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Season 6

110 :06x01 - The Very Moving Day

Gloria has an announcement, she is pregnant, but fears Michael's reaction since he has strong feelings over the world's overpopulation already.
Guest Stars: Betty Garrett as Irene Lorenzo
Director: Paul Bogart
Writer: Hal Kanter

111 :06x02 - Alone at Last

Mike and Gloria brave the cold when it comes down to a choice of living in their new home minus the electricity, or staying another day with Archie.
Director: Paul Bogart
Writer: Hal Kanter

112 :06x03 - Archie, the Donor

Archie feels he can make his way up into his boss' good graces by being first to donate to his favorite charity. Unknown to Archie is that the organization is the organ bank.
Guest Stars: Sorrell Booke as Mr. Sanders | J.A. Preston as Black Elmo | Donald Randolph as Mr. Scott
Director: Paul Bogart

113 :06x04 - Archie, the Hero

Archie flaunts the fact he has saved the life of an unconscience woman in his cab. but he hopes to keep the story hushed after discovering the woman is really a man in drag.
Guest Stars: Lori Shannon as Beverly LaSalle | Billy Halop as Bert Munson | Sandy Kenyon as Jim Kitchener
Director: Paul Bogart

114 :06x05 - Mike's Pains

Mike is fearing the prospect of natural childbirth and being in the delivery room when Gloria delivers the baby.
Guest Stars: Francine Beers as Sybil Gooley
Director: Paul Bogart

115 :06x06 - Chain Letter

Archie feels that the chain letter he threw away has suddenly caused him bad luck and physical pains.
Guest Stars: Beatrice Colen as Nurse | Ray Sharkey as Man At Clinic | Betty Garrett as Irene Lorenzo | Robert Guillaume as Dr. Franklin
Director: Paul Bogart
Story: Lou Derman

116 :06x07 - Mike Faces Life

Mike is enraged when Gloria receives a pink slip in her paycheck because she is pregnant.
Guest Stars: George Furth as Gordon Crenshaw | Diane Shalet as Sheila Tishman
Director: Paul Bogart

117 :06x08 - Edith Breaks Out

Archie feels abandoned by Edith when she takes a volunteer job at the Sunshine Home for the Elderly.
Guest Stars: James Hong as Chinese Waiter
Director: Paul Bogart

118 :06x09 - Grandpa Blues

Archie is upset over Gloria and Mike's ideas for names for the baby and needs to remain calm for a physical at his workplace.
Guest Stars: Sorrell Booke as Joseph Sanders | John Zoller as Dr. Stanley Ferguson | Greg Mabrey as Dr. Culver | Tracy Bogart as The Nurse
Director: Paul Bogart

119 :06x10 - Gloria Suspects Mike

Gloria has a suspicion that Mike is having an affair with his student that he is tutoring.
Guest Stars: Bernadette Peters as Linda Galloway
Director: Paul Bogart

120 :06x11 - The Little Atheist

Archie creates trouble at the Stivic's first Thanksgiving dinner when he finds out that Mike and Gloria plan on letting their child decide about religion.
Guest Stars: Betty Garrett as Irene Lorenzo
Director: Paul Bogart
Writer: Lou Derman

121 :06x12 - Archie's Civil Rights

Archie receives a summons after a policeman finds a tear gas container he used on a mugger and now faces a court date and possibly some time in jail.
Guest Stars: Paulene Myers as Judge McKenzie | Frank Campanella as Arresting Officer | John Alvin as Bailiff | Charles Siebert as District Attorney
Director: Paul Bogart

122 :06x13 - Gloria is Nervous

Everyone is stressed out when Gloria becomes nine days overdue for the delivery of her first child.
Guest Stars: Robin Wilson as Sylvia | Garn Stephens as Dotty | Madeleine Fisher as Vikki | Suzanne Astor as Gloria's Friend | Betty Garrett as Irene Lorenzo
Director: Paul Bogart

123 :06x14 - The Baby (1)

Gloria becomes stuck in a phone booth at an Italian restaurant when she calls Archie and Edith to announce she is in labor. Meanwhile, Archie has stage fright when the lodge decides to perform a minstrel show.
Guest Stars: Herb Voland as Ed Bradley | Victor Rendina as Antonio | Allan Melvin as Barney Hefner
Director: Paul Bogart

124 :06x15 - The Baby (2)

Archie runs out on his lodge brothers as their minstrel show was to begin to attend his grandchild's birth, despite threats that he would be expelled from the lodge if he left. Meanwhile at the hospital, Gloria and Mike contemplate the blessed event ahead of them as Edith and Archie wait for news in the lobby.
Guest Stars: Barbara Cason as Nurse Winslow | Gene Blakely as Dr. Seymour Shapiro | Sudie Bond as Mrs. Stipic | Priscilla Morrill as Bernice | Sharon Ullrick as Nurse #2 | Allan Melvin as Barney Hefner
Director: Paul Bogart

125 :06x16 - New Year's Wedding

The Stivic's have an argument when Michael makes a rash of decisions on his own without asking Gloria's opinion first, including moving their best friends wedding to their home with only a few hours to prepare.
Guest Stars: Billy Crystal as Al | Elliott Reid as Harold Tannen | Joan Copeland as Elizabeth Tannen | Elaine Princi as Trudy Tannen | Joe Bratcher as Bill | Nancy Stephens as Anita | Bibi Osterwald as Mrs. Henshaw | Michael Mann (3) as Rev. Harris
Director: Paul Bogart

126 :06x17 - Archie, the Babysitter

Archie takes Joey to his poker game after fearing the Stivic's choice as a babysitter was a mistake. But can Archie get any help from his friends when he truly needs a helping hand?
Guest Stars: Jack Somack as Tiny Stilberforce | Joe Mantell as Sidney Schwartz | Ken Menard as Willie Johnson | Leslie Ackerman as Sharyn Ramsey | Thad Geer as David Harper | Bob Hastings as Tommy Kelsey
Director: Paul Bogart

127 :06x18 - Archie Finds a Friend

Archie befriends an old man who's invention he wishes to invest in as a get rich quick scheme.
Guest Stars: Jack Gilford as Bernard Bernstein
Director: Paul Bogart

128 :06x19 - Mike's Move

Mike learns what affirmative action is all about when he loses a teaching job in Minnesota to an equally qualified black man.
Guest Stars: David Downing as John Kasten | Lee Bergere as Dean Winslow
Director: Paul Bogart

129 :06x20 - Archie's Weighty Problem

Archie is inspired to stick with the strict diet his doctor has recommended after talking with Mr. Quigley.
Guest Stars: Burt Mustin as Justin Quigley | Billy Halop as Bert Munson | Bob Hastings as Tommy Kelsey
Director: Paul Bogart

130 :06x21 - Love by Appointment

The baby's feeding schedule has impeded on Mike and Gloria's sex life.
Director: Paul Bogart

131 :06x22 - Joey's Baptism

Archie makes a plan to get Joey baptized behind Mike and Gloria's back after he learns they refuse to do so themselves.
Guest Stars: Clyde Kusatsu as Rev. Chong
Director: Paul Bogart

132 :06x23 - Gloria and Mike's House Guests

Edith and Archie spend a few nights at the Stivic's home after their furnace breaks down, and it's during a blackout that Edith discovers that they all get along better together with the lights out.
Director: Paul Bogart

133 :06x24 - Edith's Night Out

Edith spends a night out at Kelsey's Bar to escape from Archie for the evening.
Guest Stars: Doris Roberts as Marge | Scott Brady as Joe Foley | Bob Hastings as Tommy Kelsey
Director: Paul Bogart
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 12, 1971
Ended: September 16, 1979
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