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Archie is Worried About His Job - Recap

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A layoff at work has Archie up all night worrying, and awaiting a phone call from the night watchman as to who is being cut. The whole family end up waiting with him, including Mike, who has ordered a pizza, and a stop over from a neighbor just coming home from a date. On top of his worries, a drunken man keeps calling asking for Mary Lou. A policeman stops by after seeing the lights on, which Archie is actually relieved to see thinking he can catch this drunken caller by giving him their address. After he arrives, they find out the drunken man is the cop's Sergeant. Finally the nigh watchman shows up and tells Archie that his area at the plant was being hit, but they are keeping the foreman, which is Archie's job. He now acts relieved, but pretends that he was worried only for the other guys such as Black Elmo and Little Emanuel.