Season 2

14 :02x01 - The Saga of Cousin Oscar

Archie's cousin Oscar comes for a stay and quickly annoys him with his demands and laziness. But after Oscar dies in his sleep is when Archie gets steamed thinking he will have to pay for the funeral.
Guest Stars: M. Emmet Walsh as Billy | William Benedict as Jimmy McNab | Peggy Rea as Bertha | Connie Sawyer as Mrs. McNab | Jack Grimes as Mr. Whitehead | Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson | Will B. Able as Rev. Felcher
Director: John Rich (1)
Story: Burt Styler | Teleplay: Norman Lear, Burt Styler

15 :02x02 - Gloria Poses in the Nude

Mike's artist friend, Szabo visits the Bunkers and decides he would like Gloria to pose for him ... in the nude.
Guest Stars: David Soul as Szabo Daborba | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson
Director: John Rich (1)

16 :02x03 - Archie and the Lock-Up

Mike and Lionel plan on attending a demonstration at the United Nations. After a riot breaks Gloria asks Archie to bring them home, but he instead gets arrested with the other protesters.
Guest Stars: Ken Lynch as Callahan | Corey Fischer as Jesus hippie | Kelly Houser as hippie | Allan Melvin as Sgt. Pulaski | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson
Director: John Rich (1)

17 :02x04 - Edith Writes a Song

Edith wants to use the $30 collected in the family pot to get a song published but Archie has other buy a gun. While out at the movies they recieve a visit from a pair of robbers.
Guest Stars: Demond Wilson as Horace | Cleavon Little as Coke | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson
Director: John Rich (1)
Writer: Lee Kalcheim

18 :02x05 - Flashback: Mike Meets Archie

It's Mike and Gloria's first wedding anniversary but the celebration turns into an arguement when each tell their version of when Mike and Archie first met.
Director: John Rich (1)

19 :02x06 - The Election Story

A local election finds the Bunker's at odds over candidate Claire Packer whom Archie is against because "she's another loudmouth liberal who never knows when to shut up", plus shes a woman.
Guest Stars: Isabel Sanford as Loiuse Jefferson | Frank Whiteman as police officer | Robert Gibbons as man | Barbara Cason as Claire Packer | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Ida Mae McKenzie as Mrs. Edwards
Director: John Rich (1)

20 :02x07 - Edith's Accident

Edith has an accident at a grocery store when her shopping cart damages a parked with a can of cling peaches..."in heavy syrup"
Guest Stars: Barnard Hughes as Father John Majeski
Director: John Rich (1)

21 :02x08 - The Blockbuster

Archie thinks about moving to California after seeing an ad for a real estate company offering to buy homes for substantial profit, problem is the agent is unscrupulously telling them that they will sell to minorities bringing down property values.
Guest Stars: Thalmus Rasulala as Mr. Byrd | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Peggy Rea as Bertha
Director: John Rich (1)

22 :02x09 - Mike's Problem

Archie tries giving Mike advice after stressing over his grades has Mike impotent.
Guest Stars: Mel Stewart as Henry Jefferson | Brendan Dillon as Bartender
Director: John Rich (1)

23 :02x10 - The Insurance is Canceled

While Archie agonizes over who to fire at work , Edith informs him that his insurance has been canceled.
Guest Stars: Rafael Campos as Little Emanuel | Phil Proctor as Wendell
Director: John Rich (1)

24 :02x11 - The Man in the Street

Archie is to be on TV for a man on the streets interview but they may have to miss the airing after the TV breaks.
Guest Stars: Neil J. Schwartz as Levy | Billy Halop as Bert Munson | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Bob Hastings as Tommy Kelsey | Billy Sands as Man in Bar #2 | John K. M. Collins (1) as TV Interviewer | Robert Gibbons as Man in Bar #3 | Jack Griffin as Bill Hopper
Director: John Rich (1)
Story: Lennie Weinrib | Teleplay: Don Nicholl

25 :02x12 - Cousin Maude's Visit

Edith's liberal Cousin Maude to comes to help out after Archie, Mike and Gloria come down with the flu.
Guest Stars: Beatrice Arthur as Maude Findlay
Director: John Rich (1)

26 :02x13 - Christmas Day at the Bunkers'

Archie has no Christmas spirit after finding out he didn't get a bonus this year as punishment for an error he made at work.
Guest Stars: Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Mel Stewart as Henry Jefferson | Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson | Noam Pitlik as Wilbur
Director: John Rich (1)
Writer: Don Nicholl

27 :02x14 - The Elevator Story

While out at an Italian restaurant to celebrate Edith's birthday, Archie finds out she forgot to mail his insurance bill. Archie rushes to pay it only to get trapped in an elevator with a woman in labor.
Guest Stars: Hector Elizondo as Carlos Mendoza | Eileen Brennan as Angelique McCarthy | Edith Diaz as Serafina Mendoza | Roscoe Lee Browne as Hugh Victor Thompson III
Director: John Rich (1)

28 :02x15 - Edith's Problem

Edith's mood swings leads the doctors to believe she is beginning menopause. Edith worries that Archie won't love her anymore.
Guest Stars: Jeannie Linero as Waitress
Director: John Rich (1)

29 :02x16 - Archie and the FBI

Archie is worried after finding out there's a FBI agent asking around the neighborhood about him.
Guest Stars: Jon Korkes as Mr. Bradford | Graham Jarvis as Larry Grundy | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson
Director: John Rich (1)

30 :02x17 - Mike's Mysterious Son

Trouble ensues at the Bunker household after Mike's ex-girlfriend leaves a child off that she claims is his.
Guest Stars: Stephen Manley as boy | Marcia Rodd as Marilyn Sanders
Director: John Rich (1)

31 :02x18 - Archie Sees a Mugging

Archie witnesses a mugging but refuses to tell the police what he saw. After his story ends up in the newspaper fingering the mob Archie begins to panic.
Guest Stars: Val Bisoglio as Ralph Silvestri | Bill Macy as police officer | Frank Campanella as Det. Sgt. Perkins | Jack Somack as Tony Vicino
Director: John Rich (1)

32 :02x19 - Archie and Edith Alone

Mike and Gloria go away for 8 days leaving Edith and Archie alone with nothing to do. Archie gets upset after she lets him win at cards causing Edith to demand an apology.
Director: John Rich (1)

33 :02x20 - Edith Gets a Mink

Edith recieves a gift from her cousin Amelia, a mink stole. But Archie refuses to take anything from them and orders her to send it back. Problem is the mink gets ruined after being dry cleaned and Archie now wants to keep the insurance check.
Guest Stars: Richard A. Dysart as Russ DeKuyper | Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson | Rae Allen as Amelia DeKuyper
Director: John Rich (1)

34 :02x21 - Sammy's Visit

Sammy Davis, Jr., encounters Archie Bunker in all his glory when the star ventures out to Queens to retrieve a briefcase he left in Munson's taxicab.
Guest Stars: Fay DeWitt as Mrs. Haskell | Keri Shuttleton as Clarissa | Sammy Davis, Jr. as Himself | Allan Melvin as Barney Hefner | Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Billy Halop as Bert Munson
Director: John Rich (1)
Writer: Bill Dana

35 :02x22 - Edith, the Judge

Archie is accused of breaking a washing macine at a laundromat but refuses to pay for repairs. Honest Edith is asked to be the judge of this case.
Guest Stars: Jack Weston as Joe Girgis
Director: John Rich (1)
Writer: Lee Kalcheim

36 :02x23 - Archie is Jealous

Archie gets upset after overhearing a conversation between Edith and Gloria after finding out his wife has a secret she has kept from him.
Guest Stars: Brendan Dillon as Bartender
Director: John Rich (1)
Writer: Rod Parker

37 :02x24 - Maude

Maude's daughter Carol is getting married to a Jewish man and fear Archie's presence will ruin the wedding.
Guest Stars: Bill Macy as Walter Findlay | Bob Dishy as David Green | Bernie West as Repairman | Marcia Rodd as Carol | Beatrice Arthur as Maude Findlay
Director: John Rich (1)
Writer: Rod Parker