Season 2

25 :02x01 - The Wedding Ring

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Guest Stars: Tracey Walter as Blaze | Louis Giambalvo as Haggerty | Bernadette Birkett as Tina | David Byrd as Mr. Rhine | Danny DeVito as Herbert | Jacqueline Cassell as Woman | Fred Scialla as Loner
Director: Danny DeVito
Story: Steven Spielberg | Teleplay: Stu Krieger

26 :02x02 - Miscalculation

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Guest Stars: Galyn Gorg as Ms. Eyeful | J.J. Cohen as Bert | JoAnn Willette as Angela | Catherine Gilmour as Ms. Awesome | Penelope Sudrow as Mousy Girl | Lana Clarkson as Ms. Allure | Harry Woolf as Dr. Blitz | Wynonna Smith as Cashier | Alden Millikan as Cop #2
Director: Tom Holland
Songs: Robert Palmer -- Addicted To Love

27 :02x03 - Magic Saturday

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Guest Stars: Jeff Cohen as Eddie | Caren Kaye as Dorothy | David Arnott as Umpire | Taliesin Jaffe as Mark | David Donnelley as Boy #2 | Jeff A. Kinder as Boy #1

28 :02x04 - Welcome to My Nightmare

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Guest Stars: Robyn Lively as Kate | Sharon Spelman as Mom | Christina Applegate as Holly | Steve Antin as Bud | Cheryl McWilliams as Kate's Mom | Parker Jacobs as Larry | Robert L. Gibson as Dad | Sharon Powers as Attendant
Director: Todd Holland
Writer: Todd Holland

29 :02x05 - You Gotta Believe Me

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Guest Stars: Tim Russ as Security Guard #1 | Lance E. Nichols as Guard #2 | Joel Lawrence as Pilot | Gregory Wagrowski as Man #1 | Erinn Canavan as Child | Mary Betten as Nancy | Eve Smith as Old Woman | Cassandra Gava as Red bag Lady
Director: Kevin Reynolds
Story: Steven Spielberg | Teleplay: Stu Krieger

30 :02x06 - The Greibble

After cleaning her son's room and throwing out the toys that he has outgrown but was unwilling to give up, Joan Simmons sits down to relax and watch some TV. But when the power goes out she finds herself face to face with a monster who eats everything in sight.
Guest Stars: Jim Jansen as Man in Commercial | Dick Miller as Fred the Mailman | Frank Welker as Greibble's Voice | Justin Mooney as Bobby | Don McLeod as Greibble
Director: Joe Dante
Story: Steven Spielberg | Teleplay: Mick Garris

31 :02x07 - Life on Death Row

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Guest Stars: Hawthorne James as Fowler | Jed Mills as Marshall | Hector Elizondo as Meadows | Roberto Contreras as Trustee | James T. Callahan as Erhardt | Conrad Dunn as Warden's Guard | Paul Eiding as Doctor | Arnold Johnson as Johnny
Director: Mick Garris
Story: Mick Garris | Teleplay: Rockne S. O'Bannon

32 :02x08 - Go to the Head of the Class

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Guest Stars: Billy Beck as Caretaker | Scott Coffey as Peter Brand | Mary Stuart Masterson as Cynthia Simpson | Tom Bresnahan as Cusimano
Director: Robert Zemeckis

33 :02x09 - Thanksgiving

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Guest Stars: Kyra Sedgwick as Dora Johnson
Director: Todd Holland

34 :02x10 - The Pumpkin Competition

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Guest Stars: June Lockhart as Mildred | Ritch Brinkley as Mayor Chester A. Barnsworth | Britt Leach as Ernie | J.A. Preston as Professor Bertram Carver | Ann Walker as Ma | Joshua Rudoy as Billy
Director: Norman Reynolds

35 :02x11 - What If...?

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Guest Stars: Michael Horse as Male Friend | Laurel Green as Woman #2 | Dennis Haskins as Man In Car | Ann Bell as Pregnant Woman | Sherry Landrum as Woman In Car | Diane Lewis as Female Friend | Tom McConnell as Raymond Kelly | Clare Kirkconnell as Pam Kelly | Ric Cane as Crosswalk Man
Director: Joan Darling

36 :02x12 - The Eternal Mind

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Guest Stars: Robert Axelrod as Frank | Gregory Wagrowski as Ben Oltman | Paul Tauger as Tech #1 | Aaron Seville as Tech #2 | Katherine Borowitz as Katherine Baldwin
Director: Michael Riva

37 :02x13 - Lane Change

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Guest Stars: Priscilla Pointer as Older "Charlie" | Cletus Young as Father | Misty Forrest as Little Girl
Director: Ken Kwapis
Writer: Ali Matheson

38 :02x14 - Blue Man Down

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Guest Stars: Kate McNeil as Patti O'Neal | Richard Epcar as TV Reporter #2 | Mark Erickson as Atwood | Sal Viscuso as Captain Redmond | Tad Horino as Market Owner | Frank Doubleday as Beckloff | Chris Nash as DeSoto | Eddie Zammit as Maurici | Jay Ingram as Lieutenant

39 :02x15 - The 21 Inch Sun

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Guest Stars: Craig Richard Nelson as Dick Castel | Alec Murdock as 2nd Man | Bridget Sienna as Woman Actor | Jean Pflieger as Personal Secretary | Michael Lerner as Mr. Marvin | Alan Solomon as Actor | Richard Chudnow as Castel's Assistant | Jeremy Iacone as Italian Man
Director: Nick Castle

40 :02x16 - The Family Dog

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Guest Stars: Stanley Ralph Ross as Burglar | Mercedes McCambridge as Miss Lestrange | Annie Potts as voice of Mother/Bev Binford | Stan Freberg as Father/Skip Binford | Marshall Efron as Burglar | Scott Menville as | Brad Bird as | Brooke Ashley as
Director: Brad Bird
Writer: Brad Bird

41 :02x17 - Gershwin's Trunk

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Guest Stars: Hurd Hatfield as Logan Webb | Irene Olga Lopez as Carmen | Lainie Kazan as Sister Teresa | Dana Gladstone as George Gershwin | Danny Ponce as Pepi | Carrie Fisher as Laurie McNamara | John McCook as Jerry Lane | Pamela Galloway as Trish Charlton | Paul Bartel as Detective Watts
Director: Paul Bartel

42 :02x18 - Such Interesting Neighbors

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Guest Stars: Marcia Strassman as Nel Lewise | Adam Ant as Ted Hellenbeck | Ian Fried as Randy Lewise | Ryan McWhorter as Brad Hellenbeck | Victoria Catlin as Ann Hellenbeck

43 :02x19 - Without Diana

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Guest Stars: Dianne Hull as Kathryn Willoughby | Fredric Cook as Dr. Wittenberg | Rick Andosca as Policeman | Gennie James as Diana Willoughby
Writer: Mick Garris

44 :02x20 - Moving Day

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Guest Stars: Dennis Lipscomb as Mr. Webster | Mary Ellen Trainor as Mara Webster | Stephen Geoffreys as Alexander Webster | Kristen Vigard as Karen | Bill Wesley as Big Boy
Director: Robert Stevens
Writer: Frank Kerr

45 :02x21 - Miss Stardust

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Guest Stars: Jack Carter as Emcee | Rick Overton as Mike | Angel Tompkins as Mia | James Karen as Judge | Anthony James as Business Man #1 | Laraine Newman as Miss Schroedinger | Wendy Sherwood as Ms. Colorado | Robert Kim as Business Man #2 | Weird Al Yankovic as The Cabbage Man
Director: Tobe Hooper
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure | Anthology | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 29, 1985
Ended: April 10, 1987
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