Season 5

86 :05x01 - The Bunkers and Inflation (1)

Archie tries to hold back the bad news that his union has ordered a strike, as the family plans a celebration.
Guest Stars: Billy Halop as Bert Munson | Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson | Betty Garrett as Irene Lorenzo

87 :05x02 - The Bunkers and Inflation (2) (aka Archie Underfoot)

Archie finds himself getting in everyones way around the home as his strike lingers on.
Guest Stars: Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson

88 :05x03 - The Bunkers and Inflation (3) (aka Edith the Job Hunter)

Edith becomes the breadwinner when she takes a job at Jefferson's Cleaners, against Archie's better judgment.
Guest Stars: Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson | Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson

89 :05x04 - The Bunkers and Inflation (4) (aka Archie's Raise)

The strike may be over but when tghe smoke clears, it's apparent to mike that the Unions new contract leaves the workers in worse shape than when the started.
Guest Stars: James Cromwell as Stretch Cunningham | Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson

90 :05x05 - Lionel the Live-In

An argument with his father brings Lionel over to the Bunker's for a few days, but Archie can't wait to get him back home.
Guest Stars: Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson | Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson
Writer: Woody Kling

91 :05x06 - Archie's Helping Hand

Archie is surrounded by feminism when Edith joins a women's group and Irene gets a job with Archie on the loading docks.
Guest Stars: Betty Garrett as Irene Lorenzo | Sorrell Booke as Mr. Sanders

92 :05x07 - Gloria's Shock

Mike's announcement that he doesn't want to have any kids angers both Gloria and the Bunkers.

93 :05x08 - Where's Archie? (1)

Edith is worried when Archie disappears on his way to Buffalo for a convention, and with the prospect of holding her first Tupperware party.
Guest Stars: Charlotte Rae as Miss Lillian Henderson | Hector Elias as .

94 :05x09 - Where's Archie? (2) (aka Archie is Missing)

Gloria is suspicious about Archie's whereabouts when she finds a picture of him with another woman, and feels she must tell Edith about her discovery.
Guest Stars: James Cromwell as Stretch Cunningham | Hector Elias as .

95 :05x10 - The Longest Kiss

Archie's return home finds the house in chaos with his friends seemingly holding a party, including a kissing contest, hula hoops and dancing.

96 :05x11 - Archie and the Miracle

Archie becomes a devout Christian after a near miss at the loading dock has him seeing his life pass before his eyes. But the pressures from his new found piousness has him with little time to enjoy the things he holds so dear, like watching TV.
Guest Stars: James Cromwell as Stretch Cunningham

97 :05x12 - George and Archie Make a Deal

George Jefferson uses Archie's signature to get on the ballot when he decides to run for a local political office.

98 :05x13 - Archie's Contract

Irene and George Jefferson comes to Archie's aid when he is roped into buying aluminum siding from a fast talking salesman.
Writer: Ron Friedman

99 :05x14 - Mike's Friend

When Mike's intellectual graduate school friend comes for a visit, Mike makes Gloria feel inadequate in front of him.

100 :05x15 - The Best of All in the Family

The series first four seasons are reviewed in an hour-long retrospective, hosted by Henry Fonda.

101 :05x16 - Prisoner in the House

Archie feels uncomfortable when he finds out a plumbers assistant is on a work release program from Sing Sing prison.

102 :05x17 - The Jeffersons Move Up

The Bunkers say goodbye to the Jefferson's as they move uptown to a Manhattan high rise apartment.
Guest Stars: Paul Benedict as Harry Bentley | Zara Cully as Mother Olivia Jefferson | Franklin Cover as Tom Willis | Roxie Roker as Helen Willis | Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson | Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson

103 :05x18 - All's Fair

Gloria teaches Edith how to fight fair with a spouse in an effort to get her to keep Archie from walking all over her.

104 :05x19 - Amelia's Divorce

Edith is shocked to discover her rich cousin Amelia is planning on getting a divorce.

105 :05x20 - Everybody Does It

Archie's conscience begins to bother him when Irene finds out that he has stolen a box of nails from work.

106 :05x21 - Archie and the Quiz

Archie is worried after a life-expectancy quiz from a magazine gives him only seven more years to live.

107 :05x22 - Edith's Friend

When Edith returns to her hometown for a wedding, she is reunited with her childhood sweetheart, who still has eyes for her.
Guest Stars: Tim O'Connor as Roy Johnson | Jane Rose as Aunt Clara

108 :05x23 - No Smoking

Mike and Archie have a contest of wills when each claim they can easily give up their vices, eating and smoking.

109 :05x24 - Mike Makes His Move

Mike reluctantly agree to rent the house next door to get from under Archie's roof once and for all, a day Archie never thought he would see.
Guest Stars: Burt Mustin as Justin Quigley | Betty Garrett as Irene Lorenzo | Bob Hastings as Tommy Kelsey | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson | Ruth McDevitt as Jo