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All in the Family

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 12/Jan/1971 Meet the Bunkers N/A
2 1x02 19/Jan/1971 Writing the President N/A
3 1x03 26/Jan/1971 Oh, My Aching Back (aka Archie's Aching Back) N/A
4 1x04 02/Feb/1971 Archie Gives Blood N/A
5 1x05 09/Feb/1971 Judging Books By Covers N/A
6 1x06 16/Feb/1971 Gloria's Pregnancy (aka Gloria Has a Belly Full) N/A
7 1x07 23/Feb/1971 Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit N/A
8 1x08 02/Mar/1971 Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood N/A
9 1x09 09/Mar/1971 Edith Has Jury Duty N/A
10 1x10 16/Mar/1971 Archie is Worried About His Job N/A
11 1x11 23/Mar/1971 Gloria Discovers Women's Lib N/A
12 1x12 30/Mar/1971 Success Story N/A
13 1x13 06/Apr/1971 The First and Last Supper N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
14 2x01 18/Sep/1971 The Saga of Cousin Oscar N/A
15 2x02 25/Sep/1971 Gloria Poses in the Nude N/A
16 2x03 02/Oct/1971 Archie and the Lock-Up 10
17 2x04 09/Oct/1971 Edith Writes a Song N/A
18 2x05 16/Oct/1971 Flashback: Mike Meets Archie N/A
19 2x06 30/Oct/1971 The Election Story N/A
20 2x07 06/Nov/1971 Edith's Accident N/A
21 2x08 13/Nov/1971 The Blockbuster N/A
22 2x09 20/Nov/1971 Mike's Problem N/A
23 2x10 27/Nov/1971 The Insurance is Canceled N/A
24 2x11 04/Dec/1971 The Man in the Street N/A
25 2x12 11/Dec/1971 Cousin Maude's Visit 10
26 2x13 18/Dec/1971 Christmas Day at the Bunkers' 10
27 2x14 01/Jan/1972 The Elevator Story N/A
28 2x15 08/Jan/1972 Edith's Problem 10
29 2x16 15/Jan/1972 Archie and the FBI N/A
30 2x17 22/Jan/1972 Mike's Mysterious Son N/A
31 2x18 29/Jan/1972 Archie Sees a Mugging N/A
32 2x19 05/Feb/1972 Archie and Edith Alone N/A
33 2x20 12/Feb/1972 Edith Gets a Mink N/A
34 2x21 19/Feb/1972 Sammy's Visit N/A
35 2x22 26/Feb/1972 Edith, the Judge N/A
36 2x23 04/Mar/1972 Archie is Jealous N/A
37 2x24 11/Mar/1972 Maude 10

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
38 3x01 16/Sep/1972 Archie and the Editorial N/A
39 3x02 23/Sep/1972 Archie's Fraud N/A
40 3x03 30/Sep/1972 The Threat N/A
41 3x04 07/Oct/1972 Gloria and the Riddle N/A
42 3x05 14/Oct/1972 Lionel Steps Out N/A
43 3x06 21/Oct/1972 Edith Flips Her Wig N/A
44 3x07 28/Oct/1972 The Bunkers and the Swingers N/A
45 3x08 04/Nov/1972 Mike Comes Into Money N/A
46 3x09 11/Nov/1972 Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (1) N/A
47 3x10 18/Nov/1972 Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (2) N/A
48 3x11 25/Nov/1972 The Locket N/A
49 3x12 02/Dec/1972 Mike's Appendix N/A
50 3x13 09/Dec/1972 Edith's Winning Ticket N/A
51 3x14 16/Dec/1972 Archie and the Bowling Team N/A
52 3x15 06/Jan/1973 Archie in the Hospital (aka Archie Goes to the Hospital) 10
53 3x16 20/Jan/1973 Oh Say Can You See N/A
54 3x17 27/Jan/1973 Archie Goes Too Far N/A
55 3x18 10/Feb/1973 Class Reunion N/A
56 3x19 17/Feb/1973 Hot Watch N/A
57 3x20 24/Feb/1973 Archie is Branded N/A
58 3x21 03/Mar/1973 Everybody Tells the Truth N/A
59 3x22 10/Mar/1973 Archie Learns His Lesson N/A
60 3x23 17/Mar/1973 Gloria, the Victim N/A
61 3x24 24/Mar/1973 The Battle of the Month N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
62 4x01 15/Sep/1973 We're Having a Heat Wave N/A
63 4x02 22/Sep/1973 We're Still Having a Heat Wave N/A
64 4x03 29/Sep/1973 Edith Finds an Old Man N/A
65 4x04 06/Oct/1973 Archie and the Kiss N/A
66 4x05 13/Oct/1973 Archie, the Gambler N/A
67 4x06 20/Oct/1973 Henry's Farewell N/A
68 4x07 27/Oct/1973 Archie and the Computer 10
69 4x08 03/Nov/1973 The Games Bunkers Play N/A
70 4x09 10/Nov/1973 Edith's Conversation N/A
71 4x10 17/Nov/1973 Archie in the Cellar N/A
72 4x11 24/Nov/1973 Black is the Color of My True Love's Wig N/A
73 4x12 01/Dec/1973 Second Honeymoon N/A
74 4x13 08/Dec/1973 The Taxi Caper N/A
75 4x14 15/Dec/1973 Archie is Cursed N/A
76 4x15 22/Dec/1973 Edith's Christmas Story N/A
77 4x16 05/Jan/1974 Mike and Gloria Mix it Up N/A
78 4x17 12/Jan/1974 Archie Feels Left Out N/A
79 4x18 26/Jan/1974 Et Tu, Archie? N/A
80 4x19 02/Feb/1974 Gloria's Boyfriend N/A
81 4x20 09/Feb/1974 Lionel's Engagement 10
82 4x21 16/Feb/1974 Archie Eats and Runs N/A
83 4x22 02/Mar/1974 Gloria Sings the Blues N/A
84 4x23 09/Mar/1974 Pay the Twenty Dollars N/A
85 4x24 16/Mar/1974 Mike's Graduation N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
86 5x01 14/Sep/1974 The Bunkers and Inflation (1) N/A
87 5x02 21/Sep/1974 The Bunkers and Inflation (2) (aka Archie Underfoot) N/A
88 5x03 28/Sep/1974 The Bunkers and Inflation (3) (aka Edith the Job Hunter) N/A
89 5x04 05/Oct/1974 The Bunkers and Inflation (4) (aka Archie's Raise) N/A
90 5x05 12/Oct/1974 Lionel the Live-In N/A
91 5x06 19/Oct/1974 Archie's Helping Hand N/A
92 5x07 26/Oct/1974 Gloria's Shock N/A
93 5x08 02/Nov/1974 Where's Archie? (1) N/A
94 5x09 09/Nov/1974 Where's Archie? (2) (aka Archie is Missing) N/A
95 5x10 16/Nov/1974 The Longest Kiss N/A
96 5x11 23/Nov/1974 Archie and the Miracle N/A
97 5x12 30/Nov/1974 George and Archie Make a Deal N/A
98 5x13 07/Dec/1974 Archie's Contract N/A
99 5x14 14/Dec/1974 Mike's Friend N/A
100 5x15 21/Dec/1974 The Best of All in the Family N/A
101 5x16 04/Jan/1975 Prisoner in the House N/A
102 5x17 11/Jan/1975 The Jeffersons Move Up N/A
103 5x18 18/Jan/1975 All's Fair N/A
104 5x19 25/Jan/1975 Amelia's Divorce N/A
105 5x20 08/Feb/1975 Everybody Does It N/A
106 5x21 15/Feb/1975 Archie and the Quiz N/A
107 5x22 22/Feb/1975 Edith's Friend N/A
108 5x23 01/Mar/1975 No Smoking N/A
109 5x24 08/Mar/1975 Mike Makes His Move N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
110 6x01 08/Sep/1975 The Very Moving Day N/A
111 6x02 15/Sep/1975 Alone at Last N/A
112 6x03 22/Sep/1975 Archie, the Donor N/A
113 6x04 29/Sep/1975 Archie, the Hero N/A
114 6x05 06/Oct/1975 Mike's Pains N/A
115 6x06 20/Oct/1975 Chain Letter N/A
116 6x07 27/Oct/1975 Mike Faces Life N/A
117 6x08 03/Nov/1975 Edith Breaks Out N/A
118 6x09 10/Nov/1975 Grandpa Blues N/A
119 6x10 17/Nov/1975 Gloria Suspects Mike 10
120 6x11 24/Nov/1975 The Little Atheist N/A
121 6x12 01/Dec/1975 Archie's Civil Rights N/A
122 6x13 08/Dec/1975 Gloria is Nervous N/A
123 6x14 15/Dec/1975 The Baby (1) N/A
124 6x15 22/Dec/1975 The Baby (2) N/A
125 6x16 05/Jan/1976 New Year's Wedding N/A
126 6x17 12/Jan/1976 Archie, the Babysitter N/A
127 6x18 26/Jan/1976 Archie Finds a Friend N/A
128 6x19 02/Feb/1976 Mike's Move N/A
129 6x20 09/Feb/1976 Archie's Weighty Problem 9
130 6x21 16/Feb/1976 Love by Appointment N/A
131 6x22 23/Feb/1976 Joey's Baptism 10
132 6x23 01/Mar/1976 Gloria and Mike's House Guests 10
133 6x24 08/Mar/1976 Edith's Night Out N/A

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
134 7x01 22/Sep/1976 Archie's Brief Encounter (1) N/A
135 7x02 22/Sep/1976 Archie's Brief Encounter (2) N/A
136 7x03 29/Sep/1976 Archie's Brief Encounter (3) N/A
137 7x04 06/Oct/1976 The Unemployment Story (1) N/A
138 7x05 13/Oct/1976 The Unemployment Story (2) N/A
139 7x06 20/Oct/1976 Archie's Operation (1) N/A
140 7x07 27/Oct/1976 Archie's Operation (2) N/A
141 7x08 06/Nov/1976 Beverly Rides Again N/A
142 7x09 13/Nov/1976 Teresa Moves In N/A
143 7x10 20/Nov/1976 Mike and Gloria's Will N/A
144 7x11 27/Nov/1976 Mr. Edith Bunker N/A
145 7x12 04/Dec/1976 Archie's Secret Passion N/A
146 7x13 11/Dec/1976 The Baby Contest N/A
147 7x14 18/Dec/1976 Gloria's False Alarm N/A
148 7x15 25/Dec/1976 The Draft Dodger N/A
149 7x16 08/Jan/1977 The Boarder Patrol N/A
150 7x17 15/Jan/1977 Archie's Chair N/A
151 7x18 22/Jan/1977 Mike Goes Skiing N/A
152 7x19 29/Jan/1977 Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye N/A
153 7x20 05/Feb/1977 The Joys of Sex N/A
154 7x21 12/Feb/1977 Mike, the Pacifist N/A
155 7x22 19/Feb/1977 Fire N/A
156 7x23 26/Feb/1977 Mike and Gloria Split N/A
157 7x24 05/Mar/1977 Archie, the Liberal N/A
158 7x25 12/Mar/1977 Archie's Dog Day Afternoon N/A

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
159 8x01 02/Oct/1977 Archie Gets the Business (1) N/A
160 8x02 02/Oct/1977 Archie Gets the Business (2) N/A
161 8x03 09/Oct/1977 Cousin Liz N/A
162 8x04 16/Oct/1977 Edith's 50th Birthday (1) N/A
163 8x05 16/Oct/1977 Edith's 50th Birthday (2) N/A
164 8x06 23/Oct/1977 Unequal Partners N/A
165 8x07 30/Oct/1977 Archie's Grand Opening N/A
166 8x08 06/Nov/1977 Archie's Bitter Pill (1) N/A
167 8x09 13/Nov/1977 Archie's Bitter Pill (2) (aka Archie's Road Back) N/A
168 8x10 27/Nov/1977 Archie and the KKK (1) N/A
169 8x11 04/Dec/1977 Archie and the KKK (2) N/A
170 8x12 11/Dec/1977 Mike and Gloria Meet N/A
171 8x13 25/Dec/1977 Edith's Crisis of Faith (1) N/A
172 8x14 25/Dec/1977 Edith's Crisis of Faith (2) N/A
173 8x15 08/Jan/1978 The Commercial N/A
174 8x16 15/Jan/1978 Super Bowl Sunday N/A
175 8x17 22/Jan/1978 Aunt Iola's Visit N/A
176 8x18 05/Feb/1978 Love Comes to the Butcher N/A
177 8x19 12/Feb/1978 Two's a Crowd N/A
178 8x20 19/Feb/1978 Stalemates N/A
179 8x21 26/Feb/1978 The Brother N/A
180 8x22 05/Mar/1978 Mike's New Job N/A
181 8x23 12/Mar/1978 The Dinner Guest N/A
182 8x24 19/Mar/1978 The Stivics Go West N/A

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
183 9x01 24/Sep/1978 Little Miss Bunker N/A
184 9x02 01/Oct/1978 End in Sight N/A
185 9x03 08/Oct/1978 Reunion on Hauser Street N/A
186 9x04 15/Oct/1978 What'll We Do with Stephanie? N/A
187 9x05 22/Oct/1978 Edith's Final Respects N/A
188 9x06 29/Oct/1978 Weekend in the Country N/A
189 9x07 05/Nov/1978 Archie's Other Wife N/A
190 9x08 19/Nov/1978 Edith Versus the Bank N/A
191 9x09 26/Nov/1978 Return of the Waitress N/A
192 9x10 03/Dec/1978 Bogus Bills N/A
193 9x11 10/Dec/1978 The Bunkers Go West N/A
194 9x12 17/Dec/1978 California, Here We Are (1) N/A
195 9x13 17/Dec/1978 California, Here We Are (2) N/A
196 9x14 07/Jan/1979 A Night at the PTA N/A
197 9x15 14/Jan/1979 A Girl Like Edith N/A
198 9x16 21/Jan/1979 The Appendectomy N/A
199 9x17 28/Jan/1979 Stephanie and the Crime Wave N/A
200 9x18 04/Feb/1979 Barney, the Gold Digger N/A
201 9x19 11/Feb/1979 The Return of Archie's Brother N/A
202 9x20 18/Feb/1979 Stephanie's Conversation N/A
203 9x21 25/Feb/1979 Edith Gets Fired N/A
204 9x22 04/Mar/1979 All in the Family Retrospective (1) N/A
205 9x23 04/Mar/1979 All in the Family Retrospective (2) N/A
206 9x24 04/Mar/1979 All in the Family Retrospective (3) N/A
207 9x25 11/Mar/1979 The Family Next Door N/A
208 9x26 25/Mar/1979 The Return of Stephanie's Father N/A
209 9x27 08/Apr/1979 Too Good Edith N/A

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 12, 1971
Ended: September 16, 1979
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