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In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 1985
• 1986
• 1987
• 1988
How many episodes were in the series total Medium msd85• 45
• 47
• 48
How many episodes ran for 1 hour Easy msd85• 1
• 3
• 4
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 22
• 24
• 25
How many seasons did Amazing Stories run Easy msd85• 1
• 2
• 3
What is the only animated episode of the series Medium msd85• Miss Stardust
• Magic Saturday
• The Family Dog
• What If
What disaster does Earl get a premonition of at the beginning of "You Gotta Believe Me" that he desperately tries to prevent Medium msd85• A Plane Crash
• A School Bus Crash
• A Building Explosion
Actor Louis Giambalvo portrays Dr. Templeton in "Dorothy And Ben", in what later episode did he appear as a different character Medium msd85• The Wedding Ring
• Life On Death Row
• The 21 Inch Sun
• Thanksgiving
Charles Durning stars in the season 2 episode You Gotta Believe Me, in what earlier episode did he appear as a different character Medium msd85• Hell Toupee
• Santa '85
• Guilt Trip
Where does Herbert steal the ring he gives Lois from in "The Wedding Ring" Medium msd85• A Graveyard
• A Jewelry Store
• A Wax Museum
• A Morgue
How long has Ben Dumpfy spent in a coma when he wakes up at the start of "Dorothy And Ben" Medium msd85• 35 Years
• 40 Years
• 45 Years
• 50 Years
What is the name of the evil mummy Harold gets mistaken for in "Mummy, Daddy" Medium msd85• Ra Amin Kah
• Imhotep
• Anck Su Namun
What was the deadly magic spell originally intended to do to the evil professor in "Go To The Head Of The Class" Medium msd85• Make His Hair Fall Out
• Give Him Warts On His Face
• Give Him Uncontrollable Hiccups
• Make His Voice Incredibly High Pitched
What "Back To The Future" actor stars in the episode Go To The Head Of The Class Easy msd85• Michael J. Fox
• Christopher Lloyd
• Lea Thompson
• Crispin Glover
What later Stephen King story is the plot of "Life On Death Row" very similar to Medium msd85• The Green Mile
• The Shawshank Redemption
• The End Of The Whole Mess
• The Library Policeman
What supernatural power does getting struck by lightning give condemned prisoner Eric Peterson in "Life On Death Row" Easy msd85• He can see the future
• He can resurrect the dead
• He can control electricity
• He can heal by touch
What classic horror film does Harry find himself trapped inside in "Welcome To My Nightmare" Easy msd85• Dracula
• Psycho
• The Wolf Man
What genre of pop culture is Harry obsessed with in the episode Welcome To My Nightmare Easy msd85• Comic Books
• Sci Fi Films
• Heavy Metal Music
What horror movie creature is accidentally being brought to life by the chemical mixture as "Miscalculation" ends Medium msd85• A Zombie
• A Vampire
• A Werewolf
What is the first picture Phil brings to life with the chemical mixture in "Miscalculation" Medium msd85• A Cat
• A Horse
• A Pig
• A Dog
Who ends up being responsible for Fred's sudden ability to absorb information in "One For The Books" Medium msd85• God
• The Government
• Aliens
• Scientists
What type of people does the murderous hairpiece compel it's wearer to kill in "Hell Toupee" Easy msd85• Cops
• Politicians
• Lawyers
How does Jane get back at the people involved with making her secret movies at the end of "Secret Cinema" Medium msd85• She has them arrested
• She sues them for the profits
• She marries a rich producer and has them secretly filmed
• She refuses to star in the sequels
What are the secretly-filmed series of movies about Jane called in "Secret Cinema" Easy msd85• The Jane Show
• The Adventures Of Jane
• Jane, Live!
• Jane's Bad Day
What celebrated director of the 1970's helmed the episode Mirror, Mirror Medium msd85• Martin Scorsese
• George Lucas
• Francis Ford Coppola
• William Friedkin
Which "Law & Order" veteran stars in the episode Mirror, Mirror Easy msd85• Jerry Orbach
• Michael Moriarty
• Dennis Farina
What classic 80's horror film did episode Director Joe Dante and cast member Robert Picardo work on together just a few years prior to making "Boo!" Medium msd85• An American Werewolf In London
• Twilight Zone: The Movie
• The Howling
• Gremlins
What type of films do the producer and starlet that move into the haunted house in "Boo!" make Easy msd85• Horror Films
• Porno Films
• Sci-Fi Films
• Action Films
What 80's "brat-pack" actor stars in the episode No Day At The Beach Easy msd85• Emilio Estevez
• Rob Lowe
• Andrew McCarthy
• Charlie Sheen
What 80's sitcom child star makes a cameo as their TV character in the episode Remote Control Man Medium msd85• Emmanuel Lewis
• Gary Coleman
• Keshia Knight Pulliam
• Kim Fields
What 70's movie star directed the episode Guilt Trip Hard msd85• Burt Reynolds
• Richard Dreyfuss
• Clint Eastwood
In "Guilt Trip", the personification of the emotion Guilt falls in love with the personification of what other emotion Easy msd85• Hate
• Sadness
• Happiness
• Love
What old TV actor do the aliens unsuccessfully attempt to convince to come back home with them Medium msd85• Jerry Mathers
• Milton Berle
• Burgess Meredith
What old TV sitcom is the favorite of the group of aliens in the episode Fine Tuning Easy msd85• The Honeymooners
• I Love Lucy
• Leave It To Beaver
What does the killer pose as in order to get close enough to kill Falsworth Easy msd85• A Messenger
• A Security Guard
• A Repair Man
What does the killer in "The Amazing Falsworth" use to strangle his victims Medium msd85• A Women's Stocking
• A Telephone Cord
• His bare hands
• Piano Wire
In the ending of "The Mission", what broken part of the plane does the amateur cartoonist/belly gunner miraculously repair via his drawing in order to prevent a crash landing Medium msd85• An Engine
• A Propeller
• The Landing Gear
• A Wing
The cast of the hour-long episode "The Mission" was full of notable names. Which of these cast members played the seemingly doomed belly gunner Easy msd85• Kevin Costner
• Casey Siemaszko
• Kiefer Sutherland
• J.J. Cohen
Who is the only other person in town besides Brad to become magnetic after the meteor strike in The Main Attraction Medium msd85• Shirley
• Cliff
• Wylie
• Billy
What happens to Brad Bender after his house is struck by a meteorite in the episode The Main Attraction Easy msd85• He becomes able to fly
• He becomes super strong
• He becomes super fast
• He becomes magnetic
What did "Old Pa" do as a boy that caused the train to derail in the episode Ghost Train Medium msd85• He accidentally made the train switch to the wrong track
• He fell asleep on the tracks
• He ran in front of the train to save his dog
What actor from episode Director Steven Spielberg's film E.T. makes a quick cameo as one of the passengers on the titular locomotive in "Ghost Train" Hard msd85• Henry Thomas
• Dee Wallace
• Robert MacNaughton
Network: NBC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Adventure, Anthology, Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 29, 1985
Ended: April 10, 1987
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