Season 6

66 :06x01 - Pierogi Festival

At the annual Pierogi Festival in Whiting, IN pierogi fans line the streets. But it's the pierogi makers who are trying to win the Perfect Pierogi Cook-Off. At stake is honor, recognition and the pursuit of pierogi pride.

Source: Food Network

67 :06x02 - Fajitas Festival

At the Great Texas Mosquito Festival and Fajita Cook-off, man and bug unite for one big barbecue bash. Forty-four teams are stroking the coals, and flippin’ the skirt steak, determined to take home the prized trophy and an invitation to compete in another Texas cook-off.

Source: Food Network

68 :06x03 - Hot Dog Festival

Frankfort, Indiana is going to the dogs, hotdogs that is. The hot dog recipe contest promises to be a dog eat dog battle. It’s gonna be a tail wagging good time, so hop on the hotdog bandwagon.

Source: Food Network

69 :06x04 - Rib Burn-Off

Football stars and barbecue lovers converge at the Hall of Fame Festival in Canton, OH. While players get inducted, grillers, smokers, and pit masters go head-to-head to find out who makes the best barbecue ribs in the state.

Source: Food Network

70 :06x05 - Mustard Festival

In Mount Horeb, WI the mustard cook-off features ten finalists smearing a variety of pungent spreads as they compete for the homemade mustard trophy. Roll out the yellow carpet and find out what happens when mustard and custard unite, cause it’s mustard mania like you’ve never seen.

Source: Food Network

71 :06x06 - Hamburger Festival

In the "Top This Burger" Cook-Off, twelve contestants try to top each other as they grill up the tastiest burgers in Wisconsin. The crowds gather as the grills heat up. It’s time to open wide and take a big juicy bite at the Seymour Hamburger Festival.

Source: Food Network

72 :06x07 - Guitarbeque

There’s no place that brings mean strings and fiery pits together quite like the Guitarbecue in historic Asbury Park, New Jersey. Here, 17 teams smoke top-notch ribs, pork, chicken, and brisket. While barbecue judges take their oaths, competitors race against the clock.

Source: Food Network

73 :06x08 - Bison-tennial Festival

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74 :06x09 - Chili Festival

In downtown Cincinnati, bowls are a blazin’. In the chili cook-off, professional Chiliheads sauce things up in hopes of winning an invite to the world championships in sin city. So hop on, and take a ride as we embark on a tasty journey of chili - Cincinnati style.

Source: Food Network

75 :06x10 - Popcorn Festival

In Marion Ohio, popcorn is king. The whole town is bopping? hopping? popping, and they can’t help getting a little corny. In the popcorn recipe contest, contestants are up against other creative cooks. So pop in on a party for popcorn lovers.

Source: Food Network

77 :06x12 - Grape Festival

In Naples, New York, they glory in grapes. So each year they get together to enjoy the fruit of the vine at the Naples Grape Festival. In the World’s Greatest Grape Pie Contest, it’s a fight to the finish in the battle of the purple pies.

Source: Food Network