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All Grown Up: Rat Traps

The gang sneaks into a PG-13 movie at the mall. Angelica catches them, and uses it as blackmail. The mall then closes with them locked inside with two robbers.

Episode Info
Episode number: 4x8
Production Number: 41
Airdate: Friday November 16th, 2007

Director: Ron Noble
Writer: Norm Gunzenhauser

Guest Stars
Elizabeth DailyElizabeth Daily
voiced Girl Hero
Michael Bell (1)Michael Bell (1)
voiced Drew Pickles
Pat MusickPat Musick
voiced Harold Rumkin
Tress MacNeilleTress MacNeille
voiced Charlotte Pickles
Episode Notes
The gang aren't allowed to see PG-13 movies.

The movies at the movie theatre
Big Dumb Talkign Cat
The Labyrinth Guy

Susie made $13 collecting money for charity and Angelica made $600.

Harold is a good figure skater.

The gangs first PG-13 movie was Labyrinth guy.

The girl that smiled for Chuckie in Susie Sings the Bad Lite was in the movie theatre.

This episode took place during the gang's Spring Break.

Harold is a foot size of 545 in Europe.

Chuckie's middle name is Crandle.

Phil called himself a moron in this episode.

Lil doesn't like broccli.

Episode Quotes
Susie: Never mind her. It takes a real man to figure skate.

Angelica: Excuse me, coming through!
Tommy: Speaking of nightmares.

Tommy: We promised our parents we will be home already.
Angelica: But you promised them you won't see a PG-13 movie.

Chuckie: We're trapped.
Dil: This is just like when Neon got trapped in the 4th dimension.

Tommy: Wouldn't be right playing all the free games.
Phil: Or eating all the free food.

Lil: Hey Chuckie, Phil just made a cotton candy in the shape of his but and you gotta come see it.
Chuckie: No thanks.

Chuckie: We should call someone! Angelica you have a cell phone?
Angelica: Had a cellphone. They took it from me in the movie theatre remember.

Phil: I'm a moron!

Chuckie: We can still stop them, they don't have the money yet!
Phil: How they're bigger than us.

Tommy: You sure you wanna be the one they chase?
Chuckie: Listen, when it comes to running from bullies who is the most qualified?
Tommy: You are!
Chuckie: Exactly!

Susie: You know what your problem is boys?! You gotta get intouch with your softer side!

Chuckie: Come and get me! Uh oh!

Chuckie: Oh no! They're getting away!
Kimi: Not on my watch!

Angelica: We did it!
Susie: And all thanks to Chuckie!

Didi: Thank goodness you guys are safe!

Angelica: Hey Lady! I know how much these shoes cost!

Cultural References
Lil: Queen of the Hill
This is spoof of the television series King of the Hill.

Movie Character: Neon
This is a spoof of the neo from The Matrix.

Episode Title: Rat Traps
This is a spoof of the video game, Rat Trap.

Episode References
Didi: Slosh Mountain
This is the theme park that the gang went to in Blindman Bluff.

Episode Title: Rat Traps
This is a reference to the overall series' name Rugrats.

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