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2012 - Recap

Alistair Stewart introduces tonights live coverage of the 2012 American election. He reveals the show has partnered with NBC for tonights show. Julie Etchingham is from the Rockafeller centre. Bill Neely is in Boston with Mitt Romney's campaign. Robert Moore is with Obama's team in Chicago. Mark Austin is in Capital Hill in Washington talking to political strategists. Romilly Weeks is live in the London office keeping us up to date on the interactive focus on the site. Richard Edgar, economics editor looks at how the market is been shared. Emma Murphy is in the UK Embassy in London were a party is been thrown.

Julie comes live from the Rockafelelr centre and updates us on where the candidates have been today. Romney was in swing state Ohio, whilst Obama was in Chicago. We see how busy some polling stations have been.

Alistair talks about how the system actually works. With 538 votes from the states, 270 votes have to be won by the successful candidate. Nevada, Wisconsin, Iowa, New hampshire, Virginia, Florida and Ohio are the key states that could swing the outcome.

Robert Moore talks about why Obama's campaign hasn't gone as strong as the last time. Whilst Bill Neely talks about how successful Romney's team believes their campaign has gone. Clifford Young talks about what the polls have shown so far. Cliff talks about which states are most important for the campaigners to take.

Alistair talks to Jeff McAllister, former Time Magazine Bureau Chief and Professor of American studies Sarah Churchweather who talk about why the race for the White House has been so close and why this election is so important.

Mark Austin talks to political strategists Tad Devine and Liz Mair about the defining moments of the campaign so far, with the reaction to Hurricane Sandy and the debates.

At midnight UK time, 7pm American time, the polls close in 6 states, ITV joins NBC News with Brian Williams with their first projections for the first 6 states to have closed their polls. For Virginia, were it's too close to call. Indiana with Romney, Kentucky Romney, South Carolina too early to call, Vermont with Obama.

Alistair recaps the predictions before Clifford Young shares his reactions. Jeff and Sarah in the studio talk about why Virginia could near enough guarantee Obama a win for the swing states. Bill Neely talks about the too close to call state Virginia and the Romney reaction.

Alistair talked to Romney's foreign policy advisor, Nile Gardiner about how his work with foreign affairs may win his campaign. Robert Moore at Obama's camp talks about the noticeable weaknesses that came out of Obama's campaign 4 years ago and what's actually been acted on.

Julie looks at further projections from the American map as polls have closed in 6 states. Former MP Louise Mensch joins Julie and talks about moving from the UK to the USA and how she didn't believe Romney was the right candidate.

Romilly Weeks looks at how both candidates have used interactive methods as part of their campaign trails and shares some of the statistics on how it's affected donations and direct messaging. Mark is still with Tad Devine and Liz Mair about how they believe social media has helped the campaigns. Mark reveals he has had a direct message from the Obama campaign. They also talk about how important TV advertising is for the campaigns.

At 12.30am UK time, 7.30pm American time we go back to NBC News as 3 more states close. North Carolina, too close to call. Ohio, too close to call. West Virginia, Romney, Virginia, too close to call. Putting Romney at a predicted 24 and Obama at a predicted 3. Cliff Young talks about why North Carolina has surprised him as he thought it was definitely in Romney's camp.

Julie Etchingham is joined by NBC correspondent Rehema Ellis who talks about the setting of Rockafeller plaza which has been renamed diplomacy plaza for the election. South Carolina, officially goes to Romney after been too close to call earlier on. Putting Romney at 33 and Obama at 3.

Emma Murphy reports from the British Embassy's party. She talks about the atmosphere currently in the embassy and how their seems to be more of a atmosphere then previous years. Alistair talks to Sarah and Jeff about the relationship between UK and US politics.

Julie Etchingham is back at the plaza with why Virginia is still voting. Officials have said people in line will still be able to vote. Romney has returned to Boston. She talked about the atmosphere surrounding the plaza.

From the embassy party, Alistair talks to shadow home secretary Chuka Umunna about how the 2015 UK election could turn out, depending on tonights result. Bill Neely talks about vibes in the Romney camp about the 3 states that are currently too close to call. Robert Moore comes from Obama's camp and talks about internal polling and how Obama could take Ohio.

At 1am UK time, 8pm US Time. As 16 states close, we go back to Brian Williams with NBC. Florida, too close to call. New Hampshire, too close to call. Illinois, Obama. Pennsylvania, too close to call. Georgia, Romney. New Jersey, too early to call. Massachusetts, Obama. Tennessee, Romney. Maryland, Obama. Alabama, Romney. Connecticut, Obama. Oklahoma, Romney. Mississippi, Romney. Delaware, Obama. District of Columbia, Obama. Maine, Obama. Missouri, too early to call. Obama is now at 64 and Romney at 82.

Alistair talks about the states too early and too close to call before getting a reaction from Cliff Young. Robert talks from Obama's camp about how important Florida is to win and how problematic that could lead for Romney's campaign and the political map that would be left.

At the US embassy, Ian Hislop talks from the British Embassy party and the influence it would have on political comedy. He also talks about how close too call everyone feels it is in the party. Bill Neely in the Romney camp talks about the swing states been too close to call and the buzz in the camp.

Alistair then talks to Susan Eisenhower about the extent of foreign policy and the impact it has had on the campaigns. Colleen Graffney talks from the Embassy party about the same issues surrounding foreign policy. Julie is then joined by Eugene Robinson about how close the polls have been.

Alistair talks to Richard Fowler about how significant the turnout has been this year. He also talks about how race has a impact on the voting. The host of the UK embassy party, Louis Susman talks about how he could lose his job tonight, he also gives his reaction to the swing states currently too close to call.

Their's then a look at how Obama has gone head to head with Romney on the TV debates. Mark Austin reflects on these debates with Liz Mair and Daniella Gibbs Leger, former assistant to Obama.

Julie is back in the plaza showing the window cleaning carts that are showing the amount of votes to each candidate as they happen. She talks to some of the public who are at the location talking about who they voted for.

Geraint Vincent is live from swing state Ohio, the state which has normally declared the winner of the race. He is joined by Doug Pressie a Republican spokesperson who talked about why Ohio is so important to win. He also talked about how American residents in Ohio were also allowed to provisionally vote by mail this year.

Alistair reveals a official in Virginia has said that voting will have to be extended to at least 11pm American time due to the queues. Romilly looks at the latest Tweets and social media interactions about the polls. She also looks at The Big Bird advert used by the Obama campaign and the factually inaccurate Chrysler advert used by Romney. She also shows how Obama's adverts got nasty.

Julie has more projections from the Plaza as we see more swing states having to keep their polls open. She also shows us were the candidates currently are. Bill at the Romney campaign talks about the turnout and the impact this has had on the vote. Bill talks about the impact Hurricane Sandy has had on the voting, whether that mean that people were un-allowed to vote in their state or were instead allowed to vote by emails. This has led to a threat of legal action. The signal was then cut off from Bill. Robert Moore reports from Obama's camp and says that nothing has particularly changed and they are awaiting on a swing state vote. Cliff Young talks about how we shouldn't take internal polling too seriously.

At 2am UK time, 9pm US time, we return to NBC and Brian Williams with more results. Colorado, too close. Minnesota, too early. Wisconsin, too early. Texas, Romney. New York, Obama. Michigan, Obama. Louisiana, Romney. Kansas, Romney. New Mexico, Obama. Nebraska, Romney. North, South Dakota, Romney. Wyoming, Romney. Arizona, too early. 153 to Romney and 114 to Obama.

Julie shows the map on the ice rink been painted on the Plaza. Back to Cliff Young, who talked about Wisconsin who Brian Williams stated was leaning towards Obama, even though they were too early to call. Robert talks about the reaction to the Wisconsin vote from the Obama camp. Bill Neely also talks about the Wisconsin vote. As he talks the camp cheers as Florida is revealed to be running neck and neck. Virginia is confirmed to be running neck and neck.

Mark Austin is joined by Liz and Karl Frisch a democrat strategist who talk about polling and their reactions to who is voting for them. Obama officially takes Pennsylvania with him at 148 and Romney at 153.

Julie talks about the high turnout in the polling stations that matter and we see pictures of the voters still queued outside the polling stations. She is joined by Matthew Bishop from The Economist and Martin Sorrell the head of the WPC advertising group. They talk about what the markets will be looking for.

Back in the studio Alistair talks to Sarah and Jeff about how Obama has managed to embody all minorities in his campaign. Wisconsin officially goes to Obama, putting him marginally ahead of Romney. With 158 to Romney's 153. A brief announcement from NBC see's him hitting 65% of the vote to Romney's 33%.

Emma Murphy is back at the embassy party were people are beginning to leave. Geraint Vincent reports from Ohio were it is still too close to call, he is joined by two members of the American public who have come to Ohio to campaign for Obama, they talk about why they think it's important he is re-elected.

Alistair talks to Liz Mair who reacts to the states that she was hoping for Romney to take and why she doesn't think they got Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. She also talks about North Carolina and Virginia.

Julie is back at Democracy plaza, were more people are joining the crowd, she talks to some of the young voters who have voted for Obama.

Bill says the Romney camp are still optimistic about winning the campaign. Alistair cuts him off as Obama wins New Hampshire, hitting 162 to Romney's 153. Robert at the Obama camp shares reaction to winning the state. Brad Blakeman a republican strategist says he that they are getting all the states they thought that they would. Alistair argues with the states they have lost in such as Pennsylvania. Author Bonnie Greer and Oxford University Doctor, Timothy Stanley talk about the gender gap in the election.

At 10pm American time, 3am UK time we go back to NBC for the latest results with Brian Williams. Iowa, too early. Nevada, too early. Utah, Romney. Montana, Romney. Putting Obama and Romney neck and neck at 162 votes. Bill talks about the latest results and that he's finally seeing cracks in the atmosphere within the camp. Cliff Young has the latest on the results and the fact that if Obama wins the swing states now he has won.

Bonnie Greer and Timothy Stanley talks about how Romney is seen as political royalty in the US regardless of whether he wins or not tonight. They talk about the difference between the presidents role and the prime ministers role in the UK.

Julie is back at the plaza and looks at what states are now counting and which states are due to be closing. She talks to Mark Halperin Time Magazines senior political analyst about how close the states yet to declare are. Robert talks about the atmosphere in the Obama camp. Their's also a feel of the atmosphere from Bill and the Romney camp. Liz and Brad talk with Mark Austin about policies within the parties they are representing.

Alistair talked to Bonnie and Timothy some more about the candidates policies regarding immigration. Breaking news as Romney takes Arizona, with him now at 174 and Obama at 163. Julie is back at democracy plaza talking to some more members of the public. Rommily shares the latest social media updates she also talks to American journalist Tim Dowling about the latest updates. Bill talks about the atmosphere in the Romney camp as Sarah Palin has spoken out saying she thinks Obama has it in the bag.

Tim and Bonnie talk about the issue of what race the president actually is and if we will ever see a white man in power again. Julie gives an update on where we are at with the states that still havent announced their winner. She talks to a former republican party chairman Michael Steele over whether Obama actually does have it in the bag or not. Mark is still with Liz and Brad who talk about the money that the candidates have spent and how fighting for the economy hasn't worked for Romney. Both blame Romney as the wrong candidate.

Robert is joined by Antonio Villaraigosa who believes Obama has won. Bill at the Republican camp talks about why Romney has no way of building up a win tonight.

At 4am UK Time, 11pm American time, Brian Williams at NBC. California, Obama. Washington, Obama. Hawaii, Obama. Idaho, Romney. Oregon, too early. Obama has 243 to Romney's 188. Robert at Barack's camp has reaction to these latest results. Bill in the Romney camp talks about the lack of atmosphere thats now in the camp. Romney takes North Carolina. Now Romney has 203 to Obama's 243. Cliff shares knowledge of the polls based on these latest results. They make a comparison to the results 4 years ago, were McCain had 100 votes to Obama's 365.

Jeff McAllister and Sarah Churchweather are now at the table with Alistair. Alistair reveals Iowa has gone to Obama, putting him at 249 votes to Romney's 203. We go live to NBC as Obama takes Florida and wins another term as president with 274 votes. Their's reaction from all guests and Robert at the Obama camp and Bill at Romney's camp. Cliff also gives his thoughts on Obama's win.

Julie recaps what's happened whilst Geraint Vincent talks to some voters in Ohio about why they think he's won.

Alistair talks to Jeff and Sarah about the reaction from the crowd in Chicago. Romilly Weakes reveals the social media's reaction to the result of the election and looks back at some of Romney's weak points in his campaign.

Bill Neely talks from Boston at Romney's camp and talks about the inquest that will now go on over Romney's failings. Robert Moore talks about Obama's plans to appear on stage in Chicago at his camp. The panel in the studio talk about the chance of Romney challenging the result. Robert gives another update from the Romney camp and Bill from the Barack camp. They talk about the college vote against the popular vote.

Liz Mair gave her thoughts on why Romney has yet to appear on stage and conceding his run for presidency. Bill Neely has an update from Romney's camp were they are now saying he will concede within the next half an hour.

Alistair has more results with Colorado going to Obama putting him at 283 to Romney's 203. Cliff Young talks about the states still in dispute over their results. Sally and Jeff talk about the system that's in use and why this often leads into delays.

Alistair talks to Nile Gardiner about the results and Romney's acceptance of the results and how he thinks they will deal with analysing Romney's campaign. Julie Etchingham shows how quickly Rockefella plaza has emptied quickly after the results have come in.

Alistair then looks at how the results of tonights election will affect politics around the world. Angus Walker talks live from China on whether or not they can work with Obama for another four years. Alistair also talks to John Ray in Tel Aviv who talks about the election results and the effect it will have on politics in the Middle East. Economics editor Richard Edgar joins Sarah and Jeff at the desk in the studio and talked about the effect of the election results on the UK economy and Obama's economic plans.

Robert Moore at Obama's camp gives an update on the wait for Romney conceding. At this point he says they are been told in 10 minutes time Romney will concede and within minutes of that announcement Obama will make a speech at his base camp. Bill Neely reveals at Romney's camp that Romney has rung up Obama and that the stage at the camp has been cleared awaiting Romney's arrival. They talk about who could run instead of Romney next time.

Mitt Romney then appeared on stage behind him and gave a speech conceding defeat to Obama, in which he thanks his team, his family and supporters as well as wishing Obama good luck. Ann Romney, Paul Ryan and his wife then join Mitt on the stage. Before his children and grandchildren also join him on the stage. Bill talks about the speech that has just been given.

Robert Moore talked about the atmosphere at Obama's camp as he is due to give his victory speech any moment now. Obama then gave a victory speech thanking his family and supporters as well as talking about the defeated candidate Mitt Romney.