41 :03x03 - The McCreedy Feud

First aired: Sep/30/1972
Director: Alexander Singer
Guest star: Burl Ives ("Big Mac" McCreedy), Lou Peralta (Guard), Katy Jurado (Carlotta), Rudy Diaz (Man), Claudio Miranda (Priest), Cesar Romero (Senor Ernesto Amendariz), Dennis Fimple (Kyle Murtry)

42 :03x04 - The Clementine Ingredient

First aired: Oct/07/1972
Director: Jack Arnold
Guest star: Alejandro Rey (Ramon Cordoba), Ramon Bieri (Ted Thompson), Sally Field (Clementine Hale), Joe Haworth (Tad), Ref Sanchez (Stableman), Cody Bearpaw (Indian), Mills Watson (Chester), Walt Davis (Clerk), David Morick (Hotel Clerk), Jess Franco (Guard), Jerry Brown (Stagecoach Driver)

43 :03x05 - Bushwack!

First aired: Oct/21/1972
Director: Jack Arnold
Guest star: Todd Martin (Pete), Christine Belford (Ellie Alcott), Buddy Foster (Alonzo Taylor), Michael Conrad (Mike McCloskey), Glenn Corbett (Marty Alcott), Frank Converse (Chris Truitt), Charles H. Gray (Sheriff Wiggins), Mark Holly (Jake Horn), Eugene Shields (Phil Westerly), Ford Rainey (Teshmacher)

44 :03x06 - What Happened at the XST?

First aired: Oct/28/1972
Writer: Roy Huggins
Director: Jack Arnold
Guest star: Geoffrey Lewis (Deputy Burk Stover), William Smith (Deputy Orville Larkin), Ed Nelson (Sheriff Frank Canton), Keenan Wynn (Artie Gorman), Eve McVeagh (Woman), David Gruner (Boy), William D. Gordon (Reverend Siever), David Morick (Hotel Clerk)

45 :03x07 - The Ten Days That Shook Kid Curry

First aired: Nov/04/1972
Director: Edward M. Abroms
Guest star: Edd Byrnes (Willard Riley), Shirley Knight (Amy Martin), Bill Fletcher (Doc Holliday), Barbara Bosson (Mrs. Schwedes), Ralph Montgomery (Clerk), Frederic Downs (Judge), Ted Gehring (Jorgensen), Bill Quinn (Hotel Clerk), Steve Gravers (Bartender), Randall Carver (Young Man), Monty Laird (Stunt Double - Riley), Jimmy Nickerson (Stunt Double - Curry), John McDonald (Mr. Shaeffer)

46 :03x08 - The Day the Amnesty Came Through

First aired: Nov/25/1972
Director: Jeff Corey
Guest star: Brett Halsey (Ed Starr), Lane Bradford (Ellen Anderson), Robert Donner (Charlie Taylor), John Russell (Sheriff Lom Trevors), Gerald McRaney (Telegrapher), Warren Vanders (Curly Red Johnson), Robert Nichols (Mr. Magruder), Jeff Corey (George W. Baxter), Charles Dierkop (Clayton Crewes), Sonny Shields (Black henry Smith)

47 :03x09 - The Strange Fate of Conrad Meyer Zulick

First aired: Dec/02/1972
Director: Richard C. Bennett
Guest star: John Kellogg (Meade), Slim Pickens (Sheriff), Dennis Rucker (Deputy), David Canary (Doc. Donovan), Michael T. Mikler (Fallon), Ninette Bravo (Dancer), Bert Santos (Lopez), Walt Davis (Player Number One), Rick Garcia (Miner Number One), Luis Moreno (Miner Number Two), Laurie Ferrone (Salvation Army Girl), Sorrell Booke (Zulick)

48 :03x10 - McGuffin

First aired: Dec/09/1972
Director: Alexander Singer
Guest star: Clarke Gordon (McGuffin), Walter Brooke (Chief Agent), Darleen Carr (Kate), L.Q. Jones (Peterson), Jackie Coogan (Passenger Agent), Monty Laird (Telegrapher), Alice Nunn (Hotel Clerk), Jack Manning (Dr. O'Connell), Mort Mills (First Man), Allen Joseph (Ticket Agent), Chuck Hicks (Carson), X Brands (Roberts)

49 :03x11 - Witness to a Lynching

First aired: Dec/16/1972
Director: Richard C. Bennett
Guest star: Ann Doran (Mrs. Simpson), John McGiver (Doc. Snively), G.D. Spradlin (Simpson), Barry Cahill (Marshal Guthrie), Brenda Scott (Cybele Snively), John Russell (Sheriff Lom Trevors), Kenneth Tobey (Sheriff Kimball), Dick Whittington (Telegrapher), Paul Schott (Conducter)

50 :03x12 - Only Three to a Bed

First aired: Jan/13/1973
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Guest star: Dana Elcar (Sam Haney), Jo Ann Pflug (Beegee), Paul Fix (Bronc), John Kerr (George Sterling), Dean Jagger (Mark Tisdale), Pepper Martin (Head Gunman), Laurette Spang (Emma Sterling), Michael Rupert (Tisdale's Son), Gary van Orman (Stage Driver), Janet Julian (Belle Haney)