Edith Has Jury Duty - Recap

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Archie is upset after Edith is called to sit in on jury duty. She though, is enthrawed by the excitment of the duties and feels an importance she doesn't get too often. During dinner, she refuses to talk about the case having been told not to by the judge. Mike figures out it must be the Red Delaney case. Archie though isn't impressed, but instead is upset not having Edith to wait on him hand and foot. The jury get sequestered by the judge after Edith's vote of "not guilty". While watching the news on TV, Archie hears of the case and figures it is probably Edith who is holding things up. Edith though, is having a ball with people waiting on her and a chance to stay in a swank hotel. Edith arrives home just as news is telling about the jury aquitting Red Delaney, and how it was Edith that swayed the vote, including an interview by a reporter on the news.