Season 9

187 :09x01 - Romancing Mister Stone

Vera and Jolene create a personals ad in a magazine for Alice in hopes of getting her a date.
Guest Stars: Martin Ferrero as Bart | Denise Loveday as Susie | Angela Aames as Tawney | Michael Durrell as Nicholas Stone
Director: Marc Daniels

188 :09x02 - Space Sharples

While Mel is dressed in a Halloween costume as Captain Galaxy, he manages to stop a bank robbery.
Guest Stars: Don Keefer as Wally | Lucy Lee Flippin as Dotty | Dan Gilvezan as Robin Hood | Larry "Flash" Jenkins as Howie | Kenneth Lloyd as Phil Martin | Hayley Carr as Stacy | Loretta Greenwood as The Bunny | Steve Begel as The Clown | John Bloom as Mike | Howard Morton as Mr. McConnel
Director: Marc Daniels

189 :09x03 - Big, Bad Mel

Mel upsets the town when he buys a nursery school, which he plans to shut down, demolish and replace with a new parking lot.
Guest Stars: Doug Cox as Dale | Lou Cutell as Lou | Charles H. Hyman as Rocky | Randal Patrick as Bob | Fred D. Scott as Customer | Hayley Carr as Heidi | Jonathan Prince as Danny | Brice Beckham as Howie | Rue McClanahan as Mother Goose
Director: Marc Daniels

190 :09x04 - Houseful of Hunnicutts

Jolene is distressed when her large family rolls into town for a visit in her small, one bedroom apartment, including her father, five brothers, grandmother and family dog.
Guest Stars: Natalie Masters as Granny Gums | Grant Wilson (1) as Jeremy | Steve McGriff as Jake Jr. | Trevor Henley as Jesse | Kent Perkins as Jasper | Robin Eurich as Jimmy | Duane R. Campbell as Chuck | Gregory Walcott as Big Jake Hunnicutt
Director: Don Corvan

191 :09x05 - Tommy's Lost Weekend

Alice is concerned that Tommy may have a drinking problem when he misplaces Nick's sports car after a night of partying.
Guest Stars: Marvin Kaplan as Henry
Director: Marc Daniels

192 :09x06 - Undercover Mel

Mel takes on Elliot's plan to help the police catch the people responsible for selling stolen beef by going undercover, and in turn will receive a $5,000 reward.
Guest Stars: Paul Mantee as Thug #2 | Mike Muscat as Bartender | Jack Andreozzi as Thug #1 | Aaron Fletcher as Customer | Robert Picardo as Officer Maxwell | Johnny Silver as Shorty
Director: Marc Daniels

193 :09x07 - Footloose Mel

Mel mistakingly runs a group of thugs out of town which had been scheduled to perform at the Arts Festival at the diner as a break dancing team.
Guest Stars: Donovan Leitch as Dono-D | Leonard Stone as Lenny | Kenneth Kimmins as Councilman Barnett | Jonathan Prince as Danny | Steven "Sugar Pop" DeSilva as J.T. | Richard Minchenberg as Reporter | Jason 'Elf' DeSilva as Elf | Hugo Huizar as Smooth | Andy Levine as customer | Fred Berry as Bobo

194 :09x08 - Vera's Anniversary Blues

Vera is depressed when her first anniversary fails to meet her expectations.
Guest Stars: Reid Cruickshanks as Desk Sergeant | Barry Pearl as Cop #4 | Billy Vera as Cop #3 | John George Campbell as Cop #1 | Stephen Tolman as Cop #2 | Rick Cox as Bum #1 | Curry Worsham as Bum #2 | Bill Maher as Officer Gary Conroy | Dave Madden as Earl Hicks | Douglas Robinson (1) as Doug
Director: Don Corvan

195 :09x09 - Kiss the Grill Goodbye

Mel's regulars start visiting a hamburger joint after Jolene appears on the "Working Women" talk show, and comments on the diner.
Guest Stars: Armin Shimerman as Man | Janet Carroll as Dr. Rose Goodwin | June Whitley Taylor as Woman | Maurice Hill as Frank | Marsha Warner as Sybil | Dave Madden as Earl Hicks | Marvin Kaplan as Henry

196 :09x10 - Vera, the Nightbird

All the men of Phoenix are being turned on the a new nighttime DJ known as the Nightbird. Little do they know it is Vera moonlighting at a radio station.
Guest Stars: Michael Crabtree as Hugo | Ralph Bruneau as Max | Stephen Tobolowsky as Caveman Carl | Dave Madden as Earl Hicks | Duane R. Campbell as Chuck
Director: Don Corvan

197 :09x11 - Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore (1)

Alice is wooed by a country singer to quit the job at the diner and join the band traveling on the road.
Guest Stars: Joe Unger as Manny | Mickey Jones (1) as Buford | Kip Niven as Travis Marsh | Michael McManus (1) as Charlie | Kelly Ann Conn as Tammy | Paige Matthews as Wendy | Christine Scott as Vicky | Michael Durrell as Nicholas
Director: Don Corvan

198 :09x12 - Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore (2)

Country singer Travis Marsh gives Alice a chance to perform with him on stage, and travel with him on the road.
Guest Stars: Mickey Jones (1) as Buford | Kip Niven as Travis Marsh | Michael McManus (1) as Charlie | Clinton Derricks-Carroll as Policeman | Gregg Berger as Policeman #2 | Michael Durrell as Nicholas
Director: Don Corvan

199 :09x13 - The Night They Raided Debbie's

Vera and Elliot decide to rent out a room in their home, but didn't expect to be filling it with their pushy, ex landlady Debbie.
Guest Stars: Dan Frischman as Lester | Linda Lavin as Debbie Walden | Margaret Wheeler as Ida | Mary Grace Canfield as Ruthie

200 :09x14 - One on One

Jolene is being scouted for a basketball team and Mel has graciously agreed to help her in the training.
Guest Stars: Danny Goldman as Mailman | Dino M. Zaffina as Customer #2 | Bob Gunter as Customer #3 | Christopher Templeton as Customer #1 | Michael Goodwin (1) as Willie
Director: Don Corvan

201 :09x15 - Vera's Grounded Gumshoe

Having accidentally shot himself with his own pistol, Elliot decides to quit the police force and find a more peaceful profession.
Guest Stars: Jamie DeRoy as Customer | Kim Hamilton as Mrs. Reynolds | Michael Alldredge as Frank | Jeffrey Lampert as Mr. Decker | Ian Fried as Bobby | Duane R. Campbell as Chuck
Director: Marc Daniels

202 :09x16 - Th-th-th-that's All, Folks

This retrospective features the best of Alice as the gang gathers at the diner for one last day to reminisce after Mel informs the gang that he has sold the diner to a real estate developer.
Guest Stars: Jack Andreozzi as Customer | Dave Madden as Earl Hicks | Duane R. Campbell as Chuck | Tony Longo as Artie | Jonathan Prince as Danny | Douglas Robinson (1) as Doug
Director: Don Corvan