Season 3

38 :03x01 - Archie and the Editorial

Archie appears on TV in a rebuttal over an editorial for gun control he saw on the local news. While celebrating his accomplishment, the Bunkers are held up by a pair of thugs at Kelsey's bar who saw his report.
Guest Stars: Val Bisoglio as Gangster | Brendan Dillon as Bartender | Diane Sommerfield as Judy | Sorrell Booke as Editor
Director: Norman Campbell

39 :03x02 - Archie's Fraud

Archie plans a scheme when he overhears a man at the IRS talking about it over a pay phone. Archie is audited for unreported income after moonlighting by driving Munson's cab.
Guest Stars: Billy Halop as Bert Munson | Ed Peck as Man on Phone | James McEachin as Mr. Turner
Director: Norman Campbell

40 :03x03 - The Threat

Archie is all over the attractive young wife of his old Army buddy who has come to stay with the Bunkers.
Guest Stars: Gloria LeRoy as Bobbi Jo
Director: John Rich (1)

41 :03x04 - Gloria and the Riddle

Gloria stumps Mike and Archie with a riddle designed to test male chauvinism.
Guest Stars: Allan Melvin as Barney Hefner | Billy Sands as Man In Bar | Brendan Dillon as Tommy Kelcy | Patricia Stich as Tammy
Writer: Don Nicholl

42 :03x05 - Lionel Steps Out

Archie's niece pays a visit to the Bunkers and has the house in an uproar when Archie discovers she has plans to go out dancing with Lionel Jefferson, a black man,
Guest Stars: Mel Stewart as Henry Jefferson | Dianne Hull as Billie Bunker | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson
Director: John Rich (1)

43 :03x06 - Edith Flips Her Wig

An absent minded Edith is worried when she discovers she has taken a wig from a department store. She meets with Father Majeski to confess that she may be a kleptomaniac.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as William R. Kirkwood | Barnard Hughes as Father John Majeski
Director: Hal Cooper

44 :03x07 - The Bunkers and the Swingers

Edith new pen pals are a couple of real swingers...literally. Unknown to Edith is they are coming for a visit and to switch partners for the night.
Guest Stars: Rue McClanahan as Ruth Rempley | Vincent Gardenia as Curtis Rempley

45 :03x08 - Mike Comes Into Money

Archie is upset when Mike comes into an inheritance and decides to give the money to the McGovern campaign instead of paying back Archie, for the time spent there mooching.
Director: John Rich (1)

46 :03x09 - Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (1)

Today is Mike and Gloria's second anniversary, as the remembers the day that almost didn't happen.
Guest Stars: Michael Conrad as Uncle Casimir

47 :03x10 - Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (2)

The Stivic's wedding day is jeopardized when Archie and Mike's uncle argue over the use of a Catholic priest at the ceremony.
Guest Stars: Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Peggy Rea as Bertha | Peter Hobbs as Judge Polanski | Michael Conrad as Uncle Casimir

48 :03x11 - The Locket

Archie decides they should use the insurance money from Edith's lost family heirloom to purchase a new television set. But when the locket resurfaces, he must now scheme to stay out of jail.
Guest Stars: John Randolph as Joe Peterson | Louis Guss as Delivery man | Mario Roccuzzo as Angelo | Liam Dunn as Mr. Fairchild
Director: Hal Cooper

49 :03x12 - Mike's Appendix

Gloria feels Mike is being a chauvinist when Mike insists that if he needs his appendix removed, it will be done by a male doctor.
Guest Stars: John Zaremba as Anesthetist | Ann Summers as Dr. McKenzie

50 :03x13 - Edith's Winning Ticket

Archie wants to keep a winning lottery ticket that Edith bought for Louise after discovering that she had yet to pay for it.
Guest Stars: Mel Stewart as Henry Jefferson | Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson
Writer: Don Nicholl

51 :03x14 - Archie and the Bowling Team

Archie has a chance to try out for the Cannonballers, the champions of the bowling league. But his only challenger for the spot is a black man.
Guest Stars: Allan Melvin as Barney Hefner | Brad Logan as Moose Hansen
Writer: Allan Katz

52 :03x15 - Archie in the Hospital (aka Archie Goes to the Hospital)

Archie is hospitalized in a semi-private room and makes friends with his unseen roommate, until the curtain is pulled back to reveal he is black.
Guest Stars: Roscoe Lee Browne as Jean Duval | John Heffernan as Doctor | Priscilla Morrill as Nurse | Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson

53 :03x16 - Oh Say Can You See

Archie tries to convince everyone that he is not getting old, and soon changes his mind when he meets an old friend from his childhood who looks and acts much younger than Archie.
Guest Stars: Larry Storch as Bill Mulhoren | Arlene Golonka as Tina | Bob Hastings as Tommy Kelsey

54 :03x17 - Archie Goes Too Far

Gloria storms out of the house when she and Mike get into a disagreement. Edith soon follows when Archie does the same. The girls can be found at the home of Gloria's girlfriends, having a come-as-you-are party.
Guest Stars: Mary Kay Place as Betty Sue | Patty Weaver as Joanie | Pamela Murphy (1) as Trudy

55 :03x18 - Class Reunion

Archie has no interest in attending Edith's 30th high school reunion, until he learns that a handsome old boyfriend of hers will be there.
Guest Stars: Viola Harris as Arlene | Joshua Shelley as Willis | Harvey Lembeck as Sam | Priscilla Morrill as Sarah | Rae Allen as Amelia DeKuyper | Bernie Kuby as Buck | Evelyn King as Mavis | Bernie Hamilton as Walter
Writer: Don Nicholl

56 :03x19 - Hot Watch

When Archie's "expensive" new watch he bought from a coworker seems broken, he must find someone who will fix it with no questions asked.
Guest Stars: Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Jack Tesler as Mr. Abrams

57 :03x20 - Archie is Branded

Archie wakes up to find a swastika painted on his front door and gets protection from a Jewish strong arm group.
Guest Stars: John Putch as boy scout | Michael Gregory as Jerry | Billy Halop as Bert Munson | Patrick Campbell (2) as Mailman | Gregory Sierra as Paul Benjamin

58 :03x21 - Everybody Tells the Truth

Each family member of the Bunker clan has a different story when they recount the happenings of an encounter with the handymen in the kitchen earlier that day.
Guest Stars: Ron Glass as Jack | Ken Lynch as Bob
Writer: Don Nicholl

59 :03x22 - Archie Learns His Lesson

Archie secrectly attends night-school classes to qualify for a high school diploma and get a dispatcher's job.

60 :03x23 - Gloria, the Victim

Gloria is confused over what she should do after she was attacked by a man while passing by a construction site. The thought of prosecuting her assailant is what Archie suggests, but Mike doesn't want her put through any more trauma.
Guest Stars: Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Mel Stewart as Henry Jefferson | Charles Durning as Detective

61 :03x24 - The Battle of the Month

Gloria's foul mood catches up to Edith when she chastises her for giving in to Archie's every whim.